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December 09, 2008


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Smalltown Mom

Sweet, especially the fan thing. I don't have fans, but my hh did the rain gutters and I had a similar reaction. My MIL, a single mother, taught him well too.


Bless him!


Works close to home and cleans ceiling fans? A gem. A real gem.


I remember when he was laid off, when the health insurance bill came due, etc. Five minutes away? I am sooooooo happy for you all!

Mary Alice

Mr Fix It is a good man.


well done that man.
that's what i call a REAL man! :-)


Your MIL did a great job.
Coach, knows how to do lots of things, but has been spoiled by me doing most of the house stuff. But when i am gone, he can take over easily. His mom taught him how to SEW!!! (she is a seamstress)
That does come in handy, cause I can't sew to save my life.
I do tell my friends who have boys to teach them how to run a house....it will make them a better husband.


I have fantastic IL's that always split chores/work around the house. Valuable lessons! My husband picks up my slack when it comes to household duties all the time. But is it my slack or his share???? Hmmmm......the debate.


I need to have a talk with my MIL. Oh wait, she already has enough self imposed guilt. Never mind.

Manic Mommy

My MIL? Not so much. She taught her sons their work was school. I'm working on little renaissance men who can get good grades and close the lid.

Professor J

It's nice to have a real partner.

Green Girl

I am jealous. Mine comes home, eats, leaves dishes & food all over the counter and then tracks his lazy ass to the living room to do sudoku or watch TV while wearing the wet shoes he's TOO LAZY TO TAKE OFF.

Sorry for using your blog to vent my clearly pent up rage at Mr. D.


Yes, indeedy, you are lucky. So nice that he comes home at lunch!


he's a keeper!

Jen on the Edge

My husband knows that doing stuff around the house -- folding laundry, cleaning bathrooms, etc. -- goes a long way toward making me happy. Frankly, a clean crapper is going to make me happier and, um, more attentive, than roses.


He would have had me at towels!


He sounds like a keeper - for sure!

Take care - Kellan


Do you rent him out? By the hour?


WTH???!!!!! My husband is home ALL day and can't get that much done in a week!!!!

Coast Rat

Sounds like you definitely have a keeper.


WTH???!!!!! My husband is home ALL day and can't get that much done in a week!!!!



However, do teach your kids to CALL before they show up ON A FLIGHT to ANOTHER STATE to visit their family, k?

Methinks you and MIL not QUITE on same wavelenght there.


phd in yogurtry

Oh thank you for doing your part to put an end to "woman's work." I think this expectation is a plague on modern marriages.

My husb and his three brothers were made to do domestic chores. His sister, not so much, "She has the rest of her life to do housework." I don't particularly agree with sparing the daughter in the household, but enthusiastic thumbs up for getting the boys in the habit.


How wonderful for you! I will not vent about my hubby - but I could...


Good guys are hard to find - so we know we are lucky to have them!


Agreed. I was grateful for my MIL for that. Hopefully I'll have happy DILs too.


YEP. Sounds like you made an awesome choice!!!


Smart women, both of you :-) Congrats on the hub's new job, btw!

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