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August 14, 2008


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Just Jamie

You know, I'm glad you cracked a wee bit. Makes you (even) more lovable. I had the same damn hot, tears embarrassing me this week, once in church, once in TJ Maxx. Why do they have to sneak out like that?

San Diego Momma

I think the crying is healthy for you. Me? I elevate it to an art form, not that you asked.

And that really is a beautiful place. Where is it?


Every once in a while it is just inevitable...the tears just flow.
Glad you're feeling better.

Kalynne Pudner

I can't even SEE your derriere in that picture...wide angle, indeed.

oliver rain

I wish I had trouble crying. I cry far too much, though my optomitrist like to tell me I am tear-deficient. I'm glad you were able to let it out. Crying is very therapeutic and I'm sure you felt better after. These are beautiful pictures. I love the shadows especially.


ahhhhh.... grief. it hits in the strangest of places, at the worst times. like a punch in the gut. cars are safe for me. i prefer holding it (if i can) until the car.

try not looking crazy in line at vons. THAT'S fun.

and you're totally normal.


I'm so glad the tears came. They always do. Just sometimes not when we want them to.

The post on Thom was just as lovely the 2nd go round.

Melanie @ Mel, A Dramatic Mommy

Your subconscious was ready to let it all out. A good cry can work wonders.


TWO very nice posts. I love "missing man formation." That was beautiful. And sorry about the emotional dambreak. I hope you feel better soon. You are a busy and inspiring person. i love reading your blog. You have a certain special wisdom.


The Missing Man Formation photo - sooooooooo great.


It is a great family picture!


How come I was able to see the 2nd post last week? Perhaps I have some super powers?
I love the photos.
The family photo is beautiful, and you look great, don't be so hard on yourself. (but I understand, I am feeling too large for MYSELF too)
I have the opposite problem as you, I cry at the drop of a hat. happy tears, sad tears, it does not matter. I finished my Bees book on Tuesday and cried through the last 150 pages. happy tears no less.


I think crying cleanses one's soul! Now, I have been crying for a week (its a long story)- does that mean I am pretty clean and pure now? lol


Hope your crying spell helped move you further down the path of dealing with your grief over the loss of your sister and your close friend. Those pictures really "say" it all. Beautiful.


Grief and stress can all sneak up on you. I've learned that the hard way.

(( Hugs ))

Take care, love.


Come on over my way, I've been crying since yesterday afternoon and I'd like some company.


Four years ago my brother was nearly killed in a serious car accident. For almost three weeks we waited for him to wake up, debating with doctors on whether he should be taken off of life support.

I thought that I had cried so many tears then that I could never cry again and yet so often, on days when I least expect it, I find a lump in my throat and tears threatening because - darn it anyway- life as we knew it will never, ever be again. Although he ended up surviving, the face of our family is forever changed.

You can't put loss or grief in a box. You have suffered so much in the past year and there will be times from here on out when you will just need to cry. And it is ok. I love, love that picture of the Missing Man. I would frame it and hang it in my office.


Cheri @ Blog This Mom!

Oh. Missing man formation photo made ME cry.

And? I love your ass.


I agree with MamaHenClucks - that missing man formation photograph is suitable for framing. And like Cheri, it made me cry. Twice.
I'm glad you could finally get some tears out. I know it helps with your emotional health, and I hope it helps the weight loss, too.


I'm a don't eat when stressed person. I hope you feel better and feel better about yourself soon!

(My husband is planning on buying Wii fit to motivate himself!)

Angie @ Keep Believing

Amazing what emotions do to us: Take us by surprise. Don't let up. Humiliate us...

Personally, I think a good cry is great for the self - the next day, that is. The day of a good cry, I am exhausted.


Jennifer H

The Missing Man Formation photo? Wow. I was also going to suggest framing it. An amazing photo.

Sounds like you had a breakthrough that you needed.


I'm glad you could finally cry, even if it was inopportune at times :-)

Claudia wrote a great post about loosing weight...#3 reminded me of what you said here:



The Missing Man picture is priceless. You should frame it!

Let me know how the diet goes. I've been working out like hell since Feb. and can't get it off. I could use some pointers!


I am not someone who cries. I seldom ever cry. When I do - it is in small spurts and rambages. I have found where it feels like I could use a good cry, but not able to cry. I hope you are lots better now and ... Alexis and I are on a diet - as of Monday!

Take care - Kellan


Jenn - I've been neglectful in my blogging and reading of blogs, so this is why I have this "all encompassing comment" to leave.

1. Your tributes to your friend are beautiful and I can only imagine the sweet pain you are feeling with every moment of your trip.

2. I'm sure the tears that flowed were for so many things that you were not ready to fully express until now. But oh, what a relief in the release when you are ready.

3. I wish I was local so I could be among your blogger nights out. You all look so wonderfully energized and fun-loving.

4. Keep blogging. Your stories, amusing quotes, heartfelt sharing are just wonderful to enjoy. Soon you will surpass Mrs. G in fame and followers.


A good cry is sometimes all it takes.
Sending some smiles.
Hope you have a good rest of the week.


Sometimes it all just gets to be too much. Sending heartfelt hugs your way, sweetie.


I think you LOOK beautiful! I've gained 40lbs recently, so I GET it! Your family is lovely!

I'm so sorry about the loss of your sister. That has got to be really painful! I can't even imagine!

And your friend, Thom. So sorry. His kids are so lucky to have you as extended family! After my dad died, no one talked about him! I got a lot of "I don't remember" responses when I asked about him!

The fact that the kids have all of you is PRICELESS!

Love to you!


Oh, and I cry all. the. time!


Oh, and I cry all. the. time!


Oh, and I cry all. the. time!


Oh, and I cry all. the. time!

Trooper Thorn

I won't pretend to understand why you are crying Jenn, but I'll keep posting funny things as frequently as I can to keep you laughing. Thank you for coming by every day.

manager mom

Oh, Jenn, I am so sorry to hear about all of the stress. Don't be too hard on yourself about the weight thing. We may not have met, but I can tell from your writings that you are beautiful through and through.

Amy the Mom

What a beautiful set of photos.

And get over your ass-it's beautiful, and there's nothing wrong with women our age being what I like to call "fluffy."

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