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November 11, 2008


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What a girl!


Happy Birthday to your girl! That hospital shot is something. So many people in the room! Forget triple chins, you look beautiful.

All these pictures are great.

Smalltown Mom

That's a whole lot of people at the birth.

I can't wait to see what activity she picks. I'm not even going to guess... just anticipate.


This is gonna be a doozy, I can tell already!

Happy Birthday to your sweet girl


Happy Birthday to Social Butterfly! My guess is skydiving or bungee jumping...she's a pip.


Great post. Your daughter is a beauty and I love all of the pictures of her.

Chesty Larue

Can't believe I am also going to have a 14 year old this year! Congrats to the both of you - and what a lovely job you and your Mom did bringing her into the world.

Mrs. G.

Happy Birthday!


So many wonderful pictures!

Parasailing? Skydiving? Whatever it is, I'm sure it will be wonderfully exciting!

Happy Birthday, SB!

Deb D

Happy Birthday to your girl! My guess is skydiving as well. Can't wait to hear what she chooses.

Mary Alice

Wishing a happy birthday to an obviously happy girl. I think when you are surrounded with so much love at your birth there's hardly anywhere else to go but to a happy life.


GORGEOUS. She is a perfect mix of the delicate with the strong.
I am guessing something in the air too, sky diving? Parasailing?
Can't wait to see!!!

The Girl Next Door

This is the greatest gift! Awesome photos. happy Birthday!

No i don't have a guess. i was thinking skydiving?


And how time does fly. It sounds like the older she gets the more worry you'll have on your hands.
At least you will have more stories to tell.


Happy Birthday to Social Butterfly. Proving it's possible to be beautiful inside and out!
Can't wait to hear about the birthday experience!

The Mom Bomb

She looks like so much fun . . . and I bet she's kept you on your toes for 14 years!


What an awesome young woman! Must be genetic!!


I love that she is part tomboy/ part princess! Loved seeing all the pictures.
Hope she enjoys her birthday.


Happy birthday, SB! Happy birthday, mama!


Happy Birthday to your lovely daughter!


I hope for your sake it isn't skydiving. I hope for my sake if it is she'll take pictures!!!

Off to google dichotomy, few people can expand my vocabulary, thanks!

Memarie Lane

jessamine is all about the personality as well. happy birthday sb!

Jen on the Edge

Happy day to everyone!

Hot air balloon ride?

Little Miss Sunshine State

Happy Birthday SB!
wHoo-wHoo!! One year closer to a Driver's License!
From what we hear from your Mom, you're one year closer to becoming a Beautiful Woman!

Green Girl

I'm a little jealous that you get to be her mom instead of me;) Many happy returns to your girl!


That curl in that third picture...precious! Happy Birthday to your daughter :-)

Amy the Mom

Wiping tears away as I gaze over your birth day pictures. *sniff*

Happy Birthday, SB!


Aw, she was a sweet baby indeed...


Gorgeous pics. We need more outspoken and brave girls/women in this world. (besides u and me) mY sister recently told me that she read that women are the worst negotiators when it comes to money. Tell that girl of yours to aim HIGH.

Oh, and happy burfday.


She was a precious baby and little girl and she is beautiful now! I hope she has the best Birthday ever!

Take care - Kellan

The Cheap Chick

Hippo Birdie Two your Butterfly!


That was so sweet. Happy birthday to your darling girl.

It's funny how we see all the fat on our own faces during and after pregnancy. Everyone else just sees the beautiful glow.

Nora Bee

Happy birthday to you both! Great photos.


They grow up so fast!


Great pics! Happy birthday (or belated since it's now 12:02am) SB!

I see your mom is so proud!!

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!

Happy Birthday Social Butterfly!

Your mama sure does love you girl!


What a cutie pie! I love all of those photos! She looks like she's got SPUNK and PIZAZZ!

phd in yogurtry

my, what an adorable little cupie doll you've got there!


Happy Belated Birthday, to you Social Butterfly!! You...are an amazing young lady...and how wonderful to come from such a fun and loving family!!
I hope your day was great!!

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