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July 14, 2008


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Overheard conversations can get downright scary. Once at the power company payment office, I overheard (actually, we ALL did) a rather rough woman using the phone to whine to a friend about her financial situation and her frustrations about not finding work. Her conclusion: "I guess I'll just take that job at the daycare, at least it's somethin'."

Nora Bee

Oh, don't even get me started on this topic. I would have such a different life if there were universal health care, but it's more about job choice than about spouse choice. Holy crap.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!



I'm with Nora Bee on this one.

Alpha DogMa

AH. Romance. Isn't it sweet?


What kind of a society is it where you have to consider marrying for a health care plan?
One more reason for me to be thankful for where I live!


Romance is dead there isn't it.

It's a bit hit and miss...but thank goodness for the NHS!


OUCH on MamaMo's comment.

I suspect a number of people marry into the military for the benefits.
That's not why we're here, but it has been a HUGE blessing. I know I'm spoiled, because I grouch about $9 copays at the grocery store pharmacy!

Ummm...we eloped for the auto insurance coverage for me (that, and we were crazy)!

Mary Alice

Umm. Yes, ahhh the romance and roses. So, yes, we have very good health benefits...but they better have a firmer foundation than good health benefits to endure the moving and the deployments. That makes me want to weep...for everyone.

Angie @ Keep Believing

I'm picturing that one to fall into a statistic category.

You should read some of the stories from this blog. (you could even add her to your ever growing google reader cuz she only posts a few times a month)

(didn't feel like copying in the html code, so you'll have to copy and paste)

She writes true stories from events or conversations she overhears or witnesses. It is really fascinating.



OMG. that is crazy.


Back in my early days of being a flight attendant, I had this t-shirt that said, "Marry Me, Fly Free." It worked. Twice.



I'm thinking this could be a whole new way of dating for some guys. Think of the personal adds.
SWM, not that cute, boring, bad skin, good job, great healthcare plan seeks hawt skanky girl who hates wasting time at the free clinic.


Oh, no! Too funny! Well, sad, really, but you know what I mean!


How the world has changed...huh?

Memarie Lane

This is pretty scary for us. My husband is the only one with "insurance," he has full coverage through the VA. For the rest of us, insurance would cost about half of what Brad currently makes each month. It sucks.

However, I think insurance is a large part of the problem. I could write a LOT about why that is. But here's one example. As long as my birth goes the way it's planned, my total cost will be about $3,000. If I had insurance, I would have paid about $5,000 through my pregnancy, and had to pay about 30% of the birth out of pocket on top of that. For the same birth. Makes no sense.

standing still

Do not get me started. First world nation, third world health care mentality. The rich get richer, the poor get sicker. It makes me so PROUD to be an American....

phd in yogurtry

Sad, isn't it? Too many vital decisions are made based on securing health insurance.

Dh and I are both self employed plus he has had a chronic medical condition since age 20 which bumps him off all life and health ins plans. I remember when we first got married, his indiv insurance premiums shot up to nearly $800/mo. Our state now subsidizes (?) a "high risk pool." Me and the kids have a separate (private) plan. Altogether we fork over $1000 plus per mo now, with high deductables and high copays. Ask me how much traveling we don't do as a result or how much time I spend worrying about how long we can keep this going.

When is this country going to go the way of all western nations?

Don Mills Diva

Wow. I do a lot of bitching about the Canadian Health Care system but at least we Canucks still marry for old-fashioned reasons - you know, money and lust...


Oh my. Oh my. I know people marry for many reasons... but to pay for teeth and an ear infection treatment...

Smalltown Mom

I feel sorry for the potential husband.

Debbie Davis

The world of health insurance is crazy! Wow, can you believe some people? I hope the future husband realizes what he is getting into!! Stop by my blog and say hi anytime!

oliver rain

Sad, but true. Universal health care isn't necessarily all its cracked up to be, but at least it doesn't make (or break) relationships.


Oh my!


Jenn- hahaha - you had me going for a moment...I couldn't think where I had gone wrong!!

You wouldn't like to come and work your magic here by any chance?....lots and lots of good work to be done!

Big kiss


I hope she grows to love him and he never finds out why she married him to begin with.



In the deli this afternoon I overheard -
Mother: What would you like to take to drama club?
Child: I'll have a caramel slice please...
Mother: Won't that make you puke on stage?
Child: I'll puke in character....

Jennifer H

We are so far behind other Western countries, but politicians don't want to poke a stick at big insurance companies. It's ridiculous. Health insurance shouldn't be so expensive. Or expensive at all. I hope it doesn't take another 10 or 20 years before it changes.


You know it's bad when instead of marrying for money, women marry for insurance.

Little Miss Sunshine State

I have no health insurance. The last time I picked up 2 of my prescriptions it was $198. The 3 people in line behind me audibly gasped.

When I had my thyroid biopsy, I was told to come to the hospital with a cashier's check for $600 (25% of the total) before they would do the test.

We currently have 6 different hospital bills that have been farmed out to collection agencies.


That is an interesting conversation - HA!

Hope you had a good day - Kellan


I give that marriage about two seconds..

San Diego Momma

I don't think she is as much a reflection of our health care system (which sucks) as she is a superficial twit.

Either way, makes me sad for her daughter.


I do NOT think universal healthcare is the answer to this country's problems. That beign said, if that was her only reason for marrying then she's a whack job - just saying.

I get totally engrossed in strangers' conversations - I find them fascinating sometimes. Though this can be annoying to my husband when we are out to dinner!


Ahhh...true love indeed. I'm sure you could do a blog post on each person you encounter at those places. ;)


a lot of clueless republicans, and other entitled conservatives, have no idea what life is like when you can either buy groceries, or you can try to get health care or medicine, and one reason our health care is so expensive is because insurance companies are trying to profit from our health (ramble ramble, rage, blather....)

Melanie @ Mel, A Dramatic Mommy

I think it's a sad commentary on a huge issue for so many people. Unfortunately, military convenience marriages are really common. Sucks to be the potential husband.


it's so many kinds of wrong that we don't have universal health care in this country.

stephanie (bad mom)

The horror. Does military health insurance pay for marriage counseling?

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