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July 23, 2008


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Tootsie Farklepants

Switch the grapes for watermelon and the strawberries for cantaloupe and it's the inside of my fridge.


I'm coming over to eat at your house! Too funny on readjusting the photo buttons.

That recipe does sound orgasmic!


I seriously need to do some grocery shopping!

Also, your BitcHer post was hilarious! You guys know how to have a good time! I love it! :)


Weird, we have the same stuff in our fridge minus so many bagels. We've even got the kirkland frozen strawberries. I don't have as much milk, though. We stopped buying so much when it wasn't getting used fast enough. No ice maker for us either. Didn't want one. I can't stand ice trays, though, so we buy ice. Did you get cherries last week from Costco? Yummy!

grumpy momma

Oh, NO!!!

I didn't know we were all posting the contents of our fridges!

Fortunately for me, I can't find my camera and I don't know how to post photos yet anyway. I thoroughly admire your stocking up gifts. Currently, I have the opposite problem - due to our new budgeting plan, we have run out of food until tomorrow. Currently I have 1/2 a pound of leftover spaghetti, 1/2 quart of leftover slightly rancid iced tea, and a little bit of cream cheese. And a few condiments.

Tomorrow we get to go grocery shopping....YAY!!!!


Head on over to my place today for another open fridge. I'm glad to see that someone else's is as jam-packed as mine.

Aaargh - your blog doesn't allow HTML in the comments. Fix that! Here's the link:



That recipe sounds scrumptious .. I can feel my hips growing just thinking about it.


You are the best mom on earth! If my mom had allowed a Brazilian boy to stay at our house my summer would have been a huge crush fest!

Oh, and the picture made me think - "Man, I need a bigger fridge!"


I'm jealous how neat your fridge is!

I am so making those cookies for girl's weekend coming up!


THAT has to be the neatest fridge I have ever seen in my life. And I thought I was OCD! LOL!


You have a lot of stuff in the fridge, but it is so neatly arranged, and so healthy! You are one rocking awesome mom! Bringing in Brazilian boys, and lavish amounts of fruit! Does it get any better?


Holy cow, that's a lot of milk! Yes, I DO crack myself up ;)

Little Miss Sunshine State

That fridge just screams HOUSE FULL OF HUNGRY TEENAGERS!

Our weekly list used to include 3 gallons of milk and 3 boxes of cereal just for the boy.

Oliver Rain

I tried to reach inside the photo to adjust the pictures. That's how OCD I am.


That is the craziest fridge I've seen outside of my mother-in-law's. Her's looks like that, but she has a second on in the basement as well as two jumbo deep freezes. Can anyone say, I entertain a lot?

And if you need all that for teenagers, heaven help us as we will someday have two teenage boys (and we just discovered a third coming too).


If it wasn't so hot I'd bake that TONIGHT! Saving it for autumn :-)

Here's the inside of my fridge:

and the outside:

Wanna come align things for me?


I have a friend and they have one of those cafeteria style milk dispensers in their kitchen - yes - those stainless steel things you put the bag of milk in - their kids go through a lot of milk. Maybe you need one of those!

Nice to see you Jenn - take care - Kellan


My fridge is also stuffed with 6 gallons of milk, but yours is so CLEAN! And organized, too. Methinks you need more cheese.


There is no way I'm taking a photo of the contents of my fridge. However, my boys can go through the entire contents of the fridge in the space of a couple of hours and then ask a little bit later what's for dinner.

I'm betting that your sons have voracious appetites just like mine and probably just like mine, never worry about putting on any weight.

Reluctant Blogger

My fridge is a lot like that - although there is always quite a bit of beer in it too!!

Those photo buttons - I like those. Do you order them when you get photos printed or do you do them yourself or what? Basically I want some but have no idea how to get them. So do tell me? Please! Pretty please!

Jenn @ Juggling Life

Reluctant Blogger,

Whenever our kids play on a sports team they get a team photo, and individual photo and a photo button. Usually the moms wear the buttons on their purses or shirts for the games--that's totally not my style. The photos are mounted on a metal backing so I just put magnets on the fridge and stuck the buttons up there. I have about 30--I think they look really cool.

We'll see if you get this e-mail; usually when I reply to you it comes back. The other day I was asking if March 28 was actually your birthday--it is mine. We may have covered this on March 28 already, but I'm too lazy to go back in the archives!



And I bet it's empty by next week ;)

oliver rain

Check my blog for an award. I especially love BitchHer 2008.


I am so going to make that cake! But I am NOT sharing the inside of my fridge because it is EMPTY. Darn kids.


I could totally tell that you shopped at Costco, I had those same grapes and strawberries in my fridge, but I only have 3 gallons of milk today. But 3 different kinds. And no oj, because I am a mean mom.
That cake sounds so yummy, thanks for sharing and I hope you are having a fabulous day.


So excited about a new cookie recipe! I'd have to clean my fridge before I posted a picture of it. Jeez.

Mrs. G.

4 gallons of milk? I'm guessing cereal is popular at your house. My son can eat a box in one sitting.

Mrs. G.

I'm off to orgasm right now.

Mrs. G.

I'm off to orgasm right now.

Mrs. G.

I'm off to orgasm right now.


When we rented out our place in Florida I had to get a special renter's insurance in case the icemaker spewed out an ice cube and the tenant slipped on it.

I was NOT happy about THAT.

Mrs. G.

I was having trouble posting comments here today. I'm not sure how I feel about having said orgasm three times in one day. I was just really trying to leave a comment.

manager mom

OK, I make it a principle NOT to cook when I'm on vacation, but as you know, I am trying to meet an orgasm quota, so I might have to try this recipe out.


I have fridge envy now. Yours is so organized! And I'm all over that cake. Seriously breathing heavily from reading the ingredients.


I just may have to make that cake just based on the name


I can't wait to try that cake!!!!!!!!!!

phd in yogurtry

man, your fridge looks neat & orderly! we've been known to have 5 gallons of milk, never 6.

that orgasm cake is going on my summer to list!

phd in yogurtry

man, your fridge looks neat & orderly! we've been known to have 5 gallons of milk, never 6.

that orgasm cake is going on my summer to list!

Manic Mommy

On today's to-do is cleaning/reorganizing the fridge. All the vacation stuff we didn't eat/couldn't justify throwing away was added. Plus that G.D. shelf on the door is broken again, so all the salad dressing and other assorted condiments are shoved anywhere they'll fit.

From one borderline OCD to another, it's driving me bat-shit crazy!!


Holy Dairy Case Batman!

Thanks for the recipe. I will go write some new items on my grocery list now!

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