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August 11, 2008


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here's the thing: i love about jp.

he is seriously into wanting people, kids especially, to read. he gives away loads of his own money (he actually sends personal checks) in the patterson pageturner awards, for organizations and people who get other people, kids, to read.

that said, i'm not at all a book snob, though someday i hope to be, and for a long time i pretended to be, so i just love his books. (i bought his latest "sail" 3 times: once i left it at tech support's house and he took it to india before i read it, 2nd i bought it and lost it somewhere before i'd finished it and couldn't wait for tech support to return to finish it, so, yep, i bought it a 3rd time.

i read dangerous days and the reason i gave was to preview it for the adolescent boy, but really? i just want to read anything that jp writes.

and? i love that he actually lists the names of his co-writers on his books. unlike, let's say, other best selling authors.

also? i totally agree with everything you said here. good review! and now i'm going to add jp to my pretend husband list.

(this is maybe my longest comment ever, that's how much i heart jp) (and you).

The Girl Next Door

Finding a book or series that will "hook" a young reader for life can be a challenge. I love it that my kids love to read. Unfortunately, like me, Daughter tends to read the not-so-intellectual stuff!


Sounds good. No boys here to entice with.
I do love your comments on the kids and their reading habits...GUG reading the cereal boxes and chapstick tubes...sounds like my girls. They love to read and I love that they do also.

Minnesota Matron

James Patterson! Thanks! The Matron's son is a serious reader who is always looking for the new fix (and he loves sci fi!).


Oh Thank you not only for this review, but for listing out other books that your kids (boys) loved to read. My first grade son is an avid reader and will read practically anything. We spent our summer reading aloud and taking turns Little House in the Big Woods, which he liked but I can't see him checking that series out from the school library. Especially at his age versus his reading level, it is really hard to find books that are appropriate and that catch his interest! Yea! I love books so much. Thanks!


Just the mention of Nancy Drew and I'm rocketed back to my youth. And Misty of Chincoteague! I just mentioned that book to a younger friend of mine and she'd never heard of it. Because her generation was all about the computer. So sad.

And The Black Stallion. Sigh.


I clearly need to get a copy of Hatchet into SnakeMaster's hands.
All 4 of my boys are good readers, but I'm afraid that Wii and Guitar Hero have carried a few of them far away from the world of books. EB and H-J still read voraciously and I am always happy to hear of good authors to steer them towards. They are partial to fantasy. Any suggestions? (they've read Eragon & Eldest several times each)


It has been very hard finding books/series my son is interested in - that's for sure!

I heard you met J (Motherscribe) - isn't she just the greatest!? I was so excited when she told me she got to meet you and Cheri - how fun! I'll bet it was a great time.

Have a good day - Kellan


I'm one of the few that does not James, I'm afraid. *sighs*


Don't forget the Rosemary Sutcliffe books - especially her historical fiction such as The Eagle of the Ninth, The Lantern Bearers, Outcast, and The Silver Branch. Also, Lloyd Alexander books are a favorite of boys. Advanced 10-year-old and up for all these.


It is my youngest girl that I can't get to read. We have been to the book store numerous times to try to figure out what strikes her fancy. Maybe one day we will figure it out.

San Diego Momma

You're really good at this reviewing thing.
I completely trust your reviews and would read anything on your recommendation.


I, like DB, am a HUGE Orson Scott Card fan, and Sci Fi is not normally my genre. :)


Having no boys, the availability of reading material hasn't really been a problem with my kids. My oldest girl loves to read, and just devoured Breaking Dawn in 2 days. She's the kid who stayed up late with a flashlight under the covers, reading when she should have been asleep.

My 13 year-old? You'd think touching a book would give her the cooties. She absolutely cannot stand reading, and that makes me sad. I didn't do anything different with the two of them, and I've tried to find different things that would interest her, but so far, no go.

I'm hoping the little one will love reading the way her oldest sister does.

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