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November 08, 2008


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*slavery was a tradition at one time too*

Brilliant answer!

I'm glad you were able to watch Obama's speech live and share that moment with SB. I had to settle for online videos the next morning, because it all happened well past my bedtime.

Smalltown Mom

It was nice to be on the west coast...because great things happened right after our polls closed. A little too bad for Alaska and Hawaii, considering they had ties to candidates.

Hawaii rocks !!!! (Wasn't it 72%?)

Jessica Bern

I still can't believe it has happened in MY lifetime.


I watched the entire speech on Swedish television, tears in my eyes and goose bumps on my arms.
Yes it DID happen in our lifetime!


Wonder if we will one day have a married lesbian president? One little step at a time....


Catching up on reading over the past week, so the moment has passed, but will not be forgotten - I get a little teary even now, reading all the bloggers who held hands and felt hope for the first time in a long time on Tuesday night. Great answers, by the way to your daughter's questions


I'm still on a high over President Obama... I love the sound of it!

As for the teacher thing, my 5th graders teacher told him that she wasn't voting for Obama because, "He has Middle Eastern relatives and that scares her..."

Damn. Wrong on so many levels. My boy did me proud though, he raised his hand and asked, "so?" I need to address that on Monday...

I love your Prop 8 answer... it's more to the point than the long winded tirades I typically go on...

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!

I love the earbud story. Work that into an post of its own. It is awesome.

Also, do not admit to criminal acts on your blog. Love, Your Lawyer Blogger Bitch Thai-Food Friend.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!


Cheri @ Blog This Mom!

Frick. Sorry about that. My first comment didn't show up. Then when I did "test"? Poof! Now it's there. Sorry.

But look, you have three comments for the price of one.


I love all the comments....especially you and SB on the couch. Very sweet. She will remember that one.


Why was it tuned to a TV station? NPR did the best job, I thought.


I watched the speech with my kids and my tears, too!


Maybe I'm just a private person, but there was NO WAY I would tell my students what political party I was. I mean, I really didn't think it was appropriate for me to talk about that stuff -- I didn't want to alienate part of my class. Perhaps it's just left over from when I was reporting, but I don't like anyone to know who I vote for or anything like that. The teacher's comment above makes me cringe.


when my students asked me who I was voting for, I told them that we would talk about it AFTER the election. When we finally talked about it on Thursday (I was out on Wednesday), I reminded them that we needed to be respectful of all opinions.

I think it's scary that an educator would not vote for Obama because he was a "muslim." And, she's supposed to be the educated one?!


i heart you.


Glad you caught the speech live! Hasn't this been the most fabulous week? (Except for Prop 8 and similar others...grrr.)


"That was my mom" - ACK - those were so funny and fun!

Have a good weekend - Kellan

Ms. Changes Pants While Driving


still stoked. STOKED. he has to get rid of those stutters and uhhhs, though. it's not like he's being asked about long division.

i LOVE him.

the cheap chick

Oh, I just CRIED like a BABY at his speech! And texted everyone I knew throughout. What an amazing moment in history! And thank goodness for texting, so I could share with friends and not miss a single perfect word.

Nora Bee

I cried when they called Pennsylvania and hardly stopped for two days.


You are so witty! And quick.

I always think of the perfect thing to say . . . HOURS later.


phd in yogurtry

Tradition: The last refuge of the intolerant.


I cried, too.

When you die, in about, say 100 years, I hope you let them to do a study on your brain so they can figure out exactly how it works!


Raise your hand if you got all choked up more than once on Tuesday :) (Both hands raised here!)

The Girl Next Door

OMG I can't get past the one about "That was my mom!"" HILARIOUS!

OH AND I am back - will be on line tonight after some tweaking. PLease come see what I have to say to "F'Tard"

Green Girl

Which? Is why I totally adore you, Jenn.


It was an amazing night. And my heart grows for you every time I hear justice ring in your actions.


Love it!!

My husband had someone get mad at him saying;

lady: "I know you're happy! You Canadian's with your social-ways! We don't want that!"

my husband: "you know that Obama is not from Canada, right?!?"

lady: "might as well be! he IS Muslim and has terrorist friends!"


Jenn...that last bit made me cry :-)


You tell SB's teacher to come work at MY school and cry everyday at the kids that have no insurance, no food, no clothes, and no counseling to help them deal with their many, many difficulties.


I was sitting in the surgical waiting room with a bunch of people who were anxiously waiting for news of their loved ones health and just as anxiously watching the election results come in. The tension was almost unbearable but we were a very close group by time CNN called the election.

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