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October 20, 2008


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Kalynne Pudner

Oh, goodness. You should go into writing screenplays for soap operas. The suspense is keeping me awake -- which is saying a WHOLE lot.


I can see how that was a defining moment. And a huge shock.

Mary Alice

ohhhh. Your poor mother.


Wow. that is big.
your Mother is beautiful, just as you have described her...oh those LONG legs. SB got them also!
Can't wait to hear how this goes Jenn.
your Mom sounds like a great story teller also...

 pat/clippy mat

waiting for the next part..........
it's so interesting and well written.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!

Get out!!!

Oh, Jenn, for God's sake put me out of my misery and tell me more. Tell me more about before the knock at the door and tell me more especially about after the knock at the door. If you have any mercy under that blond flyaway hair, you'll tell me more.


Oh my goodness! What a cliffhanger...


You should write a book, an actual memoir. I'd buy it!

Although, I hope you plan to finish this one. I don't remember you EVER talking about your dad.


Wow. More?

Smalltown Mom

I'm speechless.


You totally left us hanging! MORE NEEDED!


Oh goodness! But, my do you get your looks from your mom!


A cliffhanger! Awesome!

Are you the happy baby in the photo? Heh.

Ms. Changes Pants While Driving

several things:

i would like to hug you.
aMAZING legs.
you're funny.


No freakin way!!
Of course I am suitably appauled...yet this was what...the 60's? Your dad was growing dope? That is kind of *before his time* cool, in an illegal way...


Oh no! No, tell me he didn't. Oh, your poor Mom!


I HEARD that soap opera organ play its one shocking chord. So are we back from commercial yet?

Mrs. G.

Are you kidding me?

Mike Golch

My Mom wold have been 78 this year if lung cancer had not taken her in 2003.I fell your pain.


Oh. my. goodness.
Your mom is so lovely, her legs are stunning!

My dearest girlhood friend lost her husband to lung cancer yesterday. He was diagnosed a month ago and is only 43 years old. Wretched killer. I am so sorry for your loss of your mother.

San Diego Momma

Wow. When do we get the rest?


I am sure that was unexpected.
Also looing forward to the next post

Zip n Tizzy

My do you look like your mom!

O.K. – just like everyone else... WHAT HAPPENED NEXT?!


Ooooh! Now, I'm intrigued. It's like Desperate Housewives in the 60's!

The Girl Next Door

Oh wow. I am hooked - and nervous for her. And that photo is amazing.


Ive always said we all look so beautiful in pictures when we're younger because we don't know what's coming next...


Your mother was beautiful and this is a fascinating story!

See you soon - Kellan


Oh Jenn! We must be the same age. My mother found the marijuana in the lettuce crisper...


Your story reminds me so much of my mom's childhood. I'm eager to hear more, although I'm sure it's not easy for you.

phd in yogurtry

The tall, blonde man with the horn rimmed glasses was growing pot in the backyard?!? Fascinating stuff. Your poor unsuspecting mom and those blue eyed children. Must know more. (Your mom did look like Sophia!)


Your mom is so pretty, and where does this story go?


This made me smile this morning.
My grandmother had a crop of marijuana outside her kitchen window in the 60's...


Wow! Your mom was a knock-out! And yeah...SB has those legs!! Your mom and dad were quite the good-looking couple!
Your writing is so interesting...you do tell a good story....waiting for the second part!!


GET OUT! He looks like the clean-cut-boy-next-door! Please continue...


Oh, no! And we have to WAIT?!


I'm eating this up. More. More.

And, yes, I know I'm reading it backwards... Kind of like my mind these days.


I know, I'm with Kalynne on this one, it's 2:05 a.m. and my right eyelid is like burning trying to stay awake lol.. These are some great posts :)

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