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September 15, 2008


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Mrs. G.

Wow, J. I am impressed by the depth of your detail. What a cool exercise. I dodged many a cigarette as a kid. The butt flying in the backseat was the worst.


what a great start! keep going!!

Grumpy momma

This is great, Jenn. Didn't seem rough to me, but I hope you blog the polished version as well...


I can't wait to read more. I to suffer from curious amnesia. I remember vividly the details from my early days, but there are large blocks of information from my middle and high school days that are forever gone. Makes me wonder what happened...


Very impressive for a "rough" first attempt! Please do post the rest!

My mom didn't make our giant floor pillow until the early 70's, but we loved it.


Jenn, this is great. Your memories seem pretty detailed to me. I was right there in the duplex with you. I am looking forward to joining you on this journey.
Thanks for sharing. You are a fantastic writer.


Cool project. Great description. Enjoyable reading.


phd in yogurtry

Your writing has an easy flow and you drew me in. It doesn't seem rough to me. I know I've got a romanticized version in my head, but a childhood a couple blocks from Venice Beach, raised by "hippies" sounds exotic. Sorry about the poor little kitty. What a terrible thing for a small child, any child, to process.


That was a great "rough" draft. It felt as if I was there with you.

Btw, I also remember dodging cigarettes as a kid.

Little Miss Sunshine State

I could picture everything as you described it.
Will the story continue?


You did great at capturing the audience with your details and description. Written beautifully!


I think you have made a great start. :) The details definitely paint a vivid picture of the place you grew up and I got a clear sense of you at the age of four. I can't wait to read the rest of it and the polished version!

Smalltown Mom

Excellent writing, Jenn.


It IS a great start! Very easy for us to put ourself into that living room, you know?


Wow...powerful stuff. Everything was painted so vividly. I hope you choose to continue and to share.

Don Mills Diva

Wow - this was wonderful. You wrote about the detail in such a way that I felt like I was right there - really, really great writing Jen.


BEAUTIFUL story - I can't wait to read more.


This was written wonderfully. Some of the details are similiar to my chilhood.


You, my dear, are a writer!


What a memory and well written
now continue please

San Diego Momma

I loved that Jenn. The detail was fantastic and I loved this glimpse into your life.


I could almost breathe in (okay, bad analogy due to the smoking) your home. Fabulous details and imagery.


Enjoyed reading this, hope there will be more?


Thanks so much for trusting us to share this with. I'll look forward to reading more. Like everyone else has said, I love all the detail in what you wrote.


hmm, somehow the comment attributed to me is not the one that i posted. weird. what i did say was in fact the comment above 'mine'.


oh God, just ignore me. I am so slow sometimes I swear. Just figured it out.

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