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September 08, 2008


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apathy lounge

The idea of a Bardem/Allen combination is too much to resist. Bardem scared the crap out of me in "No Country For Old Men", but he's dead sexy in this movie. And yes, Penelope Cruz is way more talented than Scarlett. I'm just saying.


My mom is still trying to get me to see Mama Mia, and I'll add this one to my list too.


Now I'm behind by 2 movies!

Actually, many more. But still.


You'll be proud of me. We actually got out to see this HOT movie for a date night a couple of weeks ago. Javier is very hot. And Penelope is amazing per usual, maybe best ever. I really liked the brunette actress. She stood out to me. I hear she is British.


My sister and I just went and saw this last night and LOVED it. For all the reasons that you listed and more!


Woody sure does make great movies, and Penolope is pretty darn cool....

Mrs. G.

I'll check this out on your rec-not a SJ fan, but I like an intelligent comedy.


I LOVED that movie!!!!!!


ooh...javier bardem....
i'm sorry...were you saying something about ABBA? got a little sidetracked...will go back and read...in a bit...mmmmm.

Mary Alice

I trust you.....I had so much fun at Mama Mia.


Jenn, I have been dying to see this one.
I am glad you are giving it a thumbs up.
I still have not seen Mama Mia. I will when it is out on DVD.
I always loved sneaking away during the day to see a movie....you are right though it is hard to find them early enough.
This may be one I sneak off for. Unless Husband wants to take me this weekend.
I will let you know.


Such good advice that I think I'll take it this week!

jyl @ mommygossip

I'm soooo glad to see this review. This movie arrived here recently, but is only in two theaters both about 45 minutes from my house. I really wanted to see it though, so I will have to pass the review onto T-Daddy who, fortunately, also likes these types of movies.

Gracias for the review!

oliver rain

I've been seeing lots of talk about this is newspapers and reviews. It does look like a marvelous movie. Maybe difficult to see it around here though. Will most likely be a DVD rental along with Mamma Mia when Javier is away.


I LOVED THIS MOVIE. LOVED IT. AND YES. PENELOPE IS FABULOUS. I had to put aside my issues with Woody to go see it, but I really enjoyed it and then sent out an email to all my friends telling them to go see it, too.

Did you see Penelope on Letterman last week? She's HAWT!


I'm jealous. I so want to see this movie (and I wouldn't mind seeing Mamma Mia either) but I'm still stuck in that it's easier to wait until it comes out on DVD stage. Bummer. Although last weekend I got to see Love in the time of Cholera, The Painted Veil, and Evening- it was a glorius weekend indeed and they were all worth the wait- although I would say anyone who hasn't seen The Painted Veil (probABLY JUST MOMS OF YOUNG 'ENS LIKE ME) MUST SEE IT!

The Mom Bomb

I've haven't been as impressed with Woody Allen for awhile, now, but maybe this one will change my mind. . .

phd in yogurtry

I completely agree about the acting talents of Cruz. She was AMAZING in Volver. Thanks for this recommend. Its always good to hear what "the regular folk" think as opposed to professional critics.


I'm hoping to see it sometime soon. Mamma Mia was as expected (I'd seen the live performance in Boston a few years back) - corny but a lot of fun. I'll take your word for this one. :)


I loved the movie - we saw it the other night on our anniversary. We saw the live performance in Boston on our anniversary in 2001. That was fabulous too!


Oh Jenn - Mamma Mia? The movie? Sorry I can't follow you on that one. I did go see it because my twelve year old niece begged me to go, but it was more over the top than GREASE (which I loved when I was her age, but can't stand now). But...Javier Bardem...well, perhaps I'll have to give you that 2nd chance.


Oh, I'm DYING to see this! But hey - you liked All About better than Volver? I LOVED her in Volver! Have you seen that one yet?

Jennifer H

I loved this movie! A friend and I did just that...went to a morning showing.

Loved it. I've been telling everyone to go see it.

stephanie (bad mom)

Another shout-out for the amazingness of Volver.

And I do not love Woody Allen (I feel I'm missing something key when I say that, but there it is), though surely Javier & Penelope can overcome anything...

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