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July 01, 2008


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Kalynne Pudner

What?! There are snarks in the 'sphere? You know, that's the beauty of the beast for which we write. We can "unsubscribe" and literally NOT GO THERE. Nothin' quite like it in the Real World.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!

Boo to Mean Girls.

Kalynne Pudner

P.S. How'd you get that button? I thought I was smart enough to follow the instructions for linking to my blogtation, but clearly I am in error.


That was definitely an awesome quote! How fun to be quoted.

I'm so out of the loop I didn't even know about Blogtations...or all the BlogHer drama. I decided long ago that I didn't want to get involved in that. Like you said, I think it could be awesome, but it's can also be very jr high. sigh...


Congrats on the quote on Blogtations - I have a quote over there too. I love that site.

About the other stuff - I have only just heard any of this and still am not sure what is going on, but I don't understand Twitter and so I reckon I'll never get into that and as for BlogHer - WHY AREN'T YOU GOING????? I'm going!!

Take care - Kellan


Blogtations kicks butt - I was even a judge for the Mother's Day contest (betcha didn't know that!) ;).

And yes, I think I'll stay away from the Twitter as well. Thank god I'm not popular enough to be hated.


Beautifully put by San Diego Mamma.

Thanks for the heads up Jen...I'm adding San Diego Mamma and Fussy to my reading list...well done 'A' listers for bringing some excellent blogs to my attention!
Shame I won't be reading theirs!

Reluctant Blogger

Oh I do hate any nastiness and there just isn't any need in blogger is there? We don't have to read anything we don't like. Obviously if people write something and ask a question then they are inviting any views, but just picking on someone is horrible.

It's great that we can all use blogger as we wish and really it should be possible for everyone to do that without upsetting anyone else.

I personally would hate to go to blogher but it fascinates me the way that blogging has worked in that way to draw women together. But that's not me. And I don't have to go, do I? So that is fine.

I guess I do feel that there are some risks from too many people aligning themselves in groups/cliques but I think that will sort itself out. Most blogging groups are inclusive and welcoming so that is fine. But it would be a shame if blogs within the groups became a bit insular or samey, with a tendency to focus inwards rather than drawing from outside.

You are good at provoking my thoughts, Jenn but I am not very good at articulating what I mean!!!

I do Twitter! Oh and Plurk. They are a lot of fun.


This is all so....interesting. I get so caught up in my own little blogging world, I guess I didn't realize that wow! there ARE other people out there!! After reading some of the "other" blogs, yeah, they're okay, but...i'm completely happy where I am. In this little circle I have, the only snarkiness is in fun and if there does happen to be some "true" snarkiness, then the others come to the rescue with lots of support...and that's another reason I stay where I am! Plus...there is enough negativity out there...I blog to escape that as much as I can...and no, I don't care to go back to junior high school...didn't like that attitude then, still don't.
Personally...I think that those of us who found each other through Mrs. G and the like are pretty damn funny and fun to be around!!
I'm sorry...did I have a point?! ~sheesh~trying to type with "the zoo" running around the house is a bit disturbing!!
Great quote...fun quotations site...congrats...you are so cool!!

Mary Alice

I am mildly curious about the whole blogher thing. People spent months talking about it last year. However - I really can't justify spending all that money flying out and staying, when I really need a vacation with my own family. Besides the financial consideration, I am just more of a small group person, I think meeting so many people would be like any big event for me...wearing. I like to have fewer but more quality interactions....at those types of events I never feel like I really got to know anyone that well.

P.S. I change the channel on real mean spirited snark.


That quote suits me to a "T".
My family knows it too....I can't even start cooking dinner till everyone gets their crap out of the kitchen and family room...out of my vision.
This other stuff...wow Junior High.


I am totally content in my little neck of the world. Drama free. I may not have a bazillion readers, but I have enough and I love them all. Boo to mean bitches.


Is the "kumbayai" link right? I can't figure out what the heck y'all are talking about. Clue me in?

Jen on the Edge

I have no idea who the A list blogger is who was so mean-spirited, but I hope that he/she one day learns some compassion and kindness.

Angie @ Keep Believing

I refuse to get caught up in this high school/junior high drama. Life is too short. Spouses are fighting terminal diseases. Children are playing in sprinklers. Some people keep writing funny things on their blogs like "breaking out in bitch when they are exposed to clutter." That is what I continue to focus on.


San Diego Momma

Jenn, I loved that quote the minute I read it in your original post. I'm glad Manager Mom thought to immortalize it forever!

And for purely selfish reasons, I wish you Twittered.


Jennifer H

That was a great line.

The other stuff makes me a little crazy. A friend and I have said that blogging can seem like high school sometimes. But at its best? It's a great community, with lots of different neighborhoods from which to choose. I hadn't heard about all of this, but I couldn't agree with you more.


When I first read that line the other day, I knew I'd steal it for my real life. That is TOTALLY me!
As for the little war, damn if I can find all the fallout on my favorite sites, but can't find the stupid person that started it! Must not be THAT big of a star if I haven't been able to find her, but have read the responses from everyone!


I'm rabidly opposed to gossip, snarking and other high school behaviors. Although I've met a lot of neat people in blog land, I have no doubt there's a few that I can live without.
The negativity only propogates when you feed it. If we can remember our purpose, and deliver our personal message, this other stuff will remain the minority. Hopefully this will get as little play as possible.

Hope everyone has a great day.


Wow- I was oblivious to any of the snarkiness goings-ons.
Not cool. You'd think people would know better and behave better...


I so don't get it. I don't know who these A-listers are, but anyone who behaves like this is totally missing the point of blogging, right? Maybe it just goes back to that fame and fortune thing.

So who ARE these A-listers, anyway?

I thought they were all just like Bossy, sweet, funny, gracious, and beautiful, in every way.


Okay, and now I just checked out Blogtations, and I realized my Single Sentence Soup is awfully similar! I SWEAR I didn't see the idea anywhere else before....I thought of it all on my little lonesome. Do you think the A-listers will find me? Probably not, because I'm not that widely read for it to come to their attention.


Blog gossip? I had no idea. I really need to get out more. I haven't a clue what you're talking about so I'm headed out of the neighborhood to go explore the links you included. I'll probably be back really, really quickly.


Congratulations! That was a great quote!


hey, congrats!

could i use your blog powers for good? there's a blog in san diego called orphankittens.blogspot.com. they found a bunch of kittens, like, five minutes after they were born, abandoned by their mom.

i'm not a cat person, or i'd totally adopt them. could you put the word out?

oh, and is blogher all clique? that's lame.

i don't get blog bullies. especially the ones that post as anonymous.

Sue @ My Party of 6

I loved that quote too!

And I agree with you on the drama. If there was a serious issue of intellectual property to be discussed, why not do it in a more "professional" manner, which would more likely be well received by the other party... instead of the blogging version of high school's "writing it on the bathroom wall" for all to see. And if there are IP questions, why aren't the other people involved saying anything? Why is this person involved at all?

Being a non-conformist doesn't mean that you don't eventually have to act like an adult!


I'm sorry to hear about nastiness. I've been out of the loop for a couple of days.

I ADORE Mrs. G and Bossy. They are lovely and generous. I like to think they represent all of us. But, then maybe I'm just that naive...

Wish you were going to BlogHer, but hope we can do that dinner this summer!


yahoo! I missed blog drama and I didn't even know it! Back to burying my head in the sand :-)


It was a great quote and I'm sure it will make its way around the blogosphere in no time.

Alli `Mrs. Fussypants

Hello my new friend.
xoxo, Fuss


Totally agree with your assessment of Mrs. G and Bossy. For my own protection (sanity; positivity), I don't vere (sp?) far from their readership when checking out blogs.

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