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August 15, 2008


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Ah another of life's little moments. I have to say, I was about to tear about about the "days gone by" tone until I could here the teenage boy/man and the mom arguing about the overalls and haircut. "was too. Shut up." Had to break into a small guffaw.

Angie @ Keep Believing

I can just hear your preschooler/toddler relaying the story to everyone of how he saw a Dik Dik being born. tee hee.

If he is still a doer and a goer like you, then he will LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Colorado and you will, too. You may never get him back to California.



It will all be okay. Really.

And Dude, Niiiiice Overalls. Seriously. ;)


Good luck with this new season in both of your lives!


What a transition for you both. I wish him the best, knowing he is going to a beautiful part of our country. I hope you do well too. What a great Mom you are!

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!

Well, either you've already fixed the layout or it looks good as is, because it looks good.

Have you taken MVP on a photo caravan trip at the Wild Animal Park? It is an Excellent Adventure and you could schedule in advance for when he's home on break.

Have a great trip.

oliver rain

He was a sweet little boy. And you gave him lots of memories of the two of you. I am sending you lots of virtual hugs for this next stage of your life.


Yep, very stylish for 1993. I thought Seattle had great things for SAHMs, but San Diego really does win at that.

Naked Mole Rats = only a face a mother could love. Very unlike MVP. (SnakeMaster would follow him around like a baby duck.)
Best wishes on his future!


You have done good with that kid. Hopefully that makes it a bit easier to send him off to school. I love that you all went to the zoo together again, very sweet mother son moments.


We RAISE them to leave us; why is it so hard to let them go?

Minnesota Matron

Oh my! Leaving home!! That is a sweet post, sweet story and memory my dear. And yes, I went and read about the beach bathing suits. Too funny! Could not agree more. Good luck on Tuesday and beyond, Jen!!!


Oh what sweet, sweet memories. LOVE the haircut - it was sooo popular then :)

He is seriously going to LOVE Colorado. So much for him to go and do and see.

Prof. J.

I love the overalls and the step haircut.


Off topic: How come Social Butterfly doesn't have her own listing in the "Cast of Characters"? Is that part of the layout problem?


great pic of you and your son. He has grown a bit, hasn't he?


Such a bittersweet time. Our oldest "launched" last summer. Kind of fun having a relationship with him that's a little less "parental".
I went to school for a bit in Colorado Springs - beautiful area. He'll LOVE it!


I actually miss those days of getting up early with my parents to go on vacation...

Good luck!


Congratulations to everyone. Heading off to college it is a rite of passage for both parents and kids. A day at the zoo to re-walk old paths sounds like a wonderful day indeed.

That picture of the naked mole scares the heck out of me, seriously.


Tell MVP that the step haircut was all the rage in 1993. It's true. I just took my 17 month olds to the zoo. They were too young to see may of the exhibits, but they loved watching all of the other children. I know it's got to be hard sending your baby off to school. My heart's breaking for you, but I'm sure you have it all under control.

Trooper Thorn

It's amazing how they grow. The Male Model towers over me now and likes to pat me on the head.

Thanks for your comments on Olympic outfits. let me know if the boys have nicknames for those beanies. I'm sure the polo players hate them too.


MVP is a doll. The naked mole rat is just disturbing. I really feel for you and will be thinking about you next week. Have a safe trip and be sure to get a picture of his dorm while it's still neat. It won't last...


Trip to the zoo before he goes off to college, nice memory. Good luck on the drive to Colorado, it should be beautiful. They are calling for snow in the mountains tonight. I love Fort Collins, especially in the fall, when leaves are turning. I go to a meeting there every October, and thoroughly enjoy it!
I know quite a lot of local kids who go to school there, and people who live there.
So keep that in mind.


We probably saw you as we had passes to both places back in '93 as well as a few years after! We loved being able to stop in for just a few hours. Although I have to admit that we were a bit more partial to Sea World.

The Girl Next Door

just when I think you are the most amazing mom ever, you top yourself. awesome post and totally adorable photos.

Deb D

I will be thinking of you next Tuesday. We take Engineering Guy on the 30th. It's how it should be and what we have been raising them for but that doesn't mean it's easy.


Oh, this post just killed me. What a neat idea to go to the zoo. The pictures of MVP as a little boy are just adorable. You are the coolest. And I will be thinking of you next week.

Melanie @ Mel, A Dramatic Mommy

I'm glad you had alone time with MVP. Safe journey to Colorado!


Great trip--I think it's cool that you take "then" and "now" photos in the same spots.


I am going to go cry now. Sending my baby off to Kindergarten this week and now THIS!! I triple love that you spent the day at the zoo together. Good memories!!

Just Jamie

You totally nailed it on the step hair cut and overalls. He looked precious.

And as a soon-to-be NOT SAHM, you've reminded me of the moments I will miss.


Awwww! So cute! I LOVE the photo of the two of you together. So very precious!

And, I remember my nephews wearing those overalls in the early 90s! Fun!

Enjoy your journey to Colorado!

Reluctant Blogger

I felt quite tearful after reading that. And he is just so cute in his dungarees. I dressed my daughter like that too - she is much the same age!

So wonderful that you went back to the zoo. And you both look gorgeous.

My daughter is off to Uni in October too - after six months doing VSO in Sumatra - feels kind of weird!

hope you are having a good summer anyway.

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