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August 18, 2008


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I love your toddler vrs. teenagers posts! Makes me look forward to them all being bigger.


Is that a real picture of a bear with your son? WOW!

Yes - I do love how those teenagers can help carry stuff!!

Hope you had a good weekend - Kellan

Smalltown Mom

It sounds like a great vacation!

We haven't had QUITE so much fun at home here, but today the 17 year old took me to the movies (Tropic Thunder). I was really pleased that he would go out in public with me so whoo hoo! And it was a fun movie, too.

phd in yogurtry


Toddlers = major stress, headache, fatique.

Teens and tweens = Mom and Dad can sit three rows in front of and pretend to be vacationing on their own.

Not same in a small rental car, however. At least toddlers MIGHT take a nap.

phd in yogurtry


Toddlers - stress, fatique, headache

Tweens & teens - relaxation and regrouping as parents can sit three rows ahead and pretend to be vacationing alone!

phd in yogurtry

oops, please be so kind as to delete one of my duplicate posts (I thought my original didn't go through ... sorry laptop finger pad)

Kalynne Pudner

We hiked to the highest spot in Alabama for "Family Fun Day" this afternoon (2407 ft...no laughing allowed), and I said to my husband on the way home, "I must be going soft in the head. For some weird reason, I've been thinking we might want to try camping."

NOW I recognize my "some weird reason." Your propaganda. Thanks, Jenn!

Melanie @ Mel, A Dramatic Mommy

I wish I could be outdoorsy. I try but just can't get past the dirt and bugs. I camp vicariously. Great pictures!


From your mouth to ... But, I think I will make sure we steer clear of bears. Especially the mama. Yikes!

Dr. Cason


I can't wait for the teenage years. I fantasize that I will be able to sleep in a little only because they are sleeping in!

It's been the screaming little years around our house lately and my 5 five has taken to calling me "mean!" every time I turn around.

On second thought maybe the teenage years won't be that great! :)


Also, teenagers can start the fire on their own, put up their own tents, and go to the bathroom without you. Of course, this is from years of training because we camped with them as toddlers...

But they still wave sticks around after they have poked them into the campfire.


What a totally huggable bear!


I agree, once you lay the groud work early on....life gets somewhat easier.
Love the picture.


That was funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yes! Life, and vacations, get easier the older they get! But then we get to do it all over again with grandchildren....hummm...


Where do I start?? I love that your family does all the outdoorsy things that you do (which in my mind, gives kids such a grounding for being independant and appreciating the world we live in. So many great things come from being outdoors) That photo is incredible! And, it sounds like you have put in the hard time and are completely reaping the benefits today. It's so nice to know that there is hope out there! (I am also the bedtime hard @$$)


That is just so sweet and what an adorable baby bear!


The other night at the dinner table my four-year-old looked at me and said out-of-the-blue, "Mommy, I'll never grow up and leave you."

That's when you popped into my head and before I turned into a ninny, I explained that one day he'd grow into a wonderful man and it would be OK to leave. That's what big people are supposed to do.

Love that bear shot.


I never wanted kids until I realized that I didn't have to raise the awful kids everyone else seemed to have, rude and mean. As I approach their teenager stages (oldest is 12), your blog seriously helps me remember that them being teens doesn't have to be lousy like so many people assume. Teenagers can be a lot of fun!!

And I have boys, a few less hormones, phew!


I love these posts- I am just starting to see the teenager light at the end of the toddler tunnel, I'm a mom of ages 4-14 now! :)

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!

OMG! That bear picture is AWESOME.


It is good to know I won't have to carry his bike when he gets older.

Life As I Know It

lol... I just spent last week kayaking and canoeing with my 6 year old and 3 year old. I'm thinkin' its gotta get easier one of these years.


Good for you to go with the flow and enjoy ALL the ages--pros and cons;)

Angie @ Keep Believing

These and your flashbacks (although, technically these ARE flashbacks) are my favorite of your recurring features.


Mrs. G.

Travelling with teens is the best. They help keep it lively and real. But they spend way more money than toddlers!


I love your analogies between toddlers and teenagers. I enjoy reading about your stories - you have experience. So many people only focus on the difficult times with teen, but you show the fun times. It is clear that you established some great "family time traditions" that have lived on. I hope I am doing the same thing!

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