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September 02, 2008


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Grumpy momma

It does have some great stories - I've already been reading longer than I should have. And while it sounds like its a good place to get criticism for improving your writing, a lot of the criticism seems snarky. Maybe because I was a teacher, I prefer to tell what's GREAT as well as what needs improvement, and there is some really good stuff there.


You're busy, but I'm glad you keep posting daily!


I'm going to save this read for a rainy day. Because right now? Too much to do in my world!

Hang in there, I know you can keep those balls in the air AND keep your sanity. :)

The Mom Bomb

Oooh! Another blog to check out? You are so evil.


Checking them out now...

Amy the Mom

(shaking fist at laptop)

Great. Thanks a lot, Jenn! Just when I thought I'd found the balance between life and blogging.


Hmmm...I think I'm afraid to go over there, I'm barely keeping up with my current favorite blogs! Must resist....ah, to heck with it, I'm heading over!


1 more password and i'll kill myself.


Very cool site...I was pulled in and had to force myself to stop reading.
you SHOULD put something in there, I know you have a great story to tell. I can't wait to read it.


Oh no! One more thing to sap my time?

I'll check it out later! ;)

Don Mills Diva

This looks cool - I think I might submit something!


I'm being obstinate and difficult and I will not go over there. For the same reason that I will not twitter or StumbleUpon and all that other stuff. I am on here too much as it is. Sorry.



I am definitely going to have to check that out! Thanks for letting us know about it.


NO! No more temptations! I can't keep up as it is! And yet I'm going over to peek right now....

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!

Ohmigod. You're like a crack dealer trying to hook little ol' me on another website. Not clicking. Not clicking. Not clicking. Nooooo . . .


I can't believe how BIG the prizes are! This site is F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S!


Wow. This is a pretty nutty story what with the flikcr photos and all. I saw the photos and watched the video and am having trouble piecing a couple things together. Now, I'm no detective but I do consider myself detail-oriented and can find three inconsistencies between the video and the photos.First, the first image above shows the second guy looking to his right before walking through the door. This is not seen in the video. I watched several times while pausing and playing through the entering scene.Second, the second image shows two things: the first guy is looking up at the security cam and the second guy's face is visible, with his hat brim tilted up. In the video the first guy does NOT look up at the cam and the second guy's hat is tilted down, covering his face.Bill, is there something you're not telling us? Did they enter the building twice?Being as the two entered the building with a security card to gain access I'm left scratching my head. How did they get that? Are they employees or friends of employees? Did they theive the access card? or Was this staged (I dunno, insurance purposes?)Pardon my questioning all this but I find the evidence to be inconsistent.Good luck catching the bad guys all the same!

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