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August 28, 2008


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I admire your energy, and your schedule-packing skills. Did you remember to squeeze in a few hours for sleep and peeing?! :-)

Grumpy momma

This sounds a lot like the schedule I USED to have - though for different reasons. I admire you greatly.

Who cares about comments.... (OK, I do)....but I'd really really rather to be able to read you most days. I've learned a lot and (selfishly) hope you are able to keep up the blogging.


28 books??????? Cr@p. Good luck!
And I love your blog and I love that you post everyday.

Manic Mommy

Here's hoping it'll be him that cries. No, it will not be you. Nor would it be me.

I'll still visit, you'll still visit. We might just not talk as much. Sounds like a real friendship to me.


28 books for how many classes?! That is INSANE. The first day of freshmen year, my roommate wrote every single assignment for the first month down on a desk calendar. Then, she had a panic attack, and I thought "Oh boy, I'm going to have fun with her".


Oh my gosh. You have your hands full.
And yes, you are most certainly anal retentive. In a good way.
Don't let the blogging stress you, it is supposed to be for fun.
Lord knows, you won't be the class crier.


I was wondering where you were. Haven't seen as much of you lately and thought, "where has Jen been?" But no worries, I will continue to read and comment you. Wouldn't miss it!


Oh good luck with your transition! It sounds like it'll be a busy fall for you. I hope the rumors are just that...I'm sure the instructor will sense your work ethic and be generous and kind to you!!!


28 books!!! How is that possible? I totally understand, altho I'll miss hearing from you :-)


Oh...the insanity...but what fun would life be without a just a little bit...you know, to make it all memorable!?
I've been here since almost the beginning...I'm hanging in. I look forward to your posts...you are part of the network that, strangely enough, keeps it all "real" for me!!
Holy Hell! 28 books?!?!?! You'll read them all and write some kick ass reports between water polo, other sports where SB is cheering and working on the 5K!! You rock!


This has been my biggest "worry" over blogging. The commenting. I can't keep up with it! I'm cutting back for the time being. It's hard. I want to comment on every blog. But we are in full swing with school and work, etc.

Smalltown Mom

You're forgiven. I can't even imagine juggling as many things as you do. Somethings got to give!


EVeryone has times where they can't comment a lot. Don't worry about it!

And that prof... well, talk about mature. I don't miss those days at all.


I'm the same way with commenting. I think we all understand.

Good luck in your classes. I'm hoping somday to have the time to finish A degree. I have so many loose credits floating out there, someday maybe I can put them all together to actually mean something.


I've recently had to cut back on commenting, also. Something had to give...


I am where you are with the commenting. This week I have time to do it, but for the next 9 months of newborn nursing and teaching 3 kids school and occupying the fourth? Not so much. I try to get to people a couple times a week, but I still read you all in my reader. Love!
Good luck with your last year, I look forward to hearing all about it, can't wait until I get to go back!


I'm feeling slighted already. ;) Seriously, I HATE it when my, you know, JOB gets in the way of my bloggy addiction.


Oh blog world - is there a rehab for the addiction you bring to us yet?

Although I will be sad if I don't get to read YOU every day, there are times in life when real life actaully takes priority! Hee Hee! Good luck with school and all that is on your plate!


I had 24 books last semester and about the same the semester before that. This semester, only one class so only 10 books! Woo hooo!

When's your crying class. I'm getting pretty good at it. I can come in, sit in the front row, read tear-jerking blogs and sentimental email forwards,and cry my eyes out for the class.

It's a new talent. See ya on campus.


I have always admired your blogging everyday, and honestly don't know how you do it. So, I totally understand, I will still read when you post and hopefully you will check my blog out when you can. (I am not much of a writer and do not post everyday)


Yeah. You make HIM cry. Then blog it. That would be awesome.


Social Construction of Science? Hmmmm...maybe the project could be blogging?
You always make my day, but hey, I understand when friends can't always be there.
Do what you need to, to keep your stress level manageable and your family life good. Everything else is icing on the cake.

Jen on the Edge

I am confident in your ability to get it all done!


Wow. You are the master juggler!


You say "I'm okay with fudging by writing several posts in one day for later publication; rationalization what?"

Uhhh, this is like saying "my kids only need 3 pairs of underwear and I will keep up with the wash every other day so they never will have to wear dirty underwear."


I have 14 pairs of underwear, or more so, for all my kids. I think I could go an entire month myself before needing to wash.

Good luck with everything. Don't stresss about the commenting. You'll do what you need, when you need and can.


Just know that I always love when you comment on my blog, but totally understand if you can't do it with as much frequency. After all, we both lead very hectic lives!

congrats on it being your last year!!!


Good luck with school! Give your prof hell.

Melanie @ Mel, A Dramatic Mommy

My son starts school Tuesday and I still have no job (mostly by choice). I'll be able to comment enough for both of us!


Comment-whore here saying, please keep reading (even if not commenting).

Oh, and tell all your classmates to read me to learn some basics about Speech therapy in the schools! ;)

Just Jamie

Oh good. A part of me feels relieved to know that I won;t have to measure my own commenting diligence with yours. Life has changed in a big way with the start of a school year. Glad to know I'm not alone.

Jennifer H

No worries, at all. I find that, more and more, I'll stop by and comment on several posts at once (on one blog), because I can't seem to keep up every day.

Good luck with those 28 books! (WOW.)


I completely understand! I have a similar schedule (though I believe you ROCK better than me in the taking care of family and home area). I have given up any sort of regular blogging, and I've cut back on reading them, too. I still have my favorites though. It's funny, I still "write" posts in my mind but I rarely make it to the computer to type them. Congrats on doing so much, so well! You are one of my heroines.

Reluctant Blogger

Oh did you really write your first post on Christmas Day? And you've posted every day? Wow Jenn!

You won't be letting anyone down though if you don't post every day. Not even yourself. You should just write when you want to - not because you promised yourself or anyone else that you would.

As for reading and commenting. You are probably the most diligent of all commenters. I am always amazed by how quick you are to comment and how you always do. So yeah, just relax about it. Do what you need to do in Real Life and then do what you can on blogger. No-one will mind. There are no expectations and no sense of duty here.

I admire your energy. But don't overdo it! That'll be good for no-one.


I hear you. It's a lot to keep up with, and you do a way better job than most!!!

That class sounds like a nightmare, but you'll be fine!

And the year will go by fast, and you will graduate, and we will "throw a party" on your behalf right here in the blogospere!


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