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July 30, 2008


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phd in yogurtry

So much testosterone, so little time!


OK, I'm sorry. I'm going to have to make a completely inappropriate comment. My heart is going BILLABONG or maybe another part of my anatomy looking at that lovely lean muscled...boy. Damn it. He's a boy, JCK, go lock yourself in the bathroom.

Umm..glad you are enjoying SHOPPING with the boys from Brazil.

Tootsie Farklepants

I'm sorry, did you say something? I can't hear you over the hottness.

Trooper Thorn

Where are the pictures with the neighborhood girls peeking in the windows? Are preteen and teenage girls different in your neck of the woods? My daughter can probably sense over the Internet those young men are staying with you. That would explain why she keeps hovering around the modem.

Thanks for your comments on Mom Insulting Text Messages. I like to throw in an esoteric George Lazenby comment every now and then to see if people are paying attention.

Jennifer H

Any chance the Brazilian dad of that boy is hot? (Because damn, I'm old.)

You may have to throw some cold water on JCK and Tootsie, though. And maybe me, but I'm admitting nothing.


I see SB was out shopping with them, too. What, you didn't have to lock her in Rapunzel's tower to keep them all at bay?
(I don't even have a daughter, and I'm thinking that! And no, I don't believe my boys are dangerous...yet)


wow - looks like everyone was enjoying themselves...

Angie @ Keep Believing

Sorry, I am wiping the drool off the keyboard right now. Sorry, I know they are your kids and are young enough to be my kids, but hello???

Is this a post or an audition portfolio for a Hollister ad?



Wow - the boys of summer. Now I am singing that song in my head!


Can I move in? Just for a few weeks? Your house seems like so much fun!


hahahah I have the same inappropriate comments as everyone else ;-)

Kalynne Pudner

Please bring them with you to Anaheim if you come up to meet me next week. I'm conducting a research project in...er, aesthetics. Yeah.


Damn; that's a lotta beefcake for one house!

Smalltown Mom

You DO have the fun house! Nice boys.


I was going to ask why that one never seemed to have a shirt on...and then my brother's voice came in my head..."because the scenery is better this way and because, damn, I look good".
Man oh man alive!! Yes, beefcake...alive an doing very well in your house!!

But what a fun time, huh?


Be still my heart. Anyway, pushing aside my dirty old lady thoughts, isn't it cool how kids of different cultures find common ground so easily?


How fun! I bet those boys love staying with your family!

Have a good day - Kellan


Looks like you are having a super fun summer!


Okay, this is probably TOTALLY inappropriate, but I'd to exchange some culture with those little hotties. DAY-um!

The Mom Bomb

Tell that kid to put his shirt back on before I have a heart attack!

stephanie (bad mom)

Hang on, I'm booking my ticket to San Diego...Please make sure they don't leave. Or put shirts on.

(Shameless, I know. As long as they're not my students, I can be completely inappropriate).

Lucky you.

The Girl Next Door

Goooood Lawd-Almighty....

Am I too old for drooling?

Dang girl. you are da' Mom-bomb.


I needs me some Brazilian boys.

I'm sorry.

Bad Claudia. BAD Claudia.

San Diego Momma

That looks like a full, happy house.
(Also, like a magazine shoot)


I'd love to see those two cities. With uhh, some older guys. Although shirtless is still okay.

Is it hot in here?




Ok. I totally want to say these boys are yummy. But that makes me feel like a pervy old lady. But, ahem, well, they are....yummy that is. So, I guess, ahem, I am pervy. Old too.


did you know we would all go gaga over those boys?

that said, i love that you take all these kids/people in and take care of them. i may be in your doorstep someday...

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!


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