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June 05, 2008


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Mike Golch

man oh man I'm glad that I'm not in your shoes.That's my story and I'm sticking to it.


Oh, is this going to turn into a regular series? I hope so, because it both makes me feel free, trapped, hopeful, and relieved. My toddler is now 4 and getting older every second. And my teenager is 15 going on 25.


Thanks for the tip, I'll have to remember it for my son. I'm not very good with puke, I may just use the tub right along side him.


Oh, YEAH...thanks for the TUB tip! You meaney you! ;)

Someday I, too, shall be able to impart these little gems of wisdom. Thank GOD no barfy flu this year!

Jennifer H

My kids are not 100% yet on making it to the bathroom, but life has gotten much better since they learned to try. (The bathtub tip is excellent.)

When you describe teenagers managing their own stomach bug, it's like you're explaining heaven.

Reluctant Blogger

Oh Jenn, do you know how much I hate vomit. I am actually scared of it. I vomited my way through all my pregnancies and have always been relieved that my children have rarely had vomiting disorders.

The bath tub idea is a great one. Much more pleasant for the vomiter too than puking in the loo. I shall remember that.

We have a particular bowl we use when people feel ill. A few months ago we had visitors and I was short of bowls and stuff so emplyed that one. My children wouldn't touch the food in that bowl even though it was their favourite crispies!!!


man, I was just walking my dog and somebody down at the corner missed the bathtub and toilet and got the sidewalk...


No, no, no! Our family has a very strict vomit-in-place policy. There is nothing worse than a child trying to make it to the bathroom and puking all the way there.


Toddlers and barf are not a very good combo.


I never thought about the tub...good idea.
Letting your kids grow up does have advantages though. I agree.
They gotta tough it out themselves sometimes.

standing still

High five for teenagers! Whoo hoo!


The tub was always our barfitorium of choice too (though, the smell of the toilet can help induce vomiting when the body is hesitant, but you can tell that you need to).


Bathtub! Brilliant!!!

Smalltown Mom

The tub is far better than spewed all over the bathroom floor.

I was a chaperone on a sixth grade field trip a couple weeks ago, and one of my charges got sick and didn't make it to the toilet on the bus. I had to clean the vomit off the floor and bathroom door. On a moving bus. I congratulate myself on not adding to the mess.


Thanks for the bathtub tip.
My 6 year old is good about getting to the bathroom, but the 3 year old still has that deer in the headlight look when he gets sick.


The bathtub - that's a great tip!

Sorry they are all sick - hope it clears out of your house soon.

Take care - Kellan


Teenagers know how to do it

Sue @ My Party of 6

It is a HUGE developmental milestone when they can anticipate the puke and get it in the Tupperware. Hope the germs leave your house quickly!


Ugh. Thanks for pointing out a benefit to having a teenager.


Oh dear lord. We haven't done the barfy flu yet. I'm scared. But I appreciate your bathtub tip more than you know!


I love that you blog about positive aspects of teenagers (even tongue-in-check). I always hear about the negatives of teens, it's nice to hear something else, and maybe even have something to look forward too :)


Ahhh, one of my favorite childhood milestones, when they can tell you they are going to throw up BEFORE they actually do! Luckily we are not a pukey family. But both girls are big enough for the couch, remote,popsicle, and puke bowl treatment these days.


Honestly, I think this may be one of the number one reasons I love my teenage daughter! We had the stomach flu last week w/ three of the kids. The older one is the ONLY one that didn't puke on me! Yay for teenagers!


I am way more in favour of puke tupperware than trying to get them to the bathroom!
My second son, by 8, wouldn't even wake anyone up when he was pukey. He would just go to the bathroom on his own, poor kid.


Hope they are feeling better soon, and that you are immune.


I agree, it is SOOOOOOO much easier when they are teens. Our barf bucket is a stainless mixing bowl with a handle (nice and cool and comforting to put next to a hot cheek)
And if you have a really active kiddo in those middle years? So nice to have him mellow for a few days...although I always felt guilty about that, since he WAS sick!

If your kids are indeed sickies, I hope they feel better soon.

PS: Got any A/C to send my way? Electricity maybe? ...posted from the library


excellent tip for toddler barfing (bathtub - genius!) no icky crevice cleanups around the toilet.

where were you 10 years ago? although, for some reason, we have been so lucky around here. I can count on one hand the number of times my kids barfed (not counting bottle feeding vomit blasts).

so really the person who needs to tip is moi. i tend to come down with the barfly flu at least once per year.


Thanks for the bathtub tip--and again for making the teenage years something to look forward to :)


I think it just gets better the older they get. Even the rough stuff.

Manic Mommy

Yep. HRH puked in the middle of the children's section of the library on Monday.

And you forgot to include 'coming into your bed/throwing up on your side.'

As Jen H puts it; you're describing heaven.

Jen on the Edge

My girls have been trained since they were toddlers to barf either into a lined waste basket or, even better, one of those plastic cups from football games. Yeah, they're good.

We also have mostly leather furniture, which is my #1 choice for where to place vomiting children, as a leather sofa is hands-down easier to clean than a bed.


Now why didn't I think of the bath tub thing? Brilliant!


2nd blog I've read where the kids have the flu - what is UP? Must be a bug going 'round. Poor babies. Hope everyone is on the mend. Good thought on the larger target. Oh my.


That is a GOOD tip. Thanks!

Hope everyone's on the mend...


Minnesota Matron

Oh My God. Can't wait for the teenage years. And the image of a toddler pitching it into the bathtub? Perfect.


Last week was the beach story, now the barf story. I don't want to wish my life away, but you are giving me stuff to which I can look forward - for sure! I hope she is feeling better soon. I had it yesterday (hubby too) now I hope my little one's don't get it!

mandy g.

I love your toddler vs teenager posts! They are so much fun to read. Especially when the toddler years seem annoying... there's the teen perspective to look forward to.

I hope you do more!


The tub is brilliant, thanks.

The more I read Juggling Life, the less I'm dreading the teen years. I think your blog should be deemed a PSA.


Paragraph #1 was my story last night.

I'd have totally done the bathtub thing, but there's toys everywhere, so I offered myself up as a barf receptacle instead. Now, I'm kinda regretting that decision.

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