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December 01, 2008


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Little Miss Sunshine State

I bet brave SB is going to have a lot more amazing, exciting birthday adventures in her future!




So glad she got to do it and loved it! And MVP got to be there.

Melanie @ MelADramatic Mommy

Awesome! I've said I want to try skydiving but this may be a better place to start. (After I lose weight! I won't have the current number thrown around in public)

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!


To what were you attached???

Was there a lifeline? A boat, truck or hunky man holding onto a tether?



A much better gift than a pair of jeans or a giftcard. Love the pictures. Just a gorgeous view. So glad she was able to do it.


Brave girl,

I would have been green just watching -sympathetic vertigo!

Amazing prezzie though!

Smalltown Mom

Wow! Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow!

Too bad about the weight issue! I sure wouldn't want mine broadcast!


What a fantastic gift. When I was younger I would have loved that... now just watching the video makes my stomach lurch. Tell her to enjoy being young and brave.

Mrs. G.

How very exciting. What a little spitfire SB is.


Wow! Good for SB! But what's she going to want to do when she turns 16? or 21? You've opened a scary can of worms, Mom!


Glad the weather finally cooperated; what a great experience!

Jen on the Edge

How fun for her. If it were one of my girls, I would have been a bit nervous watching them.

Green Girl

Oh how awesome! That is a great experience!


Very cool! I'm not great with heights, but that looks like something I might want to try.. along with a hot air balloon ride. What a great gift.


WOW! I just have one question... How are you going to top that?!

Memarie Lane

i hope she had fun. it used to be a big dream of mine to go up in a hot air balloon. when i finally did it i didn't see what the big deal was. i'm always a party pooper though. :P


You are officially the Coolest Mom and Person Ever. I would love to have gotten something like that for my bday.

Minneota Matron

Wow--that's a stunning view. What a journey. Her voice is SO young compared to the man beside her!! That youth and the expanse of nature says just the right thing: hope, tomorrow, the future! Thanks for this.

phd in yogurtry

oh wow, that looks awesomely exhilarating. my kids would SO luv it. And I'm with you about avoiding my weight being called out loud. good god. don't they have a clue? wonder how much lost revenue due to that insensitivity protocol.


I think on mere principle I will never do anything where they refer to me by weight.



Happy Birthday to your brave, incredible daughter -- I could NEVER do that, especially if they called out my weight, that is just one more reason! :)


Totally amazing and wonderful. A creative gift and an experience she will never forget. She's a lucky girl and you guys are awesome parents.


What an incredible gift!!!!!!!!! So much better than a "thing". This is a memory to last forever!!!!


That is AMAZING! Those pictures are fabulous and that video is wonderful - what a great memory! Happy Birthday to your sweet girl - she is beautiful and looks very happy!

Have a good week - Kellan


Oh my!! My fear of heights started welling in my throat just experiencing this with you. It reminds me of the zip-lining through Mexico thing.


Brave SB!! SO BRAVE!!

The Girl Next Door

How fun! My Daughter wants to skydive but Ex won't let her - perhaps this is a happy medium? Looks like FUN! (for them - me I'd die of fear, wither right on the vine...)

Tootsie Farklepants

There was a time in my life I would have been all over that. Now? Um, prolly not. Oh who am I kidding, I would totally do that!


I love watching others with a true sense of adventure. I often said I could be a professional spectator...the actual doing stuff like this scares me silly.


that looks AWESOME.
and the weight thing is why i will never do it.
when i went skiing and rented skis they asked my weight for the equipment and i lied. so of course nothing was a good fit and i was in agony.

Jennifer H

I want to do this! But (ahem) when I won't mind having my weight announced.

What a great gift for her! And the beach is so beautiful...


Oh My Gosh!! What an incredible birthday present!! and yeah...how WILL you beat that next year?!?! A friend of mine bungeed off a hot air balloon (just south of Fort Collins!!) and for days she was like "I bungeed off a balloon...and you? what the hell have YOU done today?" for weeks afterwards!! :-D
How great to have those kind of experiences that make us walk on air when we are back on the ground!!

Kim Ouellette

SB, you are so brave; I am proud of you! Happy Birthday! Luv ya!

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