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October 14, 2008


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Kalynne Pudner

I like anything, as long as it has the crusty candy coating on the outside. I'll go through those like they were...well, candy.


Apparently I'm way out of it when it comes to the gum world. I've never even heard of most of those flavors...although the raspberry mint sounds interesting...as a martini!


I love Orbit Sweet Mint but I'll take any mint if I have to. I'm not a fan of the fruity mints, cinnamon makes my mouth hurt, and I hate the citrusy flavors.

Reluctant Blogger

Well, I actually went to check after I read this on my Feed first thing cos I didn't think I had seen any of those flavours here.

I buy the three packs of orbit too (the green spearmint one) and the only ones you can get here (either in multipacks or singly) are peppermint, spearmint or strawberry.

Postively pomegranate indeed - it sounds rather bitty to me.

Glad I read this as it reminded me I needed to buy more gum.

Linda at 2nd Cup

Bad breath is my personal pet peeve, and I'm constantly aware of fighting it, so I brush a lot, too. My favorite gum is Extra Polar Blast, but I'm having trouble finding it. Also, I posted recently that I'm frustrated with individual pieces of gum falling out into my purse, so I bought a small coin purse just for gum, so it stays relatively sanity and in place.


Not being a gum chewer, im quite stunned with all the different flavours!


This is funny. I have had a post about gum in the back of my mind forever. I am a huge gum chewer. I smoked years ago (nasty) and since I gave that up, I have an oral fixation to gum. I am currently hooked on trident, watermelon something or other.
I also brush my teeth many, many times a day when at home! And I look forward to my 6 month cleaning.


I use to chew the Bubblemint BUT as I try to avoid Aspartame (check out SweetPoison.com) I never do anymore. The flavor selection has grown!

Manic Mommy

Two words:

Tic Tac

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!

Okay, Jenn, honey buns, if you're going to go there you have to say it correctly: The Wal-Mart. Always with the "The."


phd in yogurtry

Anything but mint. Gives me a headache.


Wow, you're almost as bad as my mom. She takes a toothbrush everywhere in the car, and brushes her teeth after going to a restaurant.

Smalltown Mom

I'm not a gum-chewer. But I seriously would try the pomegranate.

I love my citrus mint Crest toothpaste.


Not a gum chewer here - it hurts my jaw but I do love me my Crest!


I'm not much of a gum chewer BUT - cocktail flavored you say?

Jen on the Edge

Mint. Just plain ol' mint. That's what I like.


I'm gonna have to go with the tried-and-true spearmint - my favorite from way back (I don't think they make them anymore): Wintergreen breath mints - they were square.


I want my breath smelling minty and fresh and clean, not fruity and heavy. I am not a fan of the fruity gums.





I like your blog... I found you when reading someone elses and you had commented.

I am a Trident girl myself and my flavor of choice is their original but I also like spiriment gum but I don't think trident makes a spiriment only peppermint. I believe I am rambling....


I've never heard/seen some of those strange flavors. I like cinnamon gum the best.

Have a good afternoon - Kellan


I heart Orbit! And there's PLENTY o' Cinnamint in my neck of the woods. I'm sorry you can't find it.

You're right, it's better than brushing in public.


The Maui Melon is amazing! I don't like spicy gum, so cinnamin is out.


Yeah, let's all chew mojito gum and smell like we just came from the bar... shall we??


Pomegranate is all the rage right now. So I guess the gum industry needed to jump on board too. LOL


well, do they have alcoholic content? Hmmm?? My husband just got a bunch of caffeinated gum that he thinks is great.


i'm ok with sangria gum. or just sangria. either way.


I'm with kate!

I don't chew gum anymore...for some reason it makes me gassy...yeah, okay...so TMI! sorry. :-D
when i was younger Chiklets or that squirty gum (I won't say what we used to call it...too graphic!!)
I now carry those teeth cleaning sheets that you put on your finger and brush away...makes you feel all minty and fresh!!

beverly hills cosmetic dentist

Is this can reduce the odor of bad breath? If so, it can be recommended to those people who has a bad breath.


orbit bubblemint

Teehee. Um, I completely love bubblemint gum because it makes me feel like I can pretend I'm an adult even though I'm chewing bubblegum, so I really can't help you out there.

Dental Gum

I love chewing gums and love to try different flavours.

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