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October 24, 2008


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Cheri @ Blog This Mom!

Blog This Mom! and katydidnot send love from our honeymoon suite at an undisclosed location . . .


Looks like so much fun. So lucky you all live so close together...well close enough.
Signs like that irk me too.
I avoid any business that can't use proper english in the title.
Take care,


Looks like lots of fun!


An editor after my own heart!!




OK, I have to tell you, you have an m where a space should be, in your PS.

You would tell me if I had broccoli stuck in my teeth, right?

I don't eat broccoli, but you get it.

Melanie @ MelADramatic Mommy

Martinis, great company and dessert, couldn't get any better!

phd in yogurtry

Maybe its Do's and not Dos because because would read it, "Duz and Lipstick" huh? Or "Doss and Lipstick". So the apostrophe is for pronunciation purposes.
Just guessing.

Ya'll make a beautiful group of women. Not to mention fun. Just sayin'


You all have so much fun together!!!

Memarie Lane

I can never meet you in person, my shoes are too bad. :P


Jenn - I'm all with you about editing signs and such. Friends of mine cringe when thinking about how I once edited a menu written in English and then left it in the place of a tip.
I felt I was totally right in doing so in a community that relies on business from other countries...


I love trying to figure out whose shoes are whose.

I think they added the apostrophe because it would look like dos - the programming language. While it is linguistically and grammatically incorrect, it is just to ease the mind - kind of like ending a sentence with a preposition. Sometimes it just works.


Mrs. G.

You guys are all so gorgeous! Honestly.


The shoe shots always get me. I really need to get me some fashionable shoes, because I would NOT fit in with this group.

Just Jamie

Thanks for enduring traffic on the 5. This Bitch sure loves your Bitchness. Truly.

The Girl Next Door

Oooh I can't wait for spring! Thanks bitches!

And I admit it - last week in a pulic bathroom as I was washing my hands I noticed a sign on the back of the door - mass-produced public service message to "drive safe". And I took out my sharpie and added "ly". Who planned that ad campaign and why don't they know about adverbs?!

Just sayin...

But don't tell on me. I don't know what possessed me - I have never ever done that before!

Nora Bee

What fun!


Oh my...but stupid English mistakes all ovah da place!! I got my Sharpie and I'm not afraid to use it. Would be better traveling with Cheri and GND 'cause they got that lawyer thang going on...you know...just. in. case.

I think that it's great that you all can get together like that...especially katydidnot and cheri...have they registered anywhere? or do i just send money?


Ahhhhh, great fun!

Did Cheri bring her husband?

stephanie (bad mom)

Oh I'm so jealous. And even moreso after hearing about the proper English discussion. I would so enjoy a drinking, shoe-parading, grammar smackdown with you guys :D


OMG - I wish you people lived in my part of the world!


I am SO TIRED of apostrophes being stuck in places they don't belong! PLURALS seem to have escaped somewhere along the way. I want to scream, "People! We can add on an 's' without a freaking apostrophe!" But then I might look like I don't have a life. (Which, clearly, I do not... but that's beside the point.)

Love your blog! Have bookmarked it (oh, wait--should that be bookmark'd -- KIDDING!!!) and will keep reading.

Lisa Milton

What fun. Bad Mom and I will be on our way, shortly.

(Oh, how I wish.)

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