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November 24, 2008


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The Girl Next Door

HEY don't sell yourself short. You have written some killer stuff. And you're happy - sounds like a great combo to me! (and I'm first I'm first I'm first! yippeeee)


You may not suffer, girlfriend, but you ARE a writer.


I've kept journals my entire life. One day a few years ago I was reading some of them and noticed I only wrote in them when I was depressed, which depressed me further.

But I'm a comedian first and foremost so no matter what I blog about, I have to try and make it funny. It doesn't mean I always succeed at that but it's harder to be funny if you're happy. That's just a fact of comedy. Depressed and neurotic people are just funny. At least to us.

Mrs. G.

Avoid romanticizing depression under any circumstances.


You are a writer - never mind the angst-approach to it!


Depression sucks. I like your writing.


Happiness is vastly underrated. We need Pollyannas in this world, too, you know.


This is great. I love reading all of your stories, from your past or your present.
You have awesome skills....(dude) :)
Plenty of depth to be found, and it does not always have to be sad.
take care,

Jen on the Edge

My favorite bloggers are the ones who are funny and/or don't wax on about the pain in their lives.

Green Girl

That is SO funny that you bring this up. I was just thinking this the other day--people always read and comment when what I say is on the sad side of the spectrum (or angry or whatever negative emotion you'd like to fill in) but I'm NOT that way normally and hope I don't select the negative topics to write about just to invite comments. I'm really blessed and lucky and like you, my glass is more full so why NOT write mostly about that?

Smalltown Mom

Jenn, you are a beautiful and eloquent writer. And you have written about painful things.

Stay positive. We need that.


There are different kinds of depth, Jenn...and you are deep.

San Diego Momma

I told you Sat. and I'll say it again: I think you're an amazing writer. I love coming here precisely BECAUSE you are upbeat, fun to read and multi-dimensional. When you do cover the rougher subjects (your mom), you write that well too.

I also thought that maybe angst fuels more powerful writing, but I think it just gives rise to more angsty writing, which some people might respond to b/c they relate. That's all.

Anyway, I love what you write and how you write it!

Memarie Lane

boy can i relate!


I know what you mean. I think I generally have a sunny disposition, too. The angst in people does provide other things to blog about, I guess.

I am not a depressed person. But I've been dealt some blows that have put me in angsty positions. Fortunately, once I work through things I'm able to dust myself off and be happy again.

But I know people who can't do that. And it's horrible.

I agree with the comment above about you being deep. You don't need to be depressed to be deep. You've said some incredibly meaningful, thoughtful, and important things. People like you help to balance things out.

Account Deleted

Shush. You write beautifully. Your posts have drawn wonderful portraits of your family's ups and downs.

I balk at sharing too much depressing or angsty stuff on my own blog. I don't think I lack depth, just courage or exhibitionism.

I don't hesitate to rant or complain, however...

Melanie @ MelADramatic Mommy

I agree with Mrs. G that depression should not be romanticized. What we were talking about is how some of our favorite blogs and bloggers who have such powerful writing, the kind where you finish the post and think, "damn I wish I could write like that," seem to have a commonality to them.

Manic Mommy

I think if you were blogging while your kids were still very young and you were overwhelmed, we would have heard a somewhat different story. Not that life doesn't still have its ups and downs but emotionally, you're in a better place to handle it.

Armchair psychology at its finest.


It takes depth to recognize beauty when others see only the pain, you write from that place - and I enjoy it immensely!


The perpetually angst-ridden writers lose me after 3 or 4 depressing posts. Ongoing whiners - way before that. I sure wouldn't bemoan the fact that you're not among them. :)


Oh hell, you KNOW I'm a glass half empy, depressed, bittter person and yet...I still come here every day to enjoy what you've written! ;)

Baby Favorite

Happy blogger here, too. My husband teases me that my world is "Rainbows, Puppy dogs, and Butterflies."

Not sure what his point is, damnit.


you need the happy to make up for the depressing! and vice-versa!


Smiles are great and I quite enjoy your writing.


I really enjoy your writing. You are proof that you can have depth without wallowing in negativity.

Reluctant Blogger

Yes, I know what you mean. I sometimes hesitate about posting pieces just because they make it sound like I am a miserable angst-ridden person. And I am not particularly. I have my moments of course. But I suppose I use writing as a tool to stop things flying about my head. They may only fly around in there for 5 mins once a week, when the rest of the time I am rushing about having fun, but when I sit down to write, it is those things, that fluttered about for 5 mins that I feel like writing about.

It's actually quite hard to write about being happy and make it interesting (I never manage it) so that is testimony to you as a writer - because you do manage it on an almost daily basis.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!

I have read many a post over here that have definitely been in the profound category. Your can-do, glass-half-full personality an cheery posts are just another facet of your your multiple talents.


Mark Twain said something like that, that you have to have suffered to be funny. I think it's just that a lot of people who DO write are isolated, introspective people who are prone to depression - not that you have to be to be good! You're proof!

stephanie (bad mom)

My key to writing satisfaction & success? I regularly make a lot of shit up.

[I find you quite enjoyable; please don't seek darkness on my account :D]


Bah. Happy writers, and writers who try to stay happy, and remind the angsty amongst us to do the same. Thank goodness for happy, great writers like you.


Happy is better. Trust me! :)

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