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October 09, 2008


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stephanie (bad mom)

That is so terribly, terribly cruel; the Haters. I shake my fist at them in solidarity with you.


We gave half the class something to write about in their journals, they should thank us for not going to class they don't have to read this week. I need to go to bed I'm getting catty.


seriously punk'd!!! That was rather mean though! You should dream up something equally punkish to get 'em back!! ;-)


They are just jealous of your Turkey Focaccia Panini. Heck, I'm jealous of your Turkey Focaccia Panini!


I have to say this is funny and that I really dislike teachers who do not care!


This is horrible. But also very funny. Sorry.
They knew just how you would react....so punk'd.
What a crappy teacher though...to actually verbalize you don't care!!


Ha! I love a good punk. That teacher sounds oh so inspiring.


sounds like you two could survive with an occasional trip to Panera and still maintain your start student status (nice alliteration!).


OH, they got you. Yes, they did.

Smalltown Mom

Why would anyone go to class with a teacher like that?

Minnesota Matron

Jenn: You are my favorite kind of student and one of the reasons I took down a post that, in retrospect, crossed the line between gentle humor over student who are NOT so organized to something a little less generous of spirit. Anyway, I LOVE this post and totally am wagging the matronly finger at that teacher. Good heavens! I can't imagine not knowing everyone's name and CARING.


Oh - that's not nice. Not at all. I would have been freaking out. Mmmm mmmm. Not. nice.

Tootsie Farklepnats

Your classmates are good sports. Mean, but good sports.

Green Girl

That is dang funny, though.


I can see you two raising your hands in class 'teach, teach, you forgot to collect the homework and when is our next test???'


hahahaha that's GREAT!


Oh, that's dirty! And funny... You must have been a total wreck, but the relief when you found out had to be incredible. Your prof sounds like a real peach.

phd in yogurtry

Hilarious. 4 hours worth? Torture. But hilarious.


Hahahahaha, I kind of love your friends!


I get why you cut, and actually understand why you would want to cut again. ;)


Oh, that is funny! Glad it wasn't true - HA!

Take care - Kellan

San Diego Momma

I'll take that turkey focaccia panini and raise you a turkey brava with extra brava sauce.

The Girl Next Door

Oh I am evil b/c I am laughing at their cruel but strangely funny joke. I had a woman like you in my Western Civ History class my frosh year and I hated her - until I was in law school as a 30-something and realized what a sacrifice and effort it must've been for her to be in my frosh class and then I loved her and felt guilty for hating her. So, they will all understand, some day. In the mean time, you need to come up with a REALLY GOOD "come back."


Mean! But funny! I could so see myself doing something like this to certain colleagues...all in fun.

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