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August 24, 2008


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the PS? that is especially good news--and great pic of you over at Cheri's!

San Diego Momma

Ooo, good news all around!
And I'm annoyed for you re: the SIL deal.

Smalltown Mom

Oh, Zits really hits home around here. He got over 2000 texts from his girlfriend last month and is interrupted constantly by her, but when it's his mother?

Congratulations to your B-I-L!

And good for you! Glad you didn't change your plans to fit the uninvited visitors.


I so could not handle anyone, let alone my in laws, feeling like they could just drop in. I think you've handled it the right way by going on about your business and having them accommodate your schedule.

Congrats to your BIL and nephew. I hope that it all works out for them.

Mom Taxi Julie

It must feel like an empty house for you! Congrats on your brother in law getting a job, that's great! I'm all about texting my teenager, it's great how she will send me random messages. My in laws used to drive from California to Kansas for family reunions. They were talking about doing it when I was pregnant with my middle one (the only one I was sick the whole time with). I was like, you must think I'm crazy if I'm going to spend that much time with your parents, trapped in a vehicle, while pregnant, oh and remember I don't handle the heat well? lol


God,how can you stand the dropping in stuff? That is soooo rude. How can they NOT see anything wrong with doing that?

Congrats to your BIL. He must feel really good getting back on his feet again. Kudos to you for helping him and nephew out when they really needed it!

Enjoy the (relative) peace and quiet. And remain the beautiful, sweet uppity-ass woman you are...


Glad to hear your BIL is back to work. And, I feel for you with the rudeness of your IL - plus I also think you're right in NOT changing your plans.


Love the comic..so true.
Glad MVP is making friends and enjoying himself. I wish for him a fun and educational time at college. with empasis on the fun part. ;)
You sure are uppity, what with getting on those darn gas powered plane thingys.....family is wonderful right?
Glad BIL is making himself a life. good for him, great that you guys helped him out. a mere family of four? welcome to my world.


Hey, I just gave you an award!


Thank God for the good news on the BIL. I think you are very diplomatic with the drop-in relation.


So glad you got MVP dropped off and he is getting all adjusted and what not. GREAT news on BIL and good for you for helping him get back on his feet. I bet your house feels incredibly quiet right now :) For the moment :)

phd in yogurtry

I'm relieved to read that your inlaws got what's coming to them - an empty house and a head full of annoyance that you weren't there for their big surprise visit. Geesh. I've heard of instrusive inlaws, but this beats the band!

Congrats to your BIL. And here's to the good life consisting of a quiet(er) house!

Oh and I loved your cartoon. Very typical and yes, it does help we parents of teens who think we're such a drag for caring.


Congrats to all of you, on your BIL's new job!

I'm glad MVP knows how to shower love on his mama. :) It's a tough line to walk, being a parent. Texting, Facebook, etc., can make it a little easier, but it is a REALLY fine line.

Busy families can't drop everything for visitors. I'm sorry your ILs don't get it (and glad to know they aren't always like that). I think you handle it all with aplomb...in other words, I like you, you uppity thing you!


WOW! That was one heart-pounding then heart-breaking water polo final this afternoon, eh?!! Good to see the sport get some "center stage" though.


What a relief for your BIL. My sister went through the same thing and is on much more solid footing now. I hope things continue to work out for him.

Melanie @ Mel, A Dramatic Mommy

Congrats to BIL on the job, you for getting your house back and MVP for jumping right in!

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