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September 18, 2008


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Melanie @ Mel, A Dramatic Mommy

Very well said!


I think that's the first political post I read all the way to the end. I HATE politics. I know it's necessary but the way things are run it seems like Hollywood on steroids.


Will you please tell the govt that giving 85 billion to AIG is one of the reasons we dont have universal health care? And that 17 billion to NASA every year, we could use that too? And the billions to the defense dept every year, can you stop that please? I have a feeling they'd not only listen to you, they might actually DO something about it!!

kalynne pudner

Hmmm...sounds like a "Water Polo Mom" to me. A demographic to be reckoned with, for sure!


I usually just lurk, but have to comment on what is a most excellent summation of what, as it turns out, are my own political feelings. Thank you for giving structure to what was just a swirl of thoughts in my head.


I can not add anything as that was perfectly stated.


One mistake people on the left make (and another reason I'm a middle-of-the-roader) is their assumption that pro-life, abstinence-only education people do not talk to their children about sex. Pro-life, wait until marriage parents do educate their children about sex - but they also educate them about the meaninglessness of sex when indulged in outside of the commitment of marriage. These parents also explain birth control to their kids; and they explain how often it doesn't work, what its side effects are, and how it isn't a surefire method against STD transmission.

Otherwise, I'm with you 100 percent. Really. It just bugs me when people sling stereotypes around (as it bugs you). Just as liberals aren't anti-family, conservatives are not against educating their kids about sex.


When they label that demographic, will they abbreviate it? I hope not. I wanna be one too, just so you know, your opinions are mine. I know who I'm voting for.

Memarie Lane

I'm still sorting through it all myself. Both sides are so scary to me for different reasons, I wish there was a third option.


Nice post. I agree with most of what you say too. I really am not happy with either of my choices thus far. The country is in a horrible place, and I don't think either of them can get us out of it anytime soon.
I HATE politics. I am sick of the medias version of everthing. No one seems impartial to me. You get this side, or that side.
Feels like our country is extrememly divided and it makes me uneasy right now.
If you were referring to J. Mc, I am pretty sure he was only divorced one time.
I consider myself pretty conservative with many liberal views. Where do I fit in?????
Soooo exhausting. I just can't wait till January so we can all move on to something else.

Jenn @ Juggling Life

Suburban Correspondent,

Those are the same things I say to my kids about contraception and sex. I'm not against teaching that abstinence is the BEST form of birth control, I'm just a realist and realize that many kids will have sex against their parents wishes (witness Bristol Palin) and in that case I'd like to give them at least a chance to not get pregnant or STD's


It's most definitely not Water Polo mom--I've got some pretty conservative Republican WP mom friends!


Your description of yourself is me to a "T". Now we just need to find a big enough bumper sticker.


This is the best post on politics, parenting, philosophy, demographics, sociology, all rolled up into one that I have read in ages.
I applaud you Jen!


Smalltown Mom

Right on Jenn!


This post makes me love you all the more!

Little Miss Sunshine State

I'm scared. For all the time my kids were teenagers we lived paycheck to paycheck. We're that group of Americans whose lives are NOT better than their parents because ours couldn't afford to send us to college.

We have no health insurance, no life insurance and no retirement account.We haven't had a vacation in years. We work retail and sales and HAVE to shop at WalMart because it's all we can afford.

There is one candidate in the race who doesn't even seem to know people like us even exist. I won't be voting for him.

Green Girl

Spoken like a true American and a true patriot. I salute you, Jenn!


here, here!! Best political post I've read!!


I am EXACTLY that too!! Catchy label - mind if I start using it?!


"not willing to let the terrorists beat us by us becoming not us"

Damn. Exactly right.


Can I have that label too? I'm pretty sure it fits me to a T!


I agree with much (but not all) of what you said. Of infinitely greater importance, however, is that you said it without becoming shrill and emotional, and therefore I could hear you and consider your opinion without feeling threatened.

When will we all (everyone) learn that political discussions should be this way?

Chris Rice is a musician who has a song out called, "You Don't Have to Yell" and is selling T-shirts saying the same.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!

So? Let me be sure I have this correct. You're voting for Mrs. G.? Me too.


Well said... I hope your candidate wins too.


You pretty much summed it all up into one really awesome paragraph. Well said!


Great post. Keeping my fingers crossed for real change!


Not to offend on this one, but I feel that those that are so zealous about NO religion/faith/beliefs are equally as dangerous. (though, naturally, I consider myself zealously Christian, but not dangerous as you also don't find yourself dangerous)


The Girl Next Door

Well said Jenn. Well said.

Nora Bee

Go you! And that's from a latte-sipper or whatever MY label is.


here's how out of politics i am: i still don't know who you're voting for. i was hoping all that blue was a link to someone's campaign website so i'd know.

nader, right?


Now, THAT was impressive.

Minnesota Matron

The Matron could not love you more.



(And I get what you are saying about the EXTREMISTS in all religions.)

Faith itself is radical, but when it is USED (and abused) to pursue extremist agendas, it's definitely scary.

Faith must be accompanied by humility, not arrogance!


To the point and well said! Now maybe our politicians will take a page from your book. Just answer the questions. We can handle it!

thematically fickle

Intensely moving and important.

thematically fickle

Intensely moving and important.
Thank you!

thematically fickle

And my husband says:
Wow! Great piece...well said!

And from me, after reading it out loud again, bravo!



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