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October 17, 2008


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OMG...I can only begin to imagine the terror you felt. I'm so glad it all ended well.


Every. Mother's. Nightmare.
My stomach is tensed up just reading this, and I already knew there had to be a happy ending.
Is it wrong of me to be mad at cell phone companies, that those voice mail took so long to get to you?

 pat/clippy mat

Awful. Thanks goodness it had a good ending but it could have been a nightmare.


WOW! How very terrifying! I am so glad that it is all good news and just a memory now!


Thank goodness for cell phones!

Mary Alice

I am in tears recognizing that sick feeling of not knowing where your child is. Little Red was lost walking in a bad snowstorm a couple years ago. I know that feeling, where you are sick to your stomach.
I'm so glad it turned out alright for you and that everyone was so wonderfully helpful to you.


Oh my, what an awful memory. OK, black that puppy back out again, and try to sleep soundly at night knowing your boy won't go places without grownups he knows are safe!!

phd in yogurtry

Sometimes when I'm out of town my voicemail takes 24 hours to notify me. Thank goodness for cell phones, thank goodness you were notified in (an agonizing) 45 minutes. But immediate would have been much better.

Smalltown Mom

I can't believe how long it took to get those messages.

I lost Frank at Sea World when he was 6. 15 panicked minutes, until he came out of the ball pit, where he'd been all the time, submerged under the balls and not listening to us call for him.


That story gave me a mini heart attack. And you think as they get older it will get easier, yet not so much.


I can totally relate. I was seconds away from calling 911 and it affected me for a long time. To this day I've changed how I go about things in public bc I don't ever want to have that feeling again.


We lost my niece on the ski slopes, with sixteen inches of fresh powder and her loving to ski through the trees. The longest three hours of my life and I kept thinking "OMG, how am I going to tell my sister!"


I hear you. And it never really matters how old they are.. how independent they are. If they're not where you expect them to be.. that sick feeling creeps in. Gah.. I felt sick just reading it and I knew he was fine.


Oh, you dear! That is so scary!

My cell phone always takes forever to notify me of a voice mail. Like, 6-24 hours. It is so annoying - what's the point?


oh. my. gosh. my heart was racing reading this. So very scary. Even knowing the result, my chest hurts.

Green Girl



That is the worst feeling EVER. I lost lolo for about 6 minutes once and I still shiver to think of it.
I am so glad it all worked out and damn those cell phones for waiting forever for the voice mails to come through!
The good side to this is, that you had so many people come to help you. That is a good thing.
Take care, Suz


I'm glad this one had a happy ending.

Jozet at Halushki

o...m...g...That feeling is terrifying!

Thank goodness for the happy ending.

And seriously good on you for calling 911. So many times I've heard of these instances and people hesitate to call when really, that's they're job...the police, I mean. And time counts.

But omg...you must have wanted to kiss and kill him at the same time for giving you gray hairs.


This just sounds horrific. I am so sorry that you went through this, but thank you for sharing how something like this can happen so easily and that it is easy to panic.


Oh I KNOW this fear! Oh my!!! I'm tearing up at the anxiety you must have felt rushing through you.

Oh Jenn...it took you 2 weeks to lose the nausea. How long did it take you to let him out of your embrace?



I think I would be torn between strangling him and never letting him out of my sight again.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!

My worst nightmare. Oh Jenn.


Oh how scary.

But what a relief!


Oh, God. That is REALLY scary. We lost our youngest at Boy Scout camp one year; it took us a half hour to find him. That was the longest half hour of my life. And these kids wonder why we drink so much. Their turn will come!

The Girl Next Door

OH I feel your panic - literally. I went through this with Daughter 2 weeks ago. Except when I called 911 while driving frantically to find her, they told me to pull over and wait until a police officer came to find me. Um NO. I was driving to a spot I thought she might be - could they meet me? What? No? Buh-bye. fortunately, she turned up and called and explained that she had lost her phone. Whew. I cried like a baby. Yeah, I feel you.

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