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November 27, 2008


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Smalltown Mom

I'm always happier doing everything myself. I'm not good at delegating.

This year it's just us, which makes it easier. Nothing's cooked yet, except the cranberry sauce.

But we're not eating till 5-6 so I have all day tomorrow.

phd in yogurtry

uh, slinking away into the depths of self-loathing, here. you rock. I am seriously jealous of your planning skills. I felt damn proud of myself making my pie crust one day ahead. Not kidding either.

I bet you won't ever have to worry about your kids going to "the other mom & dad's house"!


You're a lot cheery than I am at this point, but maybe I've got all that angst. Ha!

Your menu sounds great! I'm making a cornbread stuffing this year. A new recipe with my own personal touches. I'm hoping for it to be scrumptious...

Happy Thanksgiving!


Can I come to your house instead of my sister's? The menu looks FABO!!

Happy Day, lovely lady!! :)


Hot damn, lady. That is a SPREAD.

Happy Thanksgiving, Jenn!


Your menu sounds perfect, I wish I could have some of your pearl onion casserole, that sounds delish!

Have a happy turkey day with your family!

stephanie (bad mom)

At times like this, I prefer to remind myself that everyone has different strengths. However, you seem to have ALL the strengths - parenting, teaching, organizing, cleaning, cooking...I think you absorbed my share of the last two :D

Enjoy the beautiful day you've designed!


Wow! That is quite the spread. The idea of making more than one of those things would send me into a panic.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Jen on the Edge

Oh my, do you ever invite bloggy friends from around the country?

Mary Alice

I am so you! Only this year we headed to friends and I am only in charge of the pies. It feels strange.

Enjoy all that good food and family. Happy Thanksgiving.


You know...if I move real fast I can get a bag packed and get to an airport and actually be there for a late dinner...or Friday for leftovers while everyone is out shopping. Leave a key where I can find it.

You and yours have an incredibly wonderful day!! I'm going now to find a towel to wipe up the drool from reading your post!!




I'll show up for the leftovers - those are always best, anyway.


With that spred you should have leftovers right up til Christmas. Can I get an invite fro around the 17th of December ;-D




am i too late?? DId i miss the meal? Okay then, just mix me up a martini....

Just Jamie

yum. leftovers?

Manic Mommy

Recipe for Pearl Onion Casserole, please!

Hope everything tasted as good as it sounded. Ours was lovely!


We went simple here -- which is good, because I did all the food prep and cooking. Also? I don't have your planning and cooking skillz. Everything looks and sounds delicious!

I'm saving my T-day post for the WWC on Tuesday (words are ABUNDANCE and THANKS).


Wow! Seriously, I ate Koo Koo Roos! What's your address? Next year, I'm coming to YOUR HOUSE! Yummy!


Holy cow, this looks amazing!


Sounds very yummy


The pearl onion casserole sounds great - would you like to post (or email) the recipe???

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