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October 08, 2008


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Gorgeous, much.
I'm still trying to talk my 17yo into going to homecoming. They like to go in groups here and he has a nice group of friends (and some very good-looking girls, too) but he hasn't yet gathered up the courage to ask a girl (or all of them!) to join him. It's not in his comfort zone.

Reluctant Blogger

I have no idea what homecoming is - sounds like a feature film starring Lassie to me!

But yes, she is gorgeous. You must be very proud.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!

She is a fox, as they used to say back when I was in high school.

Deb D

She's gorgeous. Hope they had fun. No homecoming here until college


Just beautiful. I love the dress. I am green with envy about her height...poor thing. :)
I hope they had a lot of fun!!!
Lo has her homecoming on Saturday night and YES, I love that they don't need a boy to enjoy a fun time.

Manic Mommy

The answer is yes. Just a little bit. I see quite a bit of her mama in that face. Does Daddy have a shotgun - or maybe two BIG brothers will be enough?


Um, yea. Just a little gorgeous and a tad tall. What a combination! Someone else said it, but I have to concur, she looks a bit like Mama :)

phd in yogurtry

Oh, those long, lanky legs! Does she know what she has?!? She'd be dangerous if she did.


She really is quite a lovely girl -)


She is a beautiful young lady. Get ready to beat the boys off a9with a stick).

Smalltown Mom

How nice that those lovely young ladies can have fun together.


She is absolutely beautiful! Makes me nervous as my daughters grow up!

Green Girl

Brava! She is beautiful, but not in that really trying hard way. Reminds me of that lovely actress who plays Hermione Granger. Too bad she's a bit old for my boys.

Prof. J.

She is lovely. And I think that going to homecoming with your bf is a great idea! At least you've got someone to talk to!


Wow! Is she stunning, or what? And yeah...there is quite a bit of you in her, isn't there?
I'm thinking that Homecoming has changed quite a bit from when I used to go...of course, in Colorado, Homecoming was cold and dresses like that were packed away until June!! Southern California girls got it good, don't they?
I hope that she and her friend had a great time!!


GORGEOUS!! I wish I would have been able to take my friends to homecoming. I was sooo worried about having a date. umph!

Mrs. G.

No it's not just you--she's stunning. I'm trying not to resent her 5'7"-ness


A little bit gorgeous?? How about DROP DEAD GORGEOUS???



I am not a she, but me, my sleeping bag and a 12 pack are looking into flights NOW.
Will I need my sweater, parka and snow boots? NY is pretty cold right now....



Jen on the Edge

She's stunning, absolutely stunning.


Oh, they look lovely. High school boys, and their failure to invite girls to dances, remain the bane of our existence. GAH!


Absolutely beautiful. You might want to keep her in the house from now on, lol.


Before I scrolled down and saw what you wrote, I was thinking, "She's Gorgeous!". I was also remembering the hideous dress I wore to Homecoming dance and my spiral perm gone bad. HA!


she is absolutely beautiful!


She looks beautiful!

Melanie @ MelADramatic Mommy

Oh to be in high school again! She's stunning. Great shoes!


Oh, she's just beautiful, Jenn. And I love that about the two girls going together.

Minnesota Matron

It's not just you: she IS gorgeous!!

Tootsie Farklepnats

She's not just gorgeous she's stunning!


What a pretty girl!


No, she's not.

She's a WHOLE LOT gorgeous! I love that dates are optional!


She is gorgeous...and you have every right to be so proud.


She is so beautiful! You are so right in being proud of her.

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