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December 31, 2008


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Oh...Jenn. I'm so sorry. It is such a violation to have your home or car broken into - especially at your own residence.


My car was stolen when my husband and I first moved in together. It is such an awful feeling seeing that broken glass.

Not a good way to end 2008! However, always looking at the brighter side of things, it must mean that 2009 can only get better :)


That sucks so much! I hope you do get your GPS back.

My parents' car was broken into once in our driveway. The perps stole my mom's grading bag (she was a teacher), thinking it was a laptop! HA! (They also got their camera with pictures of my brother's soccer senior night -- that was never recovered and it was sucky to lose that.)


Man does that ever suck! Sorry that happened to you.

Mary Alice

Some people really suck.

Jen on the Edge

Oh, I am so sorry.

Jozet at Halushki

Oh no!

That sucks very, very hard.

And no, you're not an idiot. I know the reality is that these things can't be left in plain sight. But the fact is, whoever stole it is the only person who's an idiot. 100%


Yeah...total suckage there. I'm so sorry...and for it to happen right in front of your house...I'm just thankful that no one got hurt.
May this be the worst thing to happen to you in 2009!!

(Do you have any other readers from Japan? If not, do you realize that I've been to your blog 414 times?!?! wow.) :-D


Oh that is not nice. Not at all! Soooo sorry - we had our car broken into downtown one night after we first moved here. They smashed the window and popped the trunk, removing all and anything valuable. It feels like such a violation.

Little Miss Sunshine State

What a crappy way to end the year.

We bought our son a GPS for Christmas. I kept repeating,
"do not leave it in the car, do not leave it in the car"

Thank goodness they didn't break into the house.


I hate it when bad things happen to good people. I hope you get it back...what a hassle!

Smalltown Mom



Bejesus - What the EFF is wrong with people?

Green Girl

Oh man, that so sucks. I'm so sorry. I've never been robbed like that, but I can imagine how horrifying it must feel.


Well, @#$%! I'm thinking I'm going to tell my husband to write down the serial number for his now! Hope you get yours back!

Happy New Year anyway!

Amy the Mom

Well, if you still have the box it might be on there. My husband had the same thing happen a couple months ago-although it was at his office. In broad daylight.


oh that sux big time

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!

The police need the serial number to ID it? Bologna. How many GPS devices did the find on the perps? I'd demand it back.

I'm sorry for your troubles. I know it isn't just the GPS device. When someone breaks into your private space, your home, the car in front of your home, you feel violated.

Let's just say that this luck is going on with the old year. On to newer and better days!


Oh, Jenn, I'm so sorry!! Even in our nearly crime-free neck of the woods, a GPS is a hot commodity for thieves and seems to be the thing causing car break-ins (when people bother to lock their cars). The police always say to hide the GPS unit and get rid of tell-tale signs like the suction cup mark on the windshield. THAT would make me feel like a paranoid idiot, even if it did work!

The worst of it is the feeling of being violated. I was mad when thieves broke into my truck years ago (at myself and at them). I'm glad it wasn't your house -- it's been 19 years and many moves since, but I haven't been able to shake that feeling.

{{Hugs}} for you today.

Amy Amy Bo Bamey

Man that really stinks! I had my car broken into as well and I hate feeling so violated. Did you register it? You may get the serial number that way.


Ohhh, that sucks! I'm sorry about that. Happy Friggin' New Year, right?
Try to enjoy the last of the holidays as best you can.

Mike Golch

Bummer! Here is to a better New Year.

Jennifer H

Add a few more of these: *(&*%$ and *&#%^^%

That really really really sucks.

Memarie Lane

When I was 20 someone broke one of my car windows to get into my car. What did they take? My compilation tapes. Yeah, somebody must have thought I had great taste in music. They could have just asked me for a copy.


damn! What a way to end the year, huh?


Oh, I'm so sorry, Jenn!

Happy New Year to you and your family! Kellan


This isn't the kind of New Year's post I was hoping for. Don't you just hate it that it was right in front of your house?


oh man that sucks!

phd in yogurtry

Ouch! the loss of the GPS, the hassle of repairing the broken glass, and the violation. Sorry, Jenn. I hope you recover your GPS.


What a way to end the year! Betcha the window costs more than the GPS. Hope the new year is a good one for you, and your car.


I am SO ticked for you!!!!!! Argh!

We had our back window smashed while we were moving cross country. After smashing our $500 window the perp rifled through our things, realized it was cheap camping gear and stole nothing.

But we had to search all over Syracuse, NY (???!!!) for a auto-body place that would replace our back window on a Sunday. It was horrid.


How upsetting
Did they at least get directions to jail?

Baby Favorite

That sucks SO bad. I am really sorry.

I'm sending the idiots who did that some chronic diarrhea vibes.

What? You've never heard of vibes like those? Well, now you have. And JUST FOR YOU. Well, for THEM, for you. Yeah.


Oh I'm sorry for that. The damage and the theft. I hope it finds its way back to you..if it's a good GPS, it will. ;)

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