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December 20, 2008


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I'm with you on this one. There's really no reason that I can think of to see a sunrise. I can get pictures of it on the internet, right?


The only thing good about getting up at 4:45am (besides the pretty sunrises) is the peace and quiet after my husband goes to work. Lately, I've been using that peace and quiet to go back to sleep.

Smalltown Mom

I'm orn and bred in California... sunrises are too early here as anywhere, but better?? that's personal opinion.

I'd rather watch a SUNSET on a beach.. it lasts longer.

I generally only see sunrises when I am on my way to an airport.


indeed, what IS wrong with these people!!!?


better in San Diego?????? I am guessing, Jenn sweetie, that EVERYTHING except snow is better in San Diego! I am sooooo sick of snow and we have five more months ahead.....


I am a total morning person. But the jogging? Not so much...

Manic Mommy

I will never be a morning person. I work very hard to maintain a reasonably pleasant facade for my children. When I'm forced to up and out at an ungodly hour, I too am shocked that there are others around.


I don't get the morning stuff either...mornings are always way too early for me. I love the summer when I can sleep in.
I don't get people who run for fun.

Last Place Finisher

Reminds me of joke: A husband gets up every morning at 5 AM to go to the gym before work - no matter what. Gets up, goes to the gym, showers and gets to work. After doing this for about ten years, he gets up one rainy morning gets his gym stuff together, goes out to the car, pullls out of the garage and starts on his way. It's pouring. The car is still freezing. Half way down the block he says to himself, "Forget it." First time in ten years, he turns the car around and goes back home. He tiptoes back into the bedroom, takes off his clothes and spoons up behind his wife deliciously warm wife.

He says, "Oh honey, it's just miserable out there."

His wife says, "Yeah, and my idiot husband went to the gym at 5 AM."


I prefer sunsets too, with a cocktail in hand.


I'm not a morning person either. It's the main downside to where I teach because we start school at 7:45! The upside is that we get out at 2:15, but I think I would still prefer a later start time and end time ;)


Morning runners? Crazy!!

And West coast sunsets do rock.

Nora Bee

I am a morning person, but I'm not a morning exerciser. And I'm sure as heck not a twice-a-day exerciser. IMpressive.


Sunrise? Explain please!




I am a grouch in the morning. I saw a guy yesterday jogging in shorts! It is about 30 degrees here. Weirdo. Like my friend once said, "The only way I'm running, is if someone is chasing me".


I'm not really a morning person either and I am definitely NOT a runner! I see people running in the heat/humidity/rain/snow and am always thinking, "what the hell are they thinking?"
I used to have a magnet that said, "i don't like to run because it makes my beer foam up."
And really...you are a good friend to do that for your friends. I'll definitely remember you if and when I make it out your way!!

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!

I love that last thought. It was so well thought out.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!

I love that last thought of yours. So well thought out. ;-)

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