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December 02, 2008


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Kalynne Pudner

Yeah, that comment addiction thing...well worth it for the Anaheim outing! WELL WORTH IT.

Melanie @ MelADramatic Mommy

That bag is adorable! Blogging has opened so many doors it still amazes me that people choose me when there are so many of us nurturing this part of ourselves. I'm truly honored.


It was SO much fun meeting up with you in Anaheim! And I adore your blog. I'm so glad you've taken so much pleasure in it, as it shows.

That bag is very, very cool!


that's an awesome bag. this blogging stuff is good, huh?


So much linky-love in one post!
The community of bloggers should never be underestimated.

Manic Mommy

Your blog is a conversation that we all want to join because we can all relate.

Love the new bag.


I also never thought I would make so many connections with so many different people. It is eye opening for me....I have learned many different things just by reading how others carry themselves through life.
I can't get to No mommys perfect...the link is not working.
I will try it again later.
take care, Suz

Little Miss Sunshine State

If you win a free trip to Orlando, I'll hop in my car and drive down the street to buy you a free lunch!

Meeting the Orlando bloggers on Bossy's Road Trip was one of my top fun experiences of 2008.


Man, I want free stuff!!! A trip to just about anywhere at this point.


That is a really cute bag!


I love reading your blog.

And that bag is super cute. Master of Multitasking....I'll have to remember that!

Green Girl

That bag IS so you. How cool

Baby Favorite

Love the bag! I agree; blogging is pretty cool. (And I haven't even really 'evolved' yet.)

San Diego Momma

I'm with you on the unexpected part of blogging.

Also, love the bag.


Me too. Me too. Me too!!!


I have trained myself to acquire canvas bags. I have trained myself to drive those bags around and leave them in the car. I have trained myself to bring them into the house and then leave them piled up next to the washing machine instead of grabbing them on the way out. I don't know if I could force myself back out into the parking lot for them, but maybe that's the trick.


I've made some awesome friends blogging. I never expected that! It is a wonderful place this blogosphere!

Glad to have met you here!

phd in yogurtry

The first slow cooker? All hail Jenn! Man, that is some serious blogger real estate.


Too cute!!! Congrats!


Oh yeah...and I totally remember your Slow Cook post. You were so new, and so sweet.

Now you're not so new...but just as sweet. ;)

Reluctant Blogger

Yes, I remember finding your blog through the Thursday thing at Mrs G when I was just starting out blogging. Feels ages ago now.

I stopped looking at the Thursday thing after a while because they got a bit samey but I am really glad I found you. I probably wouldn't have done otherwise.

And yeah - blogging rocks!


The bag...I LOVE it.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!

Comment 'hos, all of us.

Also? Free stuff 'hos. Love free stuff.

Nora Bee

I remember that Slow Cook! You ARE famous.

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