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July 19, 2008


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Ohh, I have stories like this, too. Some people are so oblivious.

Kalynne Pudner

How far does a paintball gun shoot? Just askin'. Randomly.

Tootsie Farklepants

Poor you! Poor doggy.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!

Do you want my leftover Vicodin for the dog? I don't mean to hurt it; I just mean slip it a Mickey at night to calm his lonely little nerves.

Would ear plugs help?

Jennifer H

I recommend Leight brand earplug, in the highest decibel count protection you can find. But you might have to put them in your dogs' ears, too.

Or coordinate your vacations.

Or just file the complaint. Probably that.

Alpha DogMa

Good for you for reporting the asshole. I'm a dog owner and nothing makes me angrier than bad dog owners because they make the rest of look bad.

And that poor dog. He must be traumatized, too.


I'm feeling really bad for you. But, frankly, I'm feeling worse for the poor dog. He deserves a better owner.


Oh, how I hate it when I can't sleep because of some annoying noise.

I finally got some earplugs and they do help.

Hope that dog shuts up soon!


Oh, what an idiot. The fact that he leaves his dog out and alone while away on vacay. the poor dog....You should file charges.
Sorry to hear about the lack of sleep. I too fall to pieces without my 8 hours.

Jen on the Edge

I'm with everyone else, this sucks for you and this sucks for the poor dog, which is obviously neglected. File those complaints!!!

Melanie Beanpaste

As the mother of a 3-year-old who is forced to watch '101 Dalmations' weekly, I can tell you with confidence that you are referring to The Twilight Bark. And I'm so sorry it's happening outside your bedroom window.

Smalltown Mom

That poor dog. File the complaint!

The Girl Next Door

Poor dog!!! Poor You!! Yes file it! what a total jerk for doing this AGAIN.


I also feel for that poor dog. That owner is very selfish. File the complaint with noise abatement and also maybe one with Animal Control. Leaving that dog alone for that length of time is just plain mean.


Ugh. Nothing is worse than no sleep. I'm not really a dog person, but I agree that it doesn't seem right to leave a dog ALONE...IN THE HEAT...complain away!!!!


One of my friends here in my BUILDING has what I call a Sharp Barker. She's a wee dog that makes a lot of noise. After a few months of this, tenants were talking behind her back. Does she not notice the noise? It got to critical mass and since I'm her friend, I called her. I said it had to end and end NOW.

She said she had no idea how annoyed we were. Never mind that 2 tenants had already confronted her and she had ignored them. I told her to keep her door closed or put a citronella collar on the dog. She did but MAN people are delusional/selfish.

phd in yogurtry

What an ignoramus -- on all counts -- the poor dog, diregard for neighbors, the insincere apology, and then doing it all over again. Hope you get some sleep, but I don't know how. His next door neighbors must be livid!


I am amazed that you seem as calm as you are! My post in that case would mainly just be @#$!!@#!@!@#@!@#!$#%@#$!@#!@#!!!! Then, ZZZZZZZZZZZZ.


Yup, I feel your pain. We live next door to Pongo and Perdita ourselves. Fortunately, their owners are responsible so it's not a problem at night.

Leaving his dog alone outdoors while he's away should warrant a call to the ASPCA or whatever your local agency is; that's cruel and neglectful.


That is cruel. How can you just up and leave a dog like that...good on you for calling someone.


I hope that poor dog is ok!!! Stupid owner.


Oh yuck,I do hope you get some good sleep soon.

It sounds like that dog is not being cared for as well as he should.
Don't dropthe charges


I have a very nice rifle and scope you can use if you need. Not so much for the dog but more for the owner. If you can see him, you can 'educate' him...

Just ship it back when you are done.



Ouch It's tough. Our canyon is pretty doggy, too, and sometimes there's a pair of huskies that get each other going. Fortunately, our malamute never barked, and Mr.Lumpy's voice is very weak on the rare occasion he barks.

What gets me is the chorus of coyotes in the middle of the night, bouncing off the canyon walls. I once woke up dreaming I was in a football stadium with people cheering, and it turned out to be coyotes!

Limbic Resonance

We have neighbors that did the same. We thought about rescuing the dog ourselves. Poor poor doggie. Our dogs bark once and we bring them in so as not to annoy the neighbors.

Hope you get some sleep soon. Hope bad things happen to your neighbor. What a jerk.

manager mom

You know, I totally agree with you charging them... if for nothing else, that poor dog is CLEARLY not being treated right.


I have felt your pain. Just the memory of it is enough to raise my blood pressure 20 points. Oy!

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