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July 28, 2008


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Kalynne Pudner

From the feminist theory I've read over the years, I'd say you're wrong. Feminism means you get to choose to do what men choose to do; and if you choose anything else (especially mothering!) you have been oppressively enculturated. (Think I'm being facetious? Read Diana Tietjen Meyers, "The Rush to Motherhood." You might want something to bite on while you do.)

But don't worry, Jenn. You're clearly not a feminist. You're a canonizable saint.


So...should I make reservations or just show up????


Absolutely you are a feminist. You are showing that being a mother is a valid, loving, pride filled job (hopefully most of the time), and that you work hard. But, that you love it...that is the greatest part. The mothering/caretaking arts are feminine at our very core. Love it! They are so lucky to have you. Most especially your children.

apathy lounge

It's all about choice and women didn't have that before. Whatever you want...as long as you chose it and not someone else.

stephanie (bad mom)

I've seen this Scattergories call out before...Hmmmm. Do Feminists have board game smackdowns?

I will gladly concede the joyful cooking to you; even if it involves lots of bacon & bread, I grow weary quickly.

And, um, why haven't we seen any pictures of this year's Brazilians yet? Just curious...


As someone who has seen their own mother fail at this task in recent years and has had to go through shit on my own, I can only say that I'm sorry my mom didn't take lessons from you.


We should all take lessons from you!

I like your form of feminism.

manager mom

Feminism means being allowed to own that which makes you happy, in my opinion.

grumpy momma

I'm taking a lesson from you...I grew up with the "other" type of feminism somehow instilled in me. That "just" being a housewife and mother isn't enough. I didn't respect the work that the stay at home spouse did.

I hope I can readjust my "laundry attitude" to be as loving as yours!


If it makes you happy that is all that matters! No matter what it is that does that!


I'm surprised you had any bacon left over. My 12 yo son would eat an entire pound himself if I'd let him (plus several slices of French Toast).

With a houseful like that, its good you enjoy it. Hope it doesn't empty all at once on you.

standing still

Will you be my mom for a day? Every once in a while I feel like I could use one.


So when me and my wife visit you from New York next February you'll be sooooo happy!!! I'd like to make you happy, while the weather in NY is awful and you have hot winter sunshine....

Smalltown Mom

You make it the house everyone wants to go to. Lucky family!

Memarie Lane

Wow, leftover bacon??? I didn't know there was such a thing!

Manic Mommy

Last summer, my 13yo niece was part of a youth ambassadorship to Europe. The upside was obvious; cooking lessons in Tuscany, private tours of Parliment, approaching the beaches of Normandy by sea. The downside was handwashing their clothes - and a small price to pay.

During the homestays, many of the kids were mothered by their host families, including laundry duty and general pampering. The niece's host family happened to be camping that weekend. She got a tent and a cot. Again, small price to pay for the experience but...

Never discount the relief of the family at home knowing their child is being properly mothered so far from home.


How about Scrabble? Can you do that too?

I secretly love to do the laundry.


Great post, Jenn - I wanted to be there living wit you!

Take care - Kellan

Just Jamie

A full house is always the most comforting for me, too. Okay, that AND and empty house. I get about an hour of that every month.


Such a beautiful woman. How loved they must all feel and how wonderful to be able to revel in your ability to create that for them.


You're a born manager! I love housekeeping/family raising for the same reasons, I think. It takes a lot of organizational skills, plus it is very rewarding work (well, eventually, anyway).

Angie @ Keep Believing


Sound to me like you relish and excel at those functions which God (according to my Bible) created you to do. Sounds to my like you LOVE being a woman - nurturing, comforting, serving, helping, managing, feeding, encouraging.

Most feminists I know and that get the most media attention are the ones fighting themselves on doing what you have outlined in this post. They are the ones assuming, what? that someone else will do it? That is what I don't get about feminism.

I love it, too.


Angie @ Keep Believing

Oops, misplaced the last sentence. I menat to say that I love it, too - that is doing all those things outlined in the first paragraph.


The Girl Next Door

WOW This sounds like fun. Although I have to go to work daily outside the home (and I like my job, usually), I love it when I can be home and be the Kool Aid Mom. I love a houseful of kids and taking care of them and being a big family. I always wanted a big family, but that didn't work out. And I like having just 2 kids, but it's fun to borrow other kids for the night or the day or the weekend. I think having an exchange student would be really fun, too! You go Girl - I like your Kind of Feminism!


A lot of good came out of the feminist movement(s) over the years; voter rights, worker rights, legal rights, etc. It seems it got lost along the way that choosing to be a caretaker is just as valid a calling as any other.


Feminism is all about you being the best woman you can be and you ARE!


I love your approach to life. You seem like a great mom, and a fun and interesting person. You'd make a great flight attendant, too, btw.


Jen, I liked this so much. I've spent to much time feeling like i shouldn't have to cook for everyone... now I'm learning to enjoy it.


I don't enjoy the day to day drudgery of house"making" but I love the challenge and opportunity of staying at home to raise my daughters. In order to do this, my huband owns a company and works daily doing back breaking hard labor to support us financially- the LEAST I can do is the cleaning. :) And that is called a compromise. We both give a little to get alot for our family. Isn't that what we strived for? The opportunity to be an equal partner in marriage and in life. The description of each half should be personal- as long as we all are equal.


I'm glad someone likes them! ;) Can I come visit too!

phd in yogurtry

The beauty of feminism is the choice. Choice for women (stay at home or work) and choice for men (stay at home or work). I've always had a hard time understanding why so many disdain the feminist label. Its all about freedom to pursue that which makes you and your family happy. Not letting gender dictate what you should or shouldn't do.


Well, I'm learning to like laundry.....

Tootsie Farklepants

I kinda wanna test you in Scattegories.


Wow. If you weren't much too young to be my mother I'd beg you to do it.

You are such a well-rounded person!


Oooh...bacon. It was probably really crispy too, huh? ~~sigh~~
yeah,yeah, and the rest of this post was really good too...what a great mom you are!!
So...can I put your name down for "possible homestays for the boys" in a couple of years!! I might have to come and check it out myself, first,you now...just to be sure!
Let me know..okay? Okay.

Mrs. G.

I love this post! I believe you are what is called a Renaissance woman.


sounds pretty right to me. do what you like. and can you come do it for me too though?

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