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October 25, 2008


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Hey...when you figure out that "poking" thing, let me know, would'ja? I've got a few and don't know what to do with them? They're good....right? Now Flair...I got that one down.....and that's about it!

Jen on the Edge

I think poking is just saying hi without words. No, I don't understand it either.

Manic Mommy

I did EXACTLY the same thing!! Next thing I knew, I'd ended up inviting old work contacts, kids' friends, and most embarassingly, HRH's new principal to 'be my friend.'


I REFUSE to get FACEBOOK or MYSPACE. REFUSE. First off all, I don't want anyone from high school knowing a lick about me (but I can't lie, I want to know all about them). Plus, my evil SIL said in her rather snotty and arrogant tone that anyone over 30 has no business having a MySpace. Geesh, I can't wait until she hits 30!!! Snot.

And my final reason . . . I am realizing that I have an addictive personality. Once I start that/those, I'm so screwed . . .

But seriously. Tell me how it goes. Can't say I'm NOT interested . . .


Very funny. I joined because a friend begged me. Peer pressure never ends.
I don't check it much though, but was pleasantly surpised you and I were friend there too!!!


When I first joined, I was addicted for a month. Now, I rarely look at it.

Funny how these social networks work!


I LOVE Facebook. My friends & family have scattered all over the globe, so it's a great way to stay in touch. Sounds like you accidentally clicked the button that invites your entire email address list.

phd in yogurtry

I find it bizarre that you and I happened to join the same week. But now at least I know how you found me (or I found you). For awhile there I wondered if Big Brother was mounted behind my computer screen.

Smalltown Mom

I love Danger Boy's comment.


I'm with Laskigal on this one. Facebook was supposed to be for kids/tweenz etc when it started but now it's huge. Dont get too addicted, I promise you you wont blog as much and we'll miss you!


So funny the things your kid said - ACK! Have fun with it! And, have a good weekend - Kellan

Jennifer H

I love Facebook. Sounds like you didn't skip through the part that asks if you want to look for people you may know (by email).

What's fun about it is that you can get in touch with people without having to have some sort of context for it. Plus, you can play Scrabble. That's really the best part. :-)

Have fun with it...

Green Girl

Your kids crack me up. I hear how people love it, but I don't really get it. I bet I would've wasted loads of time on it in high school, though.


Through a friend's urging, I joined Facebook too. It's ok. I'd rather read blogs and one day start my own. I guess it's just me, many people love it.

Btw, your kids are really funny.


Oh, and I have no idea what a lot of that stuff is that they do on Facebook. I've been poked, licked and challenged to a game of something or other.


I think I will just stick with my blog.

Have fun though


Well, now I know why you asked to be my friend, lol! 107 people?!? I think I have about 1/3 of that number.
I originally joined because some young friends (I'd taught their Sunday school class) were headed off to college and switching over to facebook. It was originally a college-only thing. It is a way for me to keep in touch with them, but now I'm having high school friends from 25 years ago looking me up.
I try to log in about once a week.
Oh, and superpoke is fun, in a weird way, esp. if you enjoy throwing strange things at people. My 17yo threw an octopus at me the other day. Of course, it's only the notice that it has happened, sort of a cyber battle just for fun. Right now you can throw the P/VP candidates, and then there are holiday specialties like reindeer and elves. I know, it's weird. You can always try superpoke and then delete it later.


PS: I usually just message my son, to keep the embarrassment factor low. I had facebook before he did.


Huh. And I thought you really liked me.

Just kidding!! It did seem weird, though. I'm curious to see how many people you can get to respond of that 107!


Oh man...and I thought you wanted to be my friend just because. I had no idea I was part of a mass spam project! lol

I only joined because a good friend of ours went to work for Facebook. I always forget I have it.

stephanie (bad mom)

I joined under pressure from my best friend and now I'm caught up in the endless plant-giving, flair-browsing, Happy Hour-inviting, hugging & nudging world...

Friending your kids though, that's priceless.

The Girl Next Door

LOL I joined to keep track of my kids - but of course Son won't friend me. Daughter did and so did her friends. I have yet to take the initiative to "friend" anyone. Daughter is embarassed by my lack of friends.
And the poking thing? Yeah I don't get that....


I have no idea -- I am still cracking up that you "accidentally" joined Facebook! Now I am really, really afraid. :)

Lori-blog owner

Haha! I love Facebook. I've reconnected w/ tons of people from high school. But, I can see how my kids wouldn't think it was so cool!


I learned recently that my niece, who is a college freshman, thinks it's beyond queer that I'm on facebook - it's apparently just all wrong.


Accidentally on Facebook? Is that like our accidental adoption? ;)

I love it. There are so many people from college that changed email addresses and I haven't heard from in years. Most are on the other side of the country so it's been so nice to reconnect with them again.

And my mom, aunts, cousins, etc are all on Facebook too. If my grandmother were still living, I bet she would be as well!

Amy the Mom

I love Facebook-and I wasn't expecting it! I'm catching up with long lost cousins and high school friends, it's awesome!

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