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November 05, 2008


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You rock!


When will you know the outcome?


Hahahaha....fantastic mental picture painted!

I was told the perfect definition of chutzpah was a little boy peeing through a letterbox, then ringing the bell to find out how far it went!

The new definition is Jen covertly collecting banners of the opposition...then blogging about it!

You are officially fabulous!


Big hogs and kisses Jen!

Reluctant Blogger

Great news on Obama anyway. A big relief.

I heard the Prop 8 vote went the wrong (yes) way. Is that correct? I hope not.


I so hope the No vote prevails!!!


I detest illegal median signs.


You terrorist, you...

Green Girl

You GO girlfriend! What came of that vote?


Yes You Can Jenn, Yes You Can!

Manic Mommy

And glad the high schoolers get to witness participative democracy in action.


Proud of ya!

Shelley Walsh

I'm still holding out hope that 8 will go down, but I hear it's not looking good. We've already voted to write bigotry into the constitution here in AZ. In fact, that's the only proposition that didn't go the way I wanted it to.

On the bright side...President-Elect Barack Obama!!


you are a rock star.


Remind me to always stay on your good side! You rock!

Tootsie Farklepants

AHHAHAHAHAHA!!! You're awesome!!!


I'm going around reading everyone's blog posts, celebrating with all of them! Hurrah!

my thoughts over at my place.


hahahaha! TOO FUNNY! Your such a star!

San Diego Momma

I flipping love you.


You got lucky. Someone did the same thing in Laguna Beach and there ended up being a fight that the cops had to break up.

Why is it illegal to plant them on public land? I see campaign posters all over phone poles, medians, etc. Did you pull those up as well?

Grown-Up Girl

"The new definition is Jen covertly collecting banners of the opposition...then blogging about it!" --Hen

The only problem I have with this redefinition of "chutzpah" is that if I know my mom, she wasn't being anything remotely LIKE covert. She'd more likely be waving her arms over her head while tearing the signs apart with her teeth, before showering the socially close-minded masses with articulate and pointed jabs regarding their self-entitled infrastructure and, mm... failure to properly blend their foundation into their necks.


We could have used your sign patrol around here... I am so saddened and outraged by Prop 8.


I sooo wanted to do the same, but when I talked about it I got a lecture on democracy from my husband - a civil rights attorney.

On this issue - democracy be damned. If there is a next round I will fight dirty, just like the yes people did.


You kill me cutie!! I can totally see you doing this. :)


I just read a comment you wrote at Suz's blog and I LOVED it! The Republicans DO always say to stand behind the President and support him because he is the leader of our nation, yada yada, so I too, hope they will be standing behind Barack Obama. I know that I will. I am praying for him and I think that God can use him in America mightily even if he is not conservative!

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