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October 29, 2008


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Cheri @ Blog This Mom!

My neighbor across the street hides in her bushes, photographs the sign thieves, and turns the pictures into the sheriff. Oh yes she does.

Seriously, sign stealing is wrong.

However . . .

When I was in LA over the weekend, I wanted to steal a NO on 8 sign from one of the MANY that were EVERYWHERE on public property, street corners etc. Just one. Because . . . gosh darn it, we need ONE sign down here in San Diego that says NO on 8, just ONE. But I can't steal. You know that. I can't. If I wouldn't let two of the Bitches (they know who they are!) steal a pumpkin, then surely I couldn't steal a sign. I suppose I could have BORROWED one and brought it back later. Drat! Why didn't I think of that?


I bet your homemade sign keeps them clear. Very cool that you did that.

Jessica Bern

brilliant. I too want to steal those "yes on 8" signs and yet, hmmm i have morals and ethics which is way more than I can say for anyone who would deny equality to other people when they have no clue what it's like to be considered "less than"


I see you've got the can light pointing straight up at it, too.
heh. I said straight. [runs away giggling]

*note to self: surfing blogs at 2am might be hazardous to humor


This whole thing is starting to spin WAAAAAYYY out of control! I have never seen such a divisive issue.

I'm actually glad to see that the Yes people are stealing the No signs. Around here the Yes people are getting all up in arms because their signs are getting stolen. So now they're just clumping the gays and the gay lovers in with the thieves and the criminals. . . adding fuel to their self-righteous fire.

But like Kathy Griffin says, "Haven't we got bigger fish to fry?" Everyone is spending so much time worrying about this when we could be curing cancer or stamping out world hunger. Grrrr.

Mary Alice

People are stealing the signs? That is just naughty. I swear we'll be pulling each others hair out in the middle of the street before this election FINALLY gets here. It is all making us nutty.


Frustrating! I guess sign stealing is for those who can not truly stand up and face issue in the light of day!


Perfect response to sign stealers!


Apparently though, their values are already different than most. But, maybe, just maybe they will understand this.
kuddos to you Jenn.


Must be tough for a lefty down there.

Green Girl

Brilliant recourse!

Don Mills Diva

Love your home made sign!

It's a shame that isn't already obvious to the pathetic thieves.


Oh you make me giggle!

This whole thing is bringing out the ugly in people. I like the way you point that out in a gentle way. Although I can't help but wonder how long the sign will stay there...

Ms. Changes Pants While Driving

heh heh heh. stealing isn't a family value! i saw a truck for sale. it had For Sale and a phone number. and on the other side of the back window it said straights for 8. if the truck is still there, i'm writing down the number. would you be interested in the phone number?

Ms. Changes Pants While Driving

oh, and i've seen tons of no on 8 signs. there was a corner that was full of no on 8 signs and i got all goosebumpy. straights against 8 or something.


This is a funny sign stealing story. A quite a few years ago, my friends had a Halloween pary, which me and my husband couldn't attend. When we woke up the next morning there was a "For Sale" sign in our front yard. My friends had a good time taking the sign from another yard and putting it in ours! Needless to say it freaked my kids out. They thought we were moving.

Mrs. G.

What is it with all the sign stealing?


Word on that. :)

Thanks for your birthday wishes, Jenn!


Ooh, I like the Straights Against 8 idea! I might have to come up with a homemade sign myself.

I live in CA in a very, very, VERY conservative town. I've seen about all the Yes on 8 signs I can stomach, at this point. The signs even annoy my kids, and they're only 9 & 13!


We've been having teens around here stealing Obama signs and trashing them and putting themselves on YouTube doing it - stupid kids!

See you later - Kellan

The Girl Next Door

Love the homemade sign. One of the houses on our ride to school had a Palin poster that kept getting ruined so he put it on his ROOF then put about 50 in his yard. I kid you not. I like your idea wayyyyy better.

phd in yogurtry

Family values are only relevant when its convenient. Know what I'm sayin?

Just Jamie

Love it!

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