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July 04, 2008


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Hope you have a wonderful time. Happy 4th!


"I hope that before long America the country returns to being more of a reflection of Americans than it has been for a while."
You said it all in one sentence! Hope you had a really good Independence Day even if you missed some of your dear ones.

phd in yogurtry

We're going to neighbor's backyard picnic tomorrow, too! And for bbq. Yum. Much prefer the slower pace (and walking home).

Double ditto regarding this once-great ... will-be-great-again country of ours.

Happy 4th to you and yours !! A toast to the future America!

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!

Have a wonderful July 4th!!!

Jennifer H

I hope you have a great weekend!

And amen (or some non-religious version of that) to your last paragraph.


Brits don't have a day like that...but I wish we did!

Have a super time - GUG and DB will be with you in spirit!

Mary Alice

Oh Jen...your last sentence was perfect. It summed up my hopes for change this year. It seems to me that we really are at a fork in the road and how people vote and what changes in lifestyle they themselves determine to make, will change the course of our country...for better...or for worse.

Happy Fourth and have some Carne Asada for me!

Jen on the Edge

I couldn't agree more and I have such hope AND fear about the November election. But, mostly, hope.

Happy 4th!

mandy g.

Happy 4th of July!

Have a great holiday!

standing still

It seems only yesterday that we were 200 years old ...


happy 4th. i can't wait for fireworks. i haven't seen fireworks in at least five years.


What an awesome tribute to the 4th your town puts on! Pretty quiet around here...at least until tonight when the Boston Pops puts on it's huge show :-) Happy 4th to you and yours!


Sounds like the perfect way to spend a new tradition. Have fun!!

San Diego Momma

Your tradition sounds wonderful. And so does this new way of doing things.

I hope you have a great holiday with the new guard!


Hey, i like your new blog layout. It is new right, or have I lost my mind. (My daughter often asks me how many times I can say that before I concede it's long gone). Any how new or not- I like it. ;)

oliver rain

Looks like a fabulous way to spend the day. Enjoy the celebration and drink lots of water plus a couple of Advil before bed! From "Ollie-the-soon-to-be-nurse"


Well said.
Carne Asada?!!! YUM!! What time's dinner?! :-)


I love what you said about America at the end of the post.

And your traditions sound really wonderful. Hope your 4th is wonderful!


It is tricky when traditions change - especially when they sounded as great as yours! Hope this year was still special, though!


Carne Asada is definitely one reason I could never leave California! :)
Happy fourth- I never knew Scripps Ranch had a parade, I'll have to file that away for next year!!!!


Every year is different for a military family. Two years ago, SuperDad was in Iraq; last year, we were preparing to move across the country (I can assure you, we had better Mexican food in Washington than we have here!); and this year we are at my brother's house...with a town parade & fireworks last night, a neighborhood parade this morning (kids on decorated bikes) and a big party & fireworks here tonight.
Next year???


Hope your weekend is fantastic!!!

Reluctant Blogger

Yeah I hope you have a great weekend. Beer at 8am? Even I couldn't face that!


That last paragraph was killer. Thanks.

Just Jamie

Know what you mean about being discombobulated when your peeps aren't all convened. Hope it was lovely. We braved Legoland, and actually had a great time!

All Adither

Would love to have a small town 4th like that! It takes me right back to childhood. Seattle is so darned big that you have to fight crowds to enjoy the festivities. Though I suppose you can always drink beer and eat burgers at home. That's fun too.


Glad you had a nice 4th even though some of your peeps were missing. We went to Carlsbad, and quite frankly, it sucked!!! The marine layer rolled in so thick we couldn't see anything. Good thing we had awesome fireworks at my Gramma's 100th bday party a couple weeks ago! That was amazing!


Nice post Jenn. I too love traditions, and yours sounded so nice...I was picturing it all, especially being a block away from the parade route???? how wonderful.
I hope the food and friends were all fun for you....
take care. Suz

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