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November 06, 2008


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love ya Jenn


"It is against code in San Diego to post political signs on public property-- including open space."
you were doing the public a great service!!!!
I also never break rules but always stand up for what I believe to be right.....

BTW. I am fairly conservative, I have said this before, but I have both liberal and conservative views....It can happen. ;0

I am also very upset about the outcome of the Prop 8 in CA and the amendment 2 here in Florida...Such a set back for equal rights in my opinion.


I totally agree with you on #5...

Manic Mommy

Good on ya, Jenn!

I hate that Prop 8 passed. Discrimination is discrimination. I would add that nationally, those of us with liberal leaning views might have exercised them with some big time ferocity this past Tuesday.


Would you believe that my neighbor (who is gay.....) moved out of town with his house on the market and someone had the audacity to put "Yes on 8" signs on his lawn? I swear, these supporters put them up anywhere they think they can get away with it. I know (obviously!) that he would have nothing to do with it so I ripped those suckers right out. The nerve!


you go girl!


Our county doesn't allow billboards or other signage, and like your county, it is illegal to be posting those political signs on public property. I consider it littering the beautiful countryside whenever I see it and would applaud anyone who is out there cleaning up the litter.

So from afar, that noise you hear is my standing ovation.


I'm a typical oldest child too and have no problem speaking up. This embarasses my family and some friends but the truth is they ARE afraid of being perceived as rude. I feel bad for them that they can't be 'themselves.'

I think 90% of people are afraid to speak up for themselves so good for you.


p.s. I'm sorry that 8 didn't pass but the really alarming news is that last time 4 million people were against it, now it's over 5.1 million. We are still a conservative country when all is said and done.

Jen M

Good for you - even if it was illegal. My girlfriend and I were THIS close to stealing political signs we disagreed with as we trick-or-treated from private property (very illegal) but better sense prevailed.


I wish Maine would adopt the law of not putting political signs on public property, there wouldn't be NEARLY so many.

I've never understood the sign. Do people really think they will change my mind because I drive past 20 signs in a row? I find them all, pro and con, a bit offensive in that way. Glad you followed the law, I suspected you did when you said they were placed illegally.

BTW, I'm mormon. I don't think the actual church paid for signs, just more fanatical members. We tend to stay out of politics in general, as no particular party is perfect. I myself am a democrat, I believe it encourages the concept of free agency that we preach, and the need to educate. Sorry if you have felt offended by others.

Keep it between the navigational beacons my friend!

Amy Amy Bo Bamey

I could not agree with you more and good for you for taking the signs down.

Prop 8 passing really saddens me and I hope it gets overturned somehow.



Jen on the Edge

I'm glad that you did what you did. I cheer you on!!!

I'm so disappointed about Prop 8.

apathy lounge

I think what you did takes OVARIES! Balls just doesn't seem to be a strong enough word.


Jenn, you are great! I agree that we liberals are more "live and let live" and that sometimes prevents us from being as LOUD about our convictions as the conservative group.
I am so disappointed that Prop 8 passed.

phd in yogurtry

You GO big sister! I just love the way you speak with your goddess-given authority!


I know you are not responding and don't take this the wrong way, but maybe you should have confirmed what you THOUGHT to be true before you actually acted? Just a thought.

Thanks for all your comment love and support, Jenn. It really means a lot to me to know you are watching and following our life even though we have never "met." I consider you a friend. Someone I would love to "meet" someday.


Jennifer H

There were no NO signs here, ahead of the vote on our marriage proposition in AZ. Signs, fliers, commercials all over the place from the YES supporters.

Our prop passed, too.

I applaud you for removing the signs from open space. Not everyone would have the nerve, or the conscience, to do that.


Damn - I missed this! You rock, woman. You do.


Jason+Jenn=true love always


Jenn -- I am 100% supportive of what you did, and I would have done the same if something similar were happening here in Washington.

And you know - all you have to do is compare the crowds during John McCain's speech after the election and the crowd during John Kerry's speech after his loss 4 years ago and you can tell what kind of people we are dealing with. Ignoramuses. Plain and Simple. The booing and childish behavior is really very blantant on "the other side" and it is sick.

You rock Jenn.


Go, Jenn!

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