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July 21, 2008


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Oh, I wish we all could be California girls!


we are some bitchy bitches. and that's funny. i think booger tried on everyone's shoes. i saw her in three different pairs.

Smalltown Mom

Please go ALL SoCal next time....and I'll drag my butt down from wherever I am. I'm going to call it North SoCal? Because South CentralCal does not sound that good.

But...I'll have to get a pedicure. You BitchHers have GREAT toes.


San Diego Momma

Oh boy that was fun. Also, I think we're raising a whole new generation of bloggers. Booger is way into the shoes, so she might lead the charge.

Also? I hope we do the CA get together! And of course it'd be great to get people from anywhere in CA, WA, OR, the Pacific Northwest, or the world.

Jen on the Edge

What baked goods?!?!? What kind????

Melanie @ Mel, A Dramatic Mommy

@Jen- Right?! I must have been getting more food 'cause I certainly missed that part of the conversation! (Please fill me in, thanks)

The Girl Next Door

OH nice girls - way to rub it in that I am all alone waaaaaaay over here on the east coast in 100 degrees, no pool, no bitchy bloggy friends. Although I did make progress with Daughter today who POSED for a photo for my blog! (um my "other" blog b/c she doesn't know about this one....)

looks like a great time. I'm glad i got to see photos!

aaryn b.

Don't worry, Bithes. Your daughters were perfectly safe under my tutelage. I only taught those Baby Bithes things they need to know. Remember: Knowledge is power!

And thanks so much for the compliment but I really don't think that swim suit is doing my breasts any favors. The belly button either. JMHO.


I had ZERO interest in going to BlogHer, BUT would love to have gone to a blog event like this one. It looks like a hoot. I'm jealous of you lithping-bithes.


Funny, I was just thinking, "Hey, I'd drive down to see those SD Bloggers!" If it was at a time I could get away, I'd definitely head down.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!

I can personally attest to having achieved orgasm from baked goods. Of course, that would be Jenn's homemade baked chocolate chip cake (not the cake from The Bakery in Carlsbad That Cannot Be Named). In fact, there was an orgasm in every bite, and I'm not even lying. Multiple orgasms to be had in every slice!!! If Jenn were to post the recipe, there would be World Peace because everybody would be having Orgasms All Day Long. I'm just sayin' . . .

@Aaryn: You're breasts are hawt and I want them.


I'd come down from LA but ack, NO CHILDREN please! That's one of the appeals of BlogHer and why they all go!

Now who wore the shoes with the pink plaid cross piece and bow? And had perfect toes in perfect red? Cause that bitch ROCKED! And I want those shoes.

And yes, it's pronounced swag.

Sass E-mum

It seems everyone who didn't go to Blogher had a far more interesting time. Bossy does have a lot to answer for. I'm looking forward to UK bloggers getting together in November.


You're saying that this resort hotel is somebody's house????????????
We had a small blog meetup (13 of us!) in Ontario on Saturday, it was hot but we didn't have any palm trees.....


That looks like SO MUCH fun!


I may have to start a blog and move to the west coast! Looks like a heck more fun than sitting in a conference room wearing a name tag! Glad you had fun.

Memarie Lane

That sounds much more like my cup of tea than BlogHer.


Damn, that looks like fun. What a gorgeous house/pool!!


Damn! And here I am stuck in Nowheresville, USA!


Green. With. Envy.
Looks like too much fun.


I was wondering about that "empty" shoe...can't believe that jamie passed on that just to go on vacation!!
Green with envy here...wishing that I had someone to play with...guess I'll just have to make sure that the next BitchHer Conference coincides with my vacation next summer!!!
So glad you all had such a great time...damn shame about the actual pool boy not showing up...maybe next time, huh?


You guys are the most fun evah! Love the photos, just look at all those gorgeous women, their sexy feet and their adorable children! and food, yummy...


I think BitchHer needs to go to BOSTON!!!


That looks like a blast--I'd join y'all any day!

Reluctant Blogger

Oh wow, just look at that WEATHER. I am not keen on single-sex meets - just not my thing, I like it when there is a good cross-section of people, male female, old, young, with children and without.

If it were just you I would go though! If you organise a "born on 28 March meet" I'll be there like a shot!

Oh yes, and ever since you mentioned it to me, every time I speak on the phone now - I wipe cupboards - honest, I do not jest. In fact it has got to the stage where I do not feel right speaking on a phone without a cloth in my hand and a cupboard nearby!!! My children think I have gone potty!

Glad you are having a lovely summer. Take care of yourself.

Jen M

That looks like it was so much fun!!!!!!


What a fantastic gathering!! Looks like everyone had a great time, especially the kids - what a treat for them (glad you included them!)
God bless Bossy for bringing the world together one blogger at a time!


Oh, this looks like SO much fun!! You San Diego babes know how to party and sessionize. And the shoes!!

We missed you at BlogHer, but BitchHer '08 sounds divine.

There was KY Jelly samples passed out at Macys...apparently. My fishnets got tangled and I couldn't partake...

Would love to come meet you, but am not going to do an overnight for a loong time...


Way to go, San Diego! This looks like a whole lotta fun. I would love to have an all-SoCal get-together. I would especially love to meet you.

Manic Mommy

Oh, great. Now there are two events on the Left Coast that I missed out on. What? I've got good feet!


OK, we so need one of these on the East coast, anyone...anyone...


I finally know why I crave baked goods on a rather frequent basis!


I am green with envy at you getting to do that. You SoCal girls have the skill of partying NAILED.

Mrs. G.

You know what? You guys are the best. I really mean it. I know I would fit right into your group. Two words: Women's Colony!


I love the empty shoe!

Why, exactly was Dumbo at BithHer? Dumbo is way too cute to be a B*tch.


There's gotta be something wrong with me, because this is what I got out of this post.

1. I want to live THERE. In THAT HOUSE.
2. The picture with everyone's feet? Totally cracked me up. Why? If you saw my size 11 feet and my ass ugly shoes you would understand.

oliver rain

It makes me so sad that I don't live in Southern California. Looks like a fabulous time.

standing still

Bossy didn't come to Minnesota, so we're going to have to wrastle up our own group here. Thanks to Mrs. G, there's a state list!

Looks like more fun than a barrel of whiskey.

Just Jamie

Could I love you Bitches any more? Uh, that would be a NO. Thanks for representing me, swanky shoe style.


i'd totally be down for a dana point/laguna thing. would we have to sit at tables and have schedules? or could we wander around and drink and chat and eat and compare feet? like, these peeps are gonna do spa stuff, these peeps are gonna drink themselves silly, these peeps are going to the beach, these peeps are going shopping, and this little piggy said wee wee wee wee all the way home.


Ah, see... now that looks like WAY more fun than that OTHER convention... ;)


Well I am sorry I am so late to the comments section of our BithHer/Bitch Convention but I was doing my doctor ordered 30 minutes... What fun! Sure was great to hang with you-all. I learned sooo much!

How did your testing go Jenn?


Looks like fun! The cake totally cracked me up...


By the way, that cake reminds me of the Happy BRITHDAY cake we received from a bakery once...


I could be there in 1 and 1/2 hours! Flat!


The book was Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons by Lorna Landvik. Just a fun read...


What an awesome post, Jenn! And love the photos! It was a great day.

Jennifer H

That cake makes me want to speak with a lisp for the rest of the day.

And since I'm foregoing baked goods for quite a while, I'm really only left with one option. I hate for Oprah to be right about anything, but...

Looks like you Bithes had fun!


I'm trying to think of what could possibly make me more jealous right now.

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