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October 13, 2008


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Jenn, thanks for sharing. You really do pack a lot in during the week. I also need a good schedule....lately though, I have been slacking. Perhaps that is my funk???
You manage to take care of all YOUR needs and those of your family. What a fantastic accomplishment. And no, it is not boring, but inspriring.
You should be proud.
take care....


Routines are good! I wish that I was a little more scheduled but oh well! Thanks for sharing! I agree with Suz above you should be proud, you are taking care or yourself and your family and with such a wonderful sense of humor! An inspiration for us all!

phd in yogurtry

We're big on spaghetti with olive oil and garlic here too. My kids are getting to the point where they snub most tomato sauces. And the alternating soft taco nights. We do those frequently, too.


OK -- everyone's done laundry except me!!!

OTOH, probably none of them have loads of wet laundry moldering away, forgotten in the washer for days.

Great post - I love "aka Stairmaster U."

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!

Why mention laundry Jenn? Really. Isn't it hard enough that we're in an election year? We have to do laundry too?

Seriously, you are busy, girlfriend, busy!


HA! That kid doesn't have a chance next to your son the shark in the pool.
You are pretty darn busy, lady....really busy.

amy beth

i'm tired just reading this! but ahhh, the daily show... one thing we miss not having cable. especially during an election year.

Green Girl

Dang, you have it GOING ON! And you post? Seriously. You must not sleep much.

Mrs. G.

A well oiled machine, you life. Thanks for the peek. You are going to be the best kind of teacher.

Minnesota Matron

Looks like a lovely, full life-- love the week instead of a day!


Jenn I don't know how you do it all. I suppose having older kids helps. I am looking forward to the days that hubby and I can just head to the movies without scheduling a babysitter! Thanks for sharing!

Jen on the Edge

I'm exhausted by how busy you are!


Yikes! You have crazy weeks. As a former cheerleader, I can say the job of a cheer mom is hardest! Hard to watch someone throw your kid around... or land ON your kid!


You are one busy woman! I love routine. I have a hard time sticking to one though....


I love The View!! Wow, you are one busy lady!

San Diego Momma

I LOVE these day in the life posts!


What I loved about your routine was the balance of fun, work, family and study time. Work includes homemaker & part-time job. :)

The Girl Next Door

You sure pack it all in during the week! Routine? Hmmm I think Not in many ways! Wow. Makes me look like a slug!


Man, I'm totally honored you even read me!!!


Wow! You've made me a little tired. Knowing how busy you are, I feel truly honored to get comments from you on my blog. ;)



My life would cease to exist without pasta of any kind to help me through a busy week!! Easy and we all love it...the little one is a butter and parmesan only kind of guy!!
After reading your schedule, if anyone says again that my days are busy, i'm going to direct them to you!!
you....super woman...kick butt!!
Thanks for sharing all that!!

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