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August 25, 2008


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It sounds like the drop off couldn't have gone better. Do feel proud of how you've raised your boy. MVP is lucky. And how wonderful that you recognize all of this in its varied colors and subtleties.

Welcome home! Rest! Ha!

Ms. Changes Pants While Driving

colorady is GORGEOUS. i fancied myself in love with it for a while, but didn't have the balls to leave san diego.

gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous state. especially if you lurve the outdoors. it's like a huge playground.

congrats to you. and good job on waiting to text!!


Thanks for sharing your journey. I drank the koolaid last month; I was the one behind the wheel and said, "Oh, it's only another 5 hours." Home at 1:30am.

Did the 3 of you build that loft bed, or was it already like that?

heart shaped hedges

I thought that was a WORDLE in the dorm room, how cute!

Oh...college life, should be fun, how exciting......

Dr. Cason

Jenn- I don't even know your little family and I was - no kidding - in tears looking at the back of him.

Just that one pic sent me over.

Grumpy momma

I am so happy for you and your kids, Jenn. What a great attutude, from all involved. I hope MVP has a great year!


This is great. I love the pictures and the campus DOES look beautiful. Colorado is a great place. How fabulous that he is reunited with his childhood friend...talk about full circle.
you have done great. Yes, we will do better than our parents. Just think what OUR kids will do with theirs.


College is such an exciting time!! I get giddy when I think of how wide open the world is to my stepkids who are now BOTH in college!!
I can relate - my husband and I love music from the 80's, just not the same music!
What's a "wordle"?!

phd in yogurtry

Beautiful campus and much to be said about dorms that look "airy."

And no tears? Wow, I am impressed! I guess having done this before, you are a pro at realizing you will survive. Life will go on. Congrats on MVP's test scores and tuition break.

Memarie Lane

Heck, I went to college and all I got was this lousy diploma. Oh wait, I didn't get a diploma either. :P


aw, I just love the picture of mom and dad and their tall and healthy baby boy!


That is a gorgeous campus--sounds like the send off went well and it'll be a fine year for all of you:) (But no gambling in Vegas? Wow!)


Jenn, I'm glad it went so well! And no tears? Really?

Love the picture of the three of you.

I'm having the Internet on my phone canceled. Too small to be useful.


Oh brother, I'm a weeper. But I did MUCH better this year!


No tears at all? Because the picture of him walking away almost made me cry. It sounds like you have done an amazing job with your son and his is lucky to have such a great opportunity.

And can I just say wow. That is a lot of time spent in the car. Wowza.


I love , love, love when you post stuff like this- another glimpse into my not too near but soon enough future.

Funny, the tip DO NOT LOOK DIRECTLY AT THE SUN THROUGH YOUR VIEW FINDER . EVER. is in the companion manual I purchased for my new camera and now I'm glad I read it first. :)


Glad you made it there and back again in one piece!


Wow, it just makes me want to do college all over again. Your story brought up so many wonderful memories of leaving home!

Mrs. G.

Thanks for the preview!


That's a LONG car ride! I'm glad things went well though. And I'm glad you're not sad, I think that's a good thing.

manager mom

Aw. Congrats to MVP...to all of you!

He makes a fine Ram.

The Girl Next Door

Ok the theme here seems to be "I cannot believe you didn't cry!" And yeah i cried for you. We are just now starting to look at colleges - and I'm looking at losing both kids the same year. Darn twin thingy. We are starting to push high SAT scores in the hopes of scholarships!!
It's a great story and I truly envy you the great relationship with your Hubby that you could enjoy such a long trip together. I hope MVP has a great 4 years!


Congratulations on your son and his arrival/acceptance at Colorado State - very cool! He is a very nice looking young man - he's going to have girls lined up at his dorm door. Great picture with his nice looking parents too!

Take care - Kellan


MVP looks a lot like you! How'd he get so tall? Very beautiful family you have!!!

Manic Mommy

Such a full post that I've got so many comments. I'll settle for an amen on giving your kids opportunities and loving the picture of the three of you. What part of the gene pool gave him the HEIGHT?


That was so sweet--I'm even teary!

Oliver Rain

It looks like MVP had a great send off. My heart feels a bit heavy for you. I am totally putting myself in your shoes and imagining leaving Lizzie at univerisity 8 years from now.

Limbic Resonance

Wow. First, you must be so proud. Second, I know I have 17 years until this happens, but from your writing, I'm guessing it feels like 17 seconds. I never was much of a crier, but yeesh. Excuse me while I go get some tissues.

thematically fickle

I have come to this post three times now and haven't been able to bring myself to read it. The pictures alone make me cry. I know it's a rite of passage and it's what you're supposed to do as a parent---let go---but imagining how it has changed your life and how it will one day change mine just puts me over the edge. Don't worry if you don't cry too much; I'm doing enough for both of us.


Melanie @ Mel, A Dramatic Mommy

Holy Cow that's a long time in the car. Congrats to MVP. He's going to do great!


What a nice trip and what a cool kid you have and he has some really awesome parents.

Amy the Mom

Catching up on all your backposts. Crying. I'm crying. My husband wants to know why. Can't possibly explain the reasons.

Beautiful pictures, beautiful family.

Where's the damn Kleenex?

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