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August 29, 2008


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Amy the Mom

We owned every single Little Critter book, all of the PC games and could probably still recite some of those books verbatim.

Awwww...Little Critter. I haven't read one of those books since the twins learned to read. sniff, sniff!

Smalltown Mom

Love the picture!

I lost Frank in a ball pit at Sea World...about 11 and a half years ago. It's still a traumatic memory for me. He didn't know he was missing...he was submerged beneath the balls and didn't hear anyone calling for him. Meanwhile I am frantically running around with baby Ernest in the stroller, asking every park employee if they could find him.

Kudos to LITTLE CRITTER and your smart kids!

stephanie (bad mom)

Sometimes those Little Critter books made me weary but YES, they sure hit the right note for kids.

We have gone over the Gavin DeBecker stuff about what to do when lost (much like the Little Critter advice, interestingly). Takes a little wind out of 'the terror.'

phd in yogurtry

I love the Little Critter series. Especially Mom and Me.

My kids had the computerized version, too. One of my favorite kid games.

Kalynne Pudner

I just stole this -- title, thesis and terror. Hope that's okay!


OH, Jenn...that sounds horrifying.

Definitely see your point in educating the kids.

I'll have to check out the Little Critter books.

Melanie @ Mel, A Dramatic Mommy

I've definitely experienced "the terror." Most recently at Costco. It was horrible. But, he stayed where he was and waited for us to find him. We have since told him about telling another mom he's lost or looking for someone with a name tag. Also, not yelling out "mom!" but to call me by name. Now I'm having flashbacks!


I remember those books too, my girls loved them. You never really know when your kids are really listening do you? This is great, they were paying attention. How great is that?
I have felt this terror, too, in the SAME situation. The zoo, after we walked out of a show, Sporty (5) got caught up in a crowd and walked with a different family in a different direction.
It was 3 minutes of sheer panic.....
You never forget that feeling!


The little boy on the right would be the extremely tall young man who started his freshman year of college, yes?


I've done the "scream their names like a madwoman" more than once myself. Those are scary parenting moments!


They remembered what to do! Yay!! It is such a terrifying feeling when the kids wonder off.

phd in yogurtry

FYI re my DNC post, I couldn't find the link last night but now I have:

To see Bill Clinton's mystery dance partner, go here:


Oh Jenn, they did so well! I have experienced that terror a few times, unfortunately.
I love those books, my 4 year old is now reading them to me, so cute!

oliver rain

All that reading really does sink in. I love those books still, though LIzzie doesn't really want me to read them anymore.


Scary to think what my kids would do in this situation being that their largest bit of home education these days comes from Spongebob. I am, unfortunately, not kidding.



you send this to the author. cool kids you have.


Oh that feeling of losing a child. Gulp. I have never had Chickie Boy wander off but Chickie Girl forgets to stay with me. Or I forget to tell her I'm moving on. Either way, I've lost her a couple of times and it is terrifying. I love that your boys new exactly what to do. What a relief.

manager mom

I've had the terror, but thankfully never for longer than a few minutes. We're going to Disneyworld in a few months and I am going to begin holding emergency drills now in case we get seperated.


Have experienced the terror. Once. And it was once too many. * sighs * It's tough being a parent. SO tough.


I experienced the Terror at the zoo when my youngest nephew became separated from my SIL. We could have used an advance Little Critter lesson. The memory still makes my heart stomp in terror.


Yes, so you know that it actually IS possible to stop breathing for a time and still go on living? I have the book! I have the book! Thanks for that story, because I will begin reading it...NOW.


Wow!!! Great learners you have! And what a terrifying time that must have been..........

Manic Mommy

I have the 'if you can't find mommy' discussion with my boys whenever we enter well, anywhere. I've also taken to dressing them in the same color for crowed venues - this summer's outfit of choice was khaki shorts and international orange tops.

I almost took the wrong kid home from Storyland but he was wearing khaki and orange.

Tootsie Farklepants

My oldest is 11 but I'm thinking it's not too late for him (and the other 2) to read these books!

Also? I couldn't breath when you said the crowds let out. GASP!!

Jen on the Edge

I know that feeling of sheer terror all too well. I think it must be a rite of passage for all parents.


Makes having to "read it again, Mommy" for the bzillionth time all worth it, doesn't it?

Just Jamie

Why do I have tears in my eyes just reading this? Ugh, Jenn. Seriously. I'm getting that book. (Although, we talk about it as much as I can without scaring them too, too much. "Find a Mommy," I tell them.)

(P.S. How cute are you with your 3 littles?)


Glad they were found safe and knew just what to do.

Jennifer H

Am I too late for Little Critter books?

We've had talks about what to do, but it couldn't hurt to add to that.


Mrs. G.

My kids LOVED the Critter book where Critter helps his mom out with the chores! I had forgotten about those gems.

Honey, that picture is too beautiful. You've just got that happy mama glow.


That made me tear up a bit! They were so young but MVP knew exactly what to do! You had me right there in the moment!

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