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December 19, 2008


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Little Miss Sunshine State

Does she rush DB, knock him over, sit on his chest and yell HA PENALTY?

Trooper Thorn

Sounds like she would make a good hockey goalie. They are always being knocked over when guys crash the net. Sometimes they even get sat on. But the don't laugh. They say: Get the F off me A-hole!

The hen

I ALWAYS wanted a big brother...bit tricky when you are an only child!

The suspension is crazy - is he just supposed to stand there and be a punch bag ? Would playing ha penalty to the bully be acceptable to the headmaster?


I want to play too. I can think of a whole bunch of people that I want to knock down and yell at, but I'd probably end up in jail. Although... I could use some time off.... No, better not do it.


That picture is funny! She looks like she is thinking, "This is a wild ride! What did I get myself into, this time?"


Such a cute story. I love it. Kids have the best imaginations!!

Memarie Lane

HAHA! My big brother was a nerd so I became self-assured for different reasons. Poor guy. Jessamine seems pretty self-assured...

Manic Mommy

The younger ones definitely come out tougher - by necessity. I also like to think it makes them stronger.


This only works on the younger ones if the parents keep them from being crybabies.
I'm cracking up at the vision of DB knocking over his baby sister and her resultant laughter.

Do we get a penalty update from yesterday? (And will the offending party ever mess with DB again?)

Green Girl

I think there's much to be said for an older brother. I was "adopted" by 2 older boys who lived next door to me--their protection and their abuse was a gift--I was safe and tougher for it.


I had an older brother, but I was not self-assured. In fact, I was self-conscious. Brian helped me become self assured.

I admire the relationship your children have with each other. It is largely because of you that they have that.


Reluctant Blogger

Yeah I always wanted a big brother too.

I reckon you should show this story to the school authorities and claim DB was just playing his old HA Penalty game and that if a 7 month old baby can take it, what the heck are they doing, suspending him for it.

I cannot believe the silliness of your systems over there. I cannot believe that would happen here. It is a lesson in life (the unfairness one) but not one that is terribly usefully learnt - who wants to squash the individuality out of our children? Grrrhhh! I feel very cross on your behalf. But I would probably not do battle either - it pays to pick your battles wisely.


lol hmm...I have a brother, albeit a younger one, and I never got self-assured from him ;-)

Deb D

That reminds me of 2 year old computer dude playing horsey with 6 month old engineering guy who was lying on a blanket on the floor. Engineering guy spent a lot of time in his crib after that!


I loved this story. And that picture...so precious.

stephanie (bad mom)

Great photo - smart to have helmets on both, obviously :)

I'm pleased that my daughter has a big brother; she is already far more self-assured than I was.


I had FOUR big brothers, and i was desperate for a big sister.
for protection.
nice story. :-))


I like to think I'm self-assured. I hadn't considered thanking my older brother for it. I only thank him for preparing me for not being afraid of pain. I can take a punch with the best of them.

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