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July 03, 2008


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Jennifer H

I hope they find the sense of home they're looking for, and a place to make their own.

manager mom

Off to read the backstory. I, too have absolutely CRAZY relatives...


Baby, you are awesome to help them out! Best of luck to them (and you!) :-)

Reluctant Blogger

Oh gosh, I hope it works out OK. I am very intolerant of visitors - I love my own space too much. A few days is fine but after that I start hiding in cupboards to get away from them! And my cupboards are not very comfortable.


Wow, he really needs your help, and he DESERVES it from reading the back story. Hopefully he will land on his feet quickly, for your sake.
You are all saints.
good luck


Best of luck to them.And you!

Kalynne Pudner

Given that backstory, I predict the extended family living project will go quite well. In fact, you can tell him he has an open invitation to come live with my family.

Jen on the Edge

My first reaction was, "Are you crazy to let relatives live with you?" but then I read the back story and it all makes sense. Still, you are a very good woman!

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!

You are a saint.

standing still

It sounds like he is an amazing guy, and the kindness of your family welcoming him will give him what he needs to propel him onto his next journey.


Good luck to you surviving the next few weeks. Good luck to him in working all this out...


I hope it works out for you ....

Sue @ My Party of 6

You are a good woman! (And I'm sure your sister is appreciating you looking out for her boys.) What a sad story - although pretty amazing how he came through in the end.

Now, I would line up a list of housing options for him to check out and start posting his resume on websites and telephone poles!


I agree. YOU are the saint!

Angie @ Keep Believing

I admire you and how you repeatedly open your house to those who need it. My family doesn't need it, but I would do the same. What good is being blessed if you can't turn around and bless others in return.



Good luck and God bless! You are kind and generous, Jenn!


They're lucky to have you for family. And I'm with you - props to your husband for putting up with YOUR families sh*&.

Johnny Ion

Who Works At H.P.? Let's see a show of hands.


How nice of you - have fun!

Have a good day - Kellan


Kindness breeds kindness. Good stuff.

Worker Mommy

Wow, best of luck to your BIL...and of course to you. Living with extended family can be nothing but pure drama. I hope it goes smoothly for you.

Manic Mommy

Sounds like he deserves a second chance. Sounds like you're a good person (as is Mr. Fix It) to help him get one.

Good luck - to all.

San Diego Momma

It's nice of you to help out in that way. I'll wish for him a speedy get back on his feet time.

The back story was inspiring. It's nice to read that he stepped up.

Mrs. G.

Where would we be without our family? It's nice that you are helping them out. What goes around, comes around.


It's really powerful to see adults change. I hope that he finds a brief breather with you and finds his place soon. You, of course, are a gem for housing him.


Family is so important. At Christmas my nieces and nephews and I came up with our own text abbreviation: SSF (So Supportive Family). It was a bit sarcastic at first (we are a crazy family, too) but now we really are becoming more supportive of each other.

I hope your BIL finds a great job and that everything works out.


Go, FAMILY!!! I can't say I'd be able to do the same, but I hope I could.


It'll include tough moments, but I hope you'll all get to look back at this time with fondness. Wishing you lots of laughable moments.

Just Jamie

Wow. Um, yeah. Wow to you all.

I have a deep admiration for families who do the right thing in the face of adversity.

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