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November 24, 2008


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So glad you had your college boy home. That Sunday evening sounds really good.

Too funny on the Grizzly Adams!

phd in yogurtry

I rather like the burly beard. I'm rather a sucker for pictures that capture what my kids are about, what they're into at the moment. Long hair, short, bangs hiding the eyes (argh, tough one to swallow). Besides, I think he looks rather cute in a burleyesque kind of way : )


I bet you were pretty happy to see him even WITH the scruff :O) Nice to have all the kids together!


Isn't CO where Grizzly Adams lived? lol

I love the photo of your boys wrestling on the floor. It's so real life. Enjoy your visit!

Mary Alice

I imagine that is pretty much what Rescue Ranger would be doing with his facial hair if he wasn't a Coastie!


nice living room with ESPECIALLY nice wood floors....
here is an opinon from a guy: basically, shaving is a bore, but letting your beard go is not really the path to handsomeness and chicks. I mean, do women go for the big beard?


Glad the nice moment lasted for a while, at least! If November is no shave month, I feel sorry for all the girls at his college.


So wonderful!!!
Love the grizzly look. He is a MAN. Wow!!!


Ahhh... brotherly love. Enjoy the family togetherness week!

Smalltown Mom

I guess it's nice not to have to shave for a while.


No shave month? This is a new one to me! I'll have to ask my nephew if he participated.
MVP might want to shave it off now so his face won't be all red & irritated for that photo event. (I bet it was a shock to see him like this for the first time!)

LOVE the pic of the boys wrestling. That is so much like my life -- I have 2 brothers, and now there is my dh & 4 boys, plus many nephews.

Manic Mommy

That is a sign of deep affection between males...or silverback gorillas.

Have to ask, wouldn't the red beard have been more appropriate to December?


He looks like a Viking!


So nice you had them all under on roof and playing nicely. Even if it was short lived!


It's great that they can just fall back into their roles!


Love the beard!! And since it has probably been colder than the proverbial "welldigger's butt" in Colorado, it's not only fashionable but also functional!!
I do love to see brothers wrestling...I have two younger bros and they still do that and they are waaay much older than your boys!!! (like 40 and 38!!)
Have an incredibly wonderful holiday!!!


Not too hot on the beard, but I sure understand how happy you were about having all three under the same roof again!

apathy lounge

I like the beard! Sorta like Shaggy on Scooby-Doo.


Yep, he's a Colorado mountain kid now! Surfer boy be gone! Just kidding :) Your Sunday evening sounds wonderful.


That is a very kewl moment indeed. Harmony doesn't last forever, I know, but how nice that you got that. :)

About the grizzly adams thing...at least that was all he came home with, and not a gazillion piercings.


My freshman year I cut bangs. This made me nostalgic..


My boy came home yesterday with the same look. Here: http://brightside-susan.blogspot.com/2008/10/two-times-21.html

the bottom picture was the beginning of ther month - you can imagine what it looks like now!


I think he looks great with the beard!


My brother came back from college looking just like this too!

Deb D

I must say I'm impressed with the beard. Engineering guy grew a playoff beard last hockey season and it took me three weeks to notice (and he lived at home then)!

Computer Dude always brings home his dirty laundry. He loves not having to pay to do it.

Have a wonderful time with your whole family back together.

Deb D

Ooops - that last post assumes that GUG will also be sharing Thanksgiving with you.

Amy the Mom

Hello Dan Haggerty! HA!


You mean my boys will still be doing this in college??? Oy - I may as well start drinking, like, yesterday!

Welcome home!

Smalltown Mom

It finally dawned on my that my son Frank has been participating in No Shave November, too. He already had a beard, so it didn't occur to me at first. But by last week, he was looking extremely scruffy. Tonight he said he started out being lazy, but it turned into the No Shave thing at the end of the month. He can carry a pencil in it, to entertain friends. I hope he trims soon!

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