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July 16, 2008


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Yep, I think it's an 80's thing. I still have a bunch of those earrings from high school. That would be a good post! Love me some perty dangly earrings.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!

Clever girl that Heloise.

Jennifer H

That is a fantastic idea. How many earrings I've lost, even when they're put away. This is perfect, and I can keep it on my bathroom counter or dresser.

Will have to check out her site.


Good idea and you're right, it does look attractive that way. That last photo also looks like several aggressive dragonflies climbing a pillar to get to the mating beetles at the summit.

I'm tired.. that's my excuse.

Mrs. G.

I, too, am an earring junkie. The danglier, the better.


Very cool.! You can also buy some wide-mesh screen at the hardware store and mount it on the wall. If you add a frame, you won't stick yourself with the pointy edges, and it looks like a nifty piece of art - plus, it doesn't take up space on your bathroom counter or bedroom dresser.


I love the candle idea!
I'm afraid most of my danglies went away in the late 80's, when my long hair came in...and when the babies started coming and grabbing.
But I still like to oogle the long danglies and dream of wearing them.


little known madge fact -- have tried piercing my ears three times, but it freaks me out -- even though i have ear ring lust and love them on other people.

love the candle idea and all the pretty dangles.


What a great idea. I have enough candles for about 200 pairs of earrings....better get shopping.
Love the Lori Anderson site too.

oliver rain

I love dangly earrings. Unfortunately with my abnormally little head I always look like a Christmas tree. You are lucky to be able to wear them.

Kalynne Pudner

And the best thing about dangly earrings is that you can use the wires in lieu of dental floss after eating at a restaurant. I'm pretty sure I got that hint from Heloise, too.


I keep dropping hints about needing diamonds....but they seem to fall on DEAF ears!


Oh...I do love some dangly earrings!! Some of yours look suspiciously like ones I have!! Had forgotten about using a candle...I think I used to do that back in the "real world"!!! Now...I'm going to check out that sight!!

Smalltown Mom

I love your earrings. You would like my collection, too. I hang them on nails on the wall. I loke Chatty's idea about the mesh screen.

Smalltown Mom

I mean like.


Great idea! I love those earrings too, but they're a little expensive, I'll have to try to find some look alikes.

Jen on the Edge

I've known Lori since we were in elementary school and, if I'd known back then about what an amazing jewelry designer she'd be now, I would have sucked up a bit more and maybe even offered to share my homework with her. :-)

Seriously though, I have loads and loads of Lori's jewelry -- the benefits of friendship -- and I always get compliments when I wear it, which is pretty much every day.

My girls have some of Lori's jewelry too, including custom pieces she's done for them. Needles to say, they're the envy of some of their classmates.


thanks, Jenn, for promoting the arts--you're a good person


oooh, so very nice! I really like the ones in the middle...going to check her out!

Lori Anderson

Thank you so MUCH! And that is a really clever way to store earrings -- sometimes I photograph my earrings stuck on a candle, too!


Love those and the tip is great :)


I just have to clarify, I was actually looking at her necklaces when I said they were spendy, the earrings are very reasonable. So reasonable that I might have to get me some!

Just Jamie

If you could see my vanity right now, and the messes and tangles of jewelry, you would know precisely why I want to kiss you right now.


That is so clever. And pretty.

Minnesota Matron

That's a good idea. Mine are always a jumbled mess!

phd in yogurtry

What a handy tip.

I was in a bead shop the other day. Asked the clerk how they keep their beaded jewelry clean & shiny. She said to store them individually in those teenie little square ziplock baggies.

Huh? Does she not understand time crunch? Or too tired to brush teeth let alone find, open and seal little baggies?

I like your candle idea loads better. To hell with shiny.

Just Jamie

If you could see the tangled mess sitting on my vanity right now, you'd know why I just want to kiss you right now!

(Any hints for necklaces?)

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