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July 18, 2008


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What a great story of two brothers. But it breaks my heart a little knowing Danger Boy is going to miss MVP a lot when he's off at college.


That is such a great story! What great boys you have!

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!

A lovely tale!

Jennifer H

How great that they're both involved in a sport that brings them together. They'll never forget these years.


I am an only child, and I would have killed for a sibling relationship like that. I dreamed of it my entire childhood.

manager mom

I just love reading your posts for a picture into the lives of older kids that are so nice, and happy. It gives me great hopes that my kids might just turn out OK and still like me someday, to boot. :-)


Aw. I hope that's the foundation I'm laying for my girls- it seems to be. Love to see that picture! I can't believe your high school has water polo.

Mary Alice

Okay...must admit this made me sniffle a little.


That is a great story. I didn't have a sibling that close to me. My brother is 11 years older. I think it would have been great.


wow, like twins!


Oh, I just love this. It makes my HEART sing too. I always wanted 2 kids to get along....not really happening here.
This is nice, what great memories for all of you.


This post just REEKS of testosterone!!! Love it! And I'm so glad you got to have your heart sing so much:)


The brother bond is so sweet :)

Love that first pic!

Smalltown Mom

Aaawwwwww. What great kids.


I can only hope my girls continue to be close. I don't think they will be as similar as your boys are. But I am working my butt off to encourage the love.

That last picture is amazing. I didn't realize how much boys grow between freshman and senior years - assuming your boys are on track to be about the same.

And those feet! Are boys like puppies, growing into their paws :)?

I look at my 2 year old boy and I just can't imagine...


What a lovely post! Isn't it nice to look back at the span of their relationship dynamics as they approach adulthood!


How sweet! I can only hope that some day my boys stop bickering enough to actually play with each other!

Just Jamie

I just love your family. Love them.

They must think that's crazy, but I know YOU get it.


That's so COOL!



(And I noticed the feet too -- like puppy feet!)


I think you should take credit for this. I don't know why but I'm pretty sure your child rearing abilities had something to do with it. Rock on.

Trooper Thorn

I can hear the soaring music now on the NBC Olympic coverage segment "Athletes: Up Close and Personal". Bob Costas will have you repeat that story over a montage of home movies, just before they cut to the Gold Medal Game between the US and Bulgaria.


what a sweet, sweet post!


AAAHHH! How do you keep doing this? Posting about the very things that I am thinking about? Creepy. If this keeps up, I'm calling a seance. As an only child who always wanted a sibling that would be my best friend, I am so jealous of these types of relationships. It is rare, though! Most of my friends don't even talk to their siblings now that they are adults! So, in your opinion, what is it that makes siblings friends? Is there something we can do as parents to help it happen? Do you think it has something to do with the age difference or just personalities and upbringing?


As a teacher, I SO appreciate the way you parent!!!


I love it when siblings are really truly friends. When you oldest leaves for college...UGH!!
Great post.


those boys. that hair.

phd in yogurtry

So now I know where the moniker MVP came from! The perfect brothers story, love it. How proud you must feel!!

Deb D

Ahhh - that post made me tear up. In a lot of ways your boys are similar to my boys although mine have only 18 months between them and did end up choosing different sports. It was difficult for Engineering Guy when Computer Dude went away but we do see him often so it's not going to be quite the same. I hope that the bond built between them as kids will carry them through to be close as adults as I know you do for your guys.


As I read this, I could only think, my guys pretty much have video games in common. We're such nerds.

Then I thought, "But MVP is off to college and DB is going to miss him!" As will you, of course.


My goodness, those are some large young gentlemen you have spawned. May they always enjoy each other's company. And call their mother often.

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