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August 13, 2008


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Melanie @ Mel, A Dramatic Mommy

Oh no! So sorry that happened.
I hope MVP heals soon. And thanks for leaving off the befores. I'm using my husbands laptop which I would a) drop as I passed out or b) puke on.


Bonding is good, but that's not the way moms like it to happen.
14 stitches! Poor MVP! (and poor mom!!)


I would have needed the emergency vehicle myself, as I would have been passed out cold.


Ewwww and THANK God it wasn't worse!!!!


Oh how bad is that! I guess it could always have been worse...poor guy.
I can't belive he is off in one week! What ever will you do with one less in the house?


Thank you for sparing us the "before" picture.

I'm glad he's ok! That could have been a lot worse.


Yes, thanks for not sharing the "before" pic! Glad you got in some good bonding time (even if it was a little gross).


Oh no! Glad he had his injury while home so you can help take care of him. Poor guy.


GAH! Just READING this I have my head between my knees!


ouch! how'd that happen? Those things scare me. Course...I'm the idiot mowing the lawn in flip flops, too ;-)


Thank goodness he was ok! Not too long ago Chickie Girl fell out of a tree and needed stitches in her head. Our neighbor is an EMT, who was able to asses, that yep, stitches were in order. I thought my hubby was going to pass out. It was pretty awful, but you are definitely right about the bonding time! Two - three hours in ER will definitely give you that!

Smalltown Mom

My older son and I had that ER bonding time several months ago.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!





Deb D

Poor MVP - I do have to say though that there is something to be said for bonding in the ER (when it's not a serious injury). Can you tell I've BTDT with Computer Guy? Computer Guy has nearly three weeks to go before he leaves. Gaahhhh - one week - that's too soon!

Angie @ Keep Believing

There is always an upside...



Oh, MY! What excitement....


oh my goodness--I bet you are still shaking!

Jennifer H

But I DO want to see the before picture!! I'm weird that way (I can handle watching plastic surgery shows on TV, too).

Ouch, though! 14 stitches is a big deal. Hope it heals quickly.


MVP is going to Fort Collins, right? Tell him "Welcome to Colorful Colorado". We had 1 inch hail, and small tornado last night. Oops, sorry, mom, shouldn't have told you that!


oh my gosh! i am so glad he is okay. That is really really dangerous stuff (dontchknow.) My husbands father did a number on his leg with a chainsaw years ago. It's awful. And I'm glad you survived as well. I can't imagine seeing your baby get hurt like that.


Ow! Poor kid. Poor you. How many drinks did it take to counteract the adrenaline?


I am so not good in situations like that..the fact that you didn't pass out or throw up puts you a little bit higher in my book!!
and...what the hell was MVP doing anyway?!?!?! hard to confuse a hedge with a leg, isn't it?!?! well...at least it was his own and not someone else's, i guess.
ooh...is this what i have to look forward to? thank God we have no hedges worth mentioning that need trimming!!!
hope you are both doing better!!!


OH, Jenn, I am so sorry you had to go through this with MVP. An emergency vehicle just happened to be driving by?? What are the chances!! Hope the rest of the week is uneventful and you get through the college drop off. I know it will be bittersweet.




Not that it hasn't been said, but OUCH!


Not that it hasn't been said, but OUCH!


Not that it hasn't been said, but OUCH!

digger derricks

Hedge trimmers are soo much more scary than heavy machinery! I remember when I was a kid my dad has a weed eater with the metal blades instead of the string. It was the scariest thing I have ever seen. that is horrible. I bet you had some pretty nice scars after that one... I am very sorry for your accident. I hope you feel better very soon.

used digger derricks

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