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August 12, 2008


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Cheri @ Blog This Mom!

"Another thing I've found is that when bloggers get together they really cut to the chase. Conversations are deep, personal and real. It's not a cocktail party where everyone is wearing their social mask. I love that you can have diametrically opposed positions on issues, but really listen to, understand, and learn from one another."


Jennifer H

What a great group of women! The best seat in the restaurant, besides at your table, had to be the one next to it--for eavesdropping.

You all look great!

Tootsie Farklepants

Oh how I wish I could have been there!

Congrats on your awards!

p.s. I had to Google "inimitable". Who's blushing now?


You all dress so beautifully!!!


The picture of dinner looks great...you are all so happy. Could that be the drinks????
Sounds like a very fun night and you should NOT be embarassed by your awards...you deserve them!!!!!


you are definately a Kick Ass blogger, and I am so pleased a lefty commie pinko too!


Looks like you had a great time! And with a 45% tip, I'm sure your waiter did. not. mind. :)

Congrats on your awards! You totally deserve them!


Gosh, I'm kick ass? Boy, that sounds a lot cooler than the "cute and endearing" label I get slapped with a lot.

Smalltown Mom

Sounds like a great get-together!

Minnesota Matron

Thanks, Jenn! That looks like SO much fun! The Matron wishes she knew more Minnesota bloggers!! (and her lefto commie heart is on her sleeve, for sure!)


Hee! The Lefty Commie Pinko button made me laugh. My husband has called me that before, along with Bleeding Heart Liberal. Although he doesn't mean them as compliments.


You are SO lucky to have so many blogger friends near you. :(

I seem to be quite alone over here in MA.

Can't you all come HERE??!
* whines *

Congrats. on the awards, love, you DO kick ass.


Thanks Jenn, where do I get the code?


Thanks so much, Jenn! I will wear my Kick Ass award proudly.

It was divine to meet you on Saturday night. So glad you could make it up. And you, of course, are kick ass for knocking out that test and making it there BEFORE us.

Kalynne Pudner

Ditto to Cheri and JCK's Kick Ass comments! Thanks for the award...and next time I come to SoCal, I'm going to take Suburban Correspondent's advice about looking all the way over the shoulder to hide the double chin. Clearly, trying to push it into my jawbone with an index finger was a waste of grip on my champagne glass.


It's no wonder that you're oh, so very popular!


Aw, shucks! Kick Ass makes my day. Thanks!


Aw, shucks! Kick Ass makes my day. Thanks!

phd in yogurtry

"Conversations are deep, personal and real"

my kinda gals! "social masks" - I like that. It really captures how stifled I often feel at so many social get togethers.


First, I wondered what it would feel like to meet other bloggers. I worry that it won't be fun, but you've convinced me otherwise.

Second, I've got the same qualms about giving awards! How comforting to know I'm not alone.

San Diego Momma

That meetup looked wonderful! (Did you get your hair cut?)

Also, you are one of the most deserving awardees I know!

Nora Bee

Congrats on all your awards, you fancy thing! I can tell you are from CA because you say "the 5" like all my in-laws. And yes, I agree. We just had a small get-together in honor of Melanie Beanpaste's visit and it was just as you say. Except it sounds like you had more champagne and therefore I should have been at yours.

Just Jamie

You nailed it on the bloggy get together. I see now why Bossy made the trip. Meeting our cyber peeps is better than therapy.

Melanie @ Mel, A Dramatic Mommy

Congratulations on the awards. Well deserved.

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