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August 26, 2008


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You're so observant! And, you are seriously funny. Glad you're home now! Take it easy!


Bwahahaha! Except for the pregnant girl.

Grumpy momma



Hey, I just found out Fort Collins is the 2nd best town in the US (number one in other years). How about that? Who wouldn't want to go there for college?


So funny....I especially loved the hawt mess.....thanks for the smiles.

Manic Mommy

God love Very Rough Looking Chick! Pregnant chick - poignantly funny.

Jen on the Edge

It appears you had an interesting weekend.


HA - Love it! I always notice people, and there are a lot I would like to send a letter to.


funny and a bit sad at the same time...


I love that you look around you and SEE. Poor girl, tho...


Isn't it amazing what you see on the road! Glad you made it there and back safely!


This was hilarious to read! Rest stops are great for people watching. But I don't think I would've had the patience to wait for that guy to get out of my way on his own free time.


HA! Except the pregnant girl--I hope she is OK.
Everything else again--funny :)

Oliver Rain

I hate those people that take forever to get into their car and block the way to my door. What about the people that take forever at the gas tank, you know, they get their gas, then take 27 minutes to pay for it, then remember to use the facilities, then clean out their back seats & glove compartments. Oh, don't get me started.

I think I'd love to do a road trip with you. I imagine laughing my head off.

Claire B

Great observations. Didn't you just want to DO something for the pregnant girl? I feel so helpless in times like those.

Jennifer H

So funny. And I agree with every last bit of it except for the mattress. (Lord knows what happens on those things, plus I read the bedbug post at Apathy Lounge and am still not over it. Granted, a different mattress wouldn't have prevented that problem, but...)

Yeah, I'll be the idiot parent buying fresh mattresses.

You made me laugh!

Don Mills Diva

The last one made me laugh out loud!

How did you know "bold choice" is one of my fav expressions/ insults?


I love your observations. Hawt mess, bold choices - sad pregnant girl. I think your roadtrip must have been lots of fun.

Minnesota Matron

Dear Jenn,

The next time you're going to write a blog post that will be so funny that a mama with a bladder infection who has given birth to a ten pound baby will pee her pants, would you please warn us ahead of time?


The Matron


The world is so vivid. And not necessarily in a good way.

The Mom Bomb

Oooh! You've got a way with visuals, lady!


Hahahahaha! You totally made my day!

Nora Bee

I feel like I was on that trip with you. (and none of those people were me, I promise)


Lovin' the attitude Jenn!
My favourite is by far the girl who smoothed down the woman's skirt. Very cool.


"Red fleece ripped belly shirt."

Fleece + belly shirt. With rips. In red.

Holy moley.



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