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November 13, 2008


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phd in yogurtry

BTDT particular corner of hell. I was wrangling cobra when my twins were weeks old. Torture on top of sleeplessness.

Health care reform NOW.


Something has to change. Sorry you are going through this.


What a crummy system! This is what the republicans are fighting to keep???


HOW ANNOYING!! I loathe stuff like that. You know it could be easier if people actually did their jobs correctly.


Red tape is bad enough without delays like that.

Smalltown Mom


Green Girl

I shall feel thankful again for our HSA with Mr. D's company. A timely reminder, Jenn.


BTDT and I was pregnant at the time. Oh what fun. One thing that doesn't get talked about much is that the COBRA coverage goes away if the company ceases to offer a group health plan. So if the company gets small enough that they aren't required to carry group health or if they go out of business, then there goes your COBRA coverage. I spent the last 3 months of my pregnancy hoping that the tech company my husband was laid off from didn't just close up shop since no private plan would cover me in my current condition.

That said, the insurance company we had while on the COBRA was the most helpful and understanding insurance company that I've had to deal with. Most of the frustration I had at the time came from dealing with other institutions not the insurance company itself.


Good lord. You poor kid. We're having our own insurance fun here this week...for some reason this past June our insurer decided to reset our policy, causing our deductibles and out-of-pocket limits to start over as if it were January so we've been getting bills for twice as much as we're supposed to pay in one year. If your own insurance company gives you a heart attack, are you covered?

I assume your husband gets coverage with his new employer sometime soon so you won't have to deal with this for long? Good luck with this, hon! Hang in there...


Any conversations I've had with ANY type of insurance person has brought me to my knees; tears streaming. Just sayin'.

Manic Mommy

Ugh. Just what you needed another full time occupation.

Andy's company changed health insurances in between my two pregnancies. One company denied coverage for things like gestational diabetes tests. The other called me to ask if I'd like to take pre-natal yoga. God, I loved that company.

Sass E-mum

Just been watching Michael Moore's Sicko. The NHS might not be perfect but at least I don't have to deal with automated phone lines. They drive me nuts.

Jennifer H

Our health care system needs an overhaul. Time for us to learn from other countries.


I hate dealing with any type of insurance issue. Hands down the worst run "businesses" ever!


How do you like Humana?


Of COURSE you have nothing better to do.

Insurance sucks.


I've head to deal with COBRA insurance before - no fun! We own a small business and are always dealing with insurance issues - something needs to change!!!!!

Have a good day - Kellan

Trooper Thorn

Any government managed program would work the same. Universal health care in Canada just gives us all access to long waiting lists to receive equally poor coverage that we pay for anyway.

The one I don't understand is the 2-week wait for unemployment insurance. Is this supposed to be a deterent. "Gee, I guess I'll go back to the job I was laid off from..."


Hey - maybe you'd like to manage our dental?


Good luck with that

My husband's health insurance just changed to a different company so the old insurance has been rejecting thngs it shouldn't


The one thing I HATE more than anything is admin duty for the family... ie calling on insurance claims, company benefits, tuition plans and blah blah blah.....

It really makes my head spin around backwards.


so frustrating. will health care ever make sense or be logical?


Tell Rite Aid you have no insurance and they'll give you a discount card that your whole family can use. I paid $33 for 30 Xanax and 30 Klonopin. (Hi! I'm a mess)

I once paid $9.00 at Costco for 40 Vicodin. (seriously, REALLY a mess)


I couldn't even afford my COBRA. I did find out when I lost my job that since our loss of insurance was due to my loss of employment we were able to switch right into my husbands company sponsored insurance with out waiting for the enrollment period. Unfortunately we couldn't afford the family coverage but got coverage for him. He is diabetic so that will cover his meds. Right after we made this decision I found out I was expecting. Thankfully Medicaid was available to help me while pregnant. His companies insurance would have only paid 80%!! Such a shock this whole thing was!

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